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  1. hi thinking about sticking my 8.5 turn brushless motor in my m05 do u think it will kill it?
  2. i ordered a m05 pro from them never arived but got refund
  3. and here mate to best place is net or fleebay
  4. got to get me a 6r4 only speaking about one them the other day
  5. okay chears mate. how do pay to become a member and get a showroom and stuff looking in to doing it as im building quite a collection now lol
  6. hi brought a tamiya super hornet from ebay it aint arrived yet but guy has just told me motor plate is missing any ideas where i can get hold one?
  7. hi my father has asked me to ask u guys about this he still has his german leopard 1 tank in full working order and good condition but no box it has metal tracks and metal gear box we think the tamiya item number is 56002 my father said he rougthly brought it in 1990 or 89 he cant rember but we were wondering that if any u guys new anything about them and how rare they are as u guys seem to no loads
  8. hi i was wondering if any off u guys no if the hornet the super hornet and the grass hopper and grass hopper 2 all have same gear boxs and internals?
  9. stick to steall models and rcmart there your best companys and its better to buy direct from there shop they always mark down as gift i have only been charged on package that was from rcmart and that was a $1200 order and i got charged £23.50 £13.50 to royal mail handaling fees rest to customs as said long as u stick to them shops ul be okay manly stealla models
  10. hi i been looking at getting a hpi club cup bodyshell for my m05 but i cant work out wat size i need all i understand is small chassis medium or large and manual does not explain can anybody help?
  11. i race at reading and im running same brand motor but 8.5turn funny thing is they hate tamiyas all the club members and all they go on about is ae kit but so funny when u hammer them
  12. hi yeah have got it and been running it and won the b finals on sunday agaist pepole running b44 and b4
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