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  1. Hi berman, nice to another Leo being build.... I did a similar built late last year with my Leo too. Do take note of the wiring when you are done..... I had to redo my wiring 3 times and also the batt size... http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=64863
  2. VTRSP1

    Micro Hilux

    She run great, will try to upload a video soon, thanks
  3. VTRSP1

    Micro Hilux

    I still have another Trail Trekker and SMC chassis to work on but i cant decide on which body to use, so i'm putting that on-hold and deicded i need a trailer to transport this little baby around Started with some basic sketch... Detail in Actual work on sytrene The main body of the trailer i used back the wheels from the model kit and made so simple axles to hold them in place Back end getting there.... Test fitting Still need to work on the ramp and strengthen the whole trailer.
  4. VTRSP1

    Micro Hilux

    Poser shot Flexing
  5. VTRSP1

    Micro Hilux

    Changed the plastic locknut to alum DIY mounting for the body to attached to the chassis
  6. VTRSP1

    Micro Hilux

    here you go..... SMC 4.5 chassis 1/24 Aoshima Toyota Hilux model kit, painted, tinted glasses Donor Car. Losi 1/24 Micro Trail Trekker basically, i used the axles, motor, transfer case, steering servo, electronics and mounted it to the SMC chassis DIY some mountings from sytrene ESC mounts, batt holder, steering plate,
  7. VTRSP1

    Micro Hilux

    i dont have any 1/10 photo to show now, will have to go back and take a picture. but i do have a comparison to a Tamiya spray can cap photo
  8. VTRSP1

    Micro Hilux

    Anyone else into Micro? 1/24, 1/32 scale? here's mine.... if anyone is interested, i will post more of the build pixs.
  9. Looking very good skottoman. Cant wait to see more of your wonderful skill.
  10. Sorry, not sure if this has been added, but Spektrum 2.4GhZ like DX6/DX8 will work with DMD-07 from the Leopard2A6, you can get all the functions to work, engine start-up, shut-down, gun barrel up @ down, turret turning, lights on/off, convey lights, gun fire, machine gun.
  11. ok, here a video of the test run. FUN. was late in the night,had to turn the volume down, otherwise, it was a blast. [media=] [/media]
  12. Redo the whole cables arrangement, this is version 2.0. Must say i am much happier with this layout, the hull can close properly. Just need to get a smaller batt and the space would be better. This was before, the rear of the hull cant close properly. Hull paintng done Lazy man style, masking of all the clear parts and simply spray. 90% completed, just some minor details like the spade,weathering,misc to add in, radio has been setup with the DMD and it was a BLAST for the test run. Will try to upload the video soon
  13. Thanks Skottoman, You are also doing a great build thread with the reefer, love the effort you put in to polish up the panels and making it shine, the custom decals, all the details. You should build a tank too, bet it will be much nicer than mine with your attention to all the details. After this tank, i should be getting back to start my MAN project and maybe a custom build lowbed for the tank.
  14. video of the shot stock spring i had to manually push the barrel down to the motor video of the new, stronger spring [media=] had to cut down/away part of the batt holder to fit in the lipo batt 1st attempt to tidy up the wirings..might have to redo as the turret cant close properly near the rear. at least it was better than before Smoke dischargers
  15. I suppose so. Cause even after i remove the paint, the spring wont pull it back for the recoil action. Will try to upload the video. Ya, i tried with my lipo batt and its a tab too big, will have to sort out that 1st before tidying up the wires and closing it, thanks for the advise.
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