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  1. emory70

    Comical Hornet WR02CB

    Good info. Thanks.
  2. emory70

    Comical Hornet WR02CB

    Are the front and rear wheels the same size? What diameter are they? The fronts are suspiciously similar to farm implement tires my dad ran on the rear of his VW tunnel buggies in the 70s.
  3. Looks super cool, but the location of the spare looks like it would be a nightmare to access if it were a real truck. I guess if I want an offroad garbage truck, I'll have to make my own!
  4. emory70


    First thing I thought when I first saw this buggy was that it needs grasshopper wheels and tires
  5. Another option for (close to) Clod sized tires is old Imex Jumbo Dawgs. I've got two sets of them. The rears have Blackfoot/Monster Beetle hub pattern. The size is close, but the rims are smaller. So the tires are chunkier. They show up on Ebay every now and then, with different descriptions. Not everybody knows what they are.
  6. I've got a set of old Proline Giant Tracs that came with an Ebay Clod I got a few years ago. They are glued to rims with those wideners, and I really don't see myself ever using them. They were the only option at one time, but now there are so many better ways
  7. Definitely following this. I've got a box with a couple A stamp cars and an early truck. A friend got the urge to restore a couple, but was kicked in the gut when the rereleased cars came out. He practically gave them to me a couple years ago
  8. Am I the only one who prefers slow motion videos to full speed?
  9. The Lunchbox is a perplexing truck. Almost useless stock for anything other than wheelies. Every issue it has can be addressed with time, money, and effort. And STILL it'll never be very capable. The problem is the more you do to it, the less it is a Lunchbox. I have one I started a decade ago. Just stopped. It was out of hand. My suggestion: build, drive, upgrade, repeat. The only mandatory items to me are oil shocks and bearings.
  10. I can't help but think a Dakar Garbage Truck would be crazy funny
  11. Wow. Just wow. One of the best looking Clods I've seen in a long time. That body is awesome
  12. emory70

    CC02? My little winter project

    Never heard of MST before. Good looking truck. The way the Blackfoot body sits on it has me itching to get one
  13. emory70

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    Definitely don't want to run thick oil out back. There's a lot of unsprung weight back there. Keep it light with the oil and springs
  14. In land speed racing, weight is your friend. It's considered to be "free downforce." I'm sure that is the same case with rc. Wings give downforce, but they also add drag. Weight has little effect on top speed.
  15. emory70

    Lunch box tyre suggestions

    My issue with the stock LB tires is that it's a 2wd. To me, a 2wd truck shouldn't have chevrons. The main reason I'm running the G Hawgs on my Black Edition is because of that.