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  1. I took advantage of the huge sale on Bruisers and the Monster Beetle Trail to finally get a 4x4 chassis for my WW2 body. After cutting the extra off the bottom of the body, I'm at the same place simensays was at with needing the body to go back just a bit. I've always had a soft spot for the Willy, but it's always bothered me that it was only 2wd. I'm thinking crawler motor as well. Still unsure if the red portals bother me enough to do something about them
  2. You're getting into ideas that have been forming in my head. I too have been watching the Trigger King videos. But I'm oddly only interested in the retro class. So I've been having the same thoughts on geometry, but applied to ladder bars. And then I thought of a hybrid chassis. A TVP design, but for ladder bars. They seem to be the lightest and most rugged, so why not try to make them work better?
  3. I just wish Pro Line would rere the Giant Tracs
  4. I get the OP, but I love the rere trend. I have certain models I adore, and I honestly avoid the unobtanium. I'd rather let the collectors have them. I'm not abusive to my rigs, but I believe in using them. So I don't want an original 87 Clodbuster. I don't want to tear one up. I'd like to have a bowtie grille for one of my hard bodies, but they are too valuable for a runner.
  5. I've got a few sets of Pro Line 2.0 rims that are for pan cars. The tires that are for them are street tread. The tires I have are not in great shape, but they do pop up on Ebay every now and then. Oddly enough, Custom Works does or at one time did have tires that fit, but they don't list any available foams for the fronts. Only the rears
  6. I'm surprised you don't make your own gears. Your work keeps me humble
  7. For the parts availability and aftermarket support, I'd have to say Clod. I'd not want to bash an old flame like the Jug, were it me. But a new Clod: release the hounds
  8. G Hawgs are my all time favorite vintage tire. I have a few sets of them. And two sets of the Jumbo Dawgs. For laughs, I put them on a Wild Willy 2, and yeah. It's too short
  9. Run the Giant Tracs if they're usable. I love seeing those, even though I hated them back in the day
  10. The black body definitely makes me want another. I'd like to see what the axles really are before pulling the trigger, though
  11. I had one back in 03 or so. Ball bearings, short shocks to set it down, a Novak Super Rooster, and a Speed Gems 9x1. Put black HPI 5 spokes on it with Pro Line Speed Paws. I actually got pretty decent at getting it around the parking lot with minimal flippage. Also, I replaced Willy with a wrestler action figure, and epoxied model house beer cans all in the floor, and one in his hand. Seemed appropriately inappropriate
  12. Are the front and rear wheels the same size? What diameter are they? The fronts are suspiciously similar to farm implement tires my dad ran on the rear of his VW tunnel buggies in the 70s.
  13. Looks super cool, but the location of the spare looks like it would be a nightmare to access if it were a real truck. I guess if I want an offroad garbage truck, I'll have to make my own!
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