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  1. Well done, glad you got it sorted. That is all pretty neat. Where did you get the awning pole clips from?
  2. Lovely sleek looking blitzer. I have done the same mods with the threaded bar, but I put 4mm aliuminum of the top of the braces. Very nice, Get some action shots.
  3. To be honest I have never heard of anyone covering the wires up. On most can type motors there is normally an air vent or two so covering them up may not be good for the motor. The end of my motors normally get covered in mud and after a run I just blow it off with compressed air and they are fine.
  4. That is a very good start and that seems a very good price too.
  5. I love to run my garden, but I live next to a massive feild with a huge mound. Behind the mound there is a nice linear wooded area which is all ways fun. But sometimes I love running up and my road or on the tarmac path across the feild.
  6. Looks great, Loving the mean look look of your blitzer. Do you have sealed bearings? as the sand is going to eat them away. I would also recomend that you get a steel pinion gear.
  7. Prehaps try roughing up the surface around the crack with sand paper. Then apply good quality silicone, silicone is good because it is flexable and strong.
  8. They all have different chassis and/or running gear.
  9. It worked out a lot cheaper to buy 10.5m of it it was nearly the same as 3m. At least I have lots of practises and could use it for other stuff too. I also need to make the sticks that go across. Like that is. These are the hoop off my father's 1:1 series 2a lightweight.
  10. Got some drill bits, that are sharp (10 3mm. 10, 2.5mm and 10 2mm) I also got a m2 tap to do the diff mod to the blackfoot.
  11. Made some hoops for my land rover ta01 ready for the canvas.
  12. You could prehaps get some spacers or axel extenders.
  13. I think with a little practice I will get there. This is bender http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/QUALITY-MINI-BRAKE-P...=item415502804a Thanks for your coments.
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