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  1. hello are most clutch bells the same size because not sure what to get for mine can i get one with less or more teath?.or do i need to buy another 14t clutch bell or can i get one off another kyosho model with the same engine thanks kyle
  2. there must be another model that had the same gears
  3. but were can i get metal ones?
  4. hello! i have a kyosho ultima rb, the plastic gears on the engine and the gear it connects to have rounded of after the engine moved away from it. were can i get the right metal gears to fit? thanks kyle
  5. well its a 2000 mah bat what would be a better one for it?
  6. just bought it and installed it in to my grasshopper and it will work for a while driving and then it will just stop but still steer but when i turn it off and on it does the same again any ideas?
  7. what wheels have you got on your grasshopper/hornet im looking for some new better ones for when my brussless kit comes i have traxx e-revo wheels the back atm but standard front but i have lowered it so it stops it from rolling over but its eats the front tyres thanks kyle
  8. one more question before i get what sort of plug will it have will it be the same as the lipo battery or the same as normal battery
  9. yeah ive got a new pinion when i put my 540 motor on it :D
  10. i would do but ive got a voucher for amazon so want to spend it on there is there any others on there that people have used and work well?
  11. will this fit in to my grasshopper 1 and if so will i need anything else for it to fit thanks kyle http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ezrun-Hobbywing-Combo-3000Kv-Brushless/dp/B0092MQHUY/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=1B9OANH2SP8WM&coliid=IBJIYJY8WBZ8W
  12. does anybody know where i can get a mk1 fiesta rc car shell and any company's that make a shell and the dimensions
  13. its out of my brushless stepup stinger im not sure what that is lol i will have to find the box
  14. i have put a brushless kit in my vintage monster beetle and i was wondering if i need a new pinion for it because i have put the original one back on
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