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  1. For sale, my original sand scorcher, located in Belgium, europe. original 1979 sand scorcher, no blister beetle or monster beetle shell. comes with original front license plate, vw hood, indicators, one rearlight, front lights, extra engine and a mechanical speed regulator. Missing parts: mirrors, whipeshield blades, rear licenseplate one rear taillight and roof, pretty easy to find on ebay... The shell has a few small cracks, nothing serious though... I think this sale is the most interesting for european based buyers. Price: 300 euro + shipping. questions? feel free to ask! kind regards, Dem
  2. nice restaurations, keep up the good work. What are the differences between a mk1 and mk2 srb? thx in advance, Dem
  3. how do you polish the clear coat afterwards? I'm interested... Can't help you with your question tough.
  4. well, I already spotted a used and a new shell so that's not the problem, but the chassis and all the little parts from the chassis, that will be the problem I guess...
  5. I've been thinking alot about this subject the last days and I probably will go the vintage tuning way. 1: is it possible to run 15 min with one battery with a souped up vintage setup? 2: when did they start making an esc? will I need an esc or is a msc okay? I guess I will have less play time with a msc? 3: what kind of engine do you suggest? I looked in an old tamiya book and saw different models, but all the numbers and technical **** is above my knowledge... dynatech? tamiya sports tuned 540? technigold? ... other suggestions?
  6. well I'm afraid it is a lost case... The mocked up the chassis way too far to restore it how it should be. 10 years ago I've put a lof of newer parts on it in a not very good way if you know what I mean... I'm not going to sell it and probably leave it on the shelf... it's part of my youth. Ah well, back to the "new" car: building myself a nice scorcher.
  7. yeah, I know it's basicly the same as the countach CS chassis but has the chassis a name? like for example a F-201 or a TA-01 of... I can't find any parts of the chassis or is it that rare?
  8. Hi, I used to have a complete celica like this one 10 years ago: http://tamiyaclub.com/car.asp?id=9 Due to youth stupidity the chassis isn't complete anymore and the shell is missing parts, it's in realy bad condition but is it possible to transform it again into a street worthy ride? Can I find most of the parts or is everything discontinued and no repro parts on the market? Any links or tips? How is this chassis called? Can't find anything on ebay... Is it something worth to rebuild it in his former glory? I mean, I'm not in it for the money but will it be worth the money to invest in it or should I leave it as it is on the shelf? thx, Dem
  9. okay guys, and what do you think of the performance question? brushless? vintage tuning?
  10. Hi Guys, I'm new here so let me introduce myself a little bit. The link in the welcome mail with the guidelines isn't working so if I do something wrong please tell me and I will correct myself. I'm 28 years old now and as a kid I had various tamiya and other RC cars. I started my carriere with a manta ray buggy, then bought a street version of this chassis and ran it with a lancia delta shell and a toyota celica shell. Bought a kyosho boat, sold it for a robbe delta flyer, crashed it, bought a second hand kyosho nitro car, broke the gearbox 3 times and later on quited the hobby and bought myself a real car to drive around. My "real toy car" is a vw beetle, and in a funny kind of way I stumbled on a SRB chassis with sand scorcher shell on ebay. Never heared of the SRB series, started reading and I'm hooked right away! So I'm planning to make me a sand scorcher that I can drive but I want to detail it to the max! These are the options, so please inspire me what to do: Restore a srb chassis with an original sand scorcher shell and leave it as is, I like this idea because I like everything vintage but I have a little problem with the performance... I know that I'm missing the point of the car but I want speed and accelaration... So here is option two: find me a cheap srb chassis to restore, built it up with a brushless motor put a new blitzer shell on it and detail it to the max and go fast! (for the same money as a real sand scorcher shell) I hope we can discuss my ideas a bit. take care, Dem
  11. Hi, I'm willing to pay 150 pounds + shipping costs for it, but I don't live in the UK... Kind regards, Dem
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