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  1. Sorry for the late reply. My rims are stadium blitzer rims. The tires is some real old classic tires, my neighbor used to own a hobby shop decades ago and this came from his stash. Glad your kid is liking the hobby too. Some more gf01 fun
  2. Yes I used a quadcopter. I don't use a go pro, they are a bit expensive. I use $70 cameras, one is a mobius and the other is a sj4000. Some of my videos They are similar to the RC. Nice to build, more stuff going on. There is also a quick benefit of filming my kids from above.
  3. The GF01 is holding up well. Only servo saver needs tightening sometimes. We had for almost a year. My son's df02 is more than 5 years old and it's still running well. My daughter is similar age as yours. My son did a hornet a few years ago, he is doing a hot shot now. But too many distractions not sure when it will get finished. I do still run the cars from time to time, but I am mainly working on quadcopters lately.
  4. Hi. Its been a while. My 2 DB01 is still being used, the Baldre getting some runs today with a GF01 and DF02.
  5. Its been a while since I visited tamiya club. Last sunday by DB01 was driven by my mom. Here is a video of it with her grand daughter driving a GF01. There is a also a guy flying a glider around the park.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Its similar to a SS BZ, its a SS TZ.
  7. Late afternoon fun with the kids running their RC cars. DF02 being filmed by GF01 and F450 quad
  8. Full RC day for me and the kids My daughter giving the GF01 and DB01 a mud bath, while I am busy flying. My son is moving from a DF02 to a heli.
  9. Same here, I will be doing some flying soon. Not giving up on the cars, they are staying. I got 3 packages en route to build a Dji f450 quad copter and also a walkera devo which include a master cp heli. That is how I sold the heli to my wife, I need a tx for the quad and if I add $50 more I get a heli. I always wanted to do some flying. Quads will be a lot easier that heli... I hope. I started with an AR drone a few months ago when I ordered a db01rr from banzai. Liked it, so sold it moving to a kit based quad. I like the building of tamiya kits, so thought of making a quad from a kit too. Some things I discovered are some tx that are cheap seems to be just as good as old brand names ones. Frsky taranis, devo 10. There are heaps of choices and some real good DIY jobs. There are also some insane scale copters and fancy ones too... Air wolf, blue thunder. UAV are great there are autopilot like pixhawk and apm which can drive cars too. Will like put one on the gf01 or df02
  10. Wow nice DF02 did not realise that DF02 was yours, I saw it before and it's one of the better DF02. Same here we only upgrade not for bling, except probably the rear shock tower... As we where changing the front so I thought of getting one as well. I was thinking to change the propshaft, but the stock one seems to be still in good shape. Aside from the slack is there anything else that would improve? Square has a propshaft and joints. Thanks for the suspension arm mounts tip, we will try is also. This will be helpful. Good point about the spare and 2nd kit.
  11. Good to see another DF02 owner. What other things have you done with your DF02 to make last longer? What the usual issues with the lower suspension mounts? I am thinking to buy another kit just for spares. The red metallic Avante Aero seems to be nice, I get a nice body for shelf life, a full set of spares, and a tble-02 esc. I plan to use the tble esc on the db01, so I need a pair for each db01. Seems buying a whole a whole kit is cheaper than spares? How do long time tamiya owners keep their cars running? But spares or kits?
  12. XV Pilot, Wow very keen eye, this makes me think that you haven't owned a DF02. The DF02 is a pretty good basher, however 2 of its weakness that goes against each other. I will try to post some photos later so its clear, I am at work. I will try to describe as best as I can. The first weakness is the stock ground clearance is low, I don't own a lot. But its the lowest among my buggies including 80s models: DB01, Boomerang and Hornet. You can hear the chassis slap on the video, this is already using TRF shocks. The first thing one would do is to make the wheels bigger, DF03 wheels is just about right. Or to some extreme my son put in a GF01 wheel, which made his newly replaced front shock tower only last 10 mins. The 2nd weakness is the front shock tower, the chassis slap hides this on stock wheels. However on big wheels the shock tower is too low and weak. So when the shocks bottoms out all the force is transfer to the place where the tie wraps are... where the top part of the shock tower and diff cover is very thin. I am not sure what the DF02 designer was thinking, as the top is way thinner than the bottom. I put in tie wraps and also put the bottom shock position on the other most to hopefully make it last longer (in theory...). The droop is not so good, however the chassis will slap first before the shocks bottoms out on big GF01 wheels.
  13. Our old DF02 got some new parts and broken bits fixed. Mainly it was my son who put them in and painted it, I helped him and encouraged him a bit. Got some GPM shock towers, 17t kawada pinion, Yokomo rear wing and a blue bird servo. This is the RC that started me with this hobby. I always wanted to have a tamiya when I was a kid, so when my son was turning 9 I thought of getting one. The DF02 seem to be a good starter car, its cheap and seems to be a good basher. I then got a Boomerang to race my son, as he had the DF02. Some photos 4 years ago of it while it was stock and still had its stock rear wing. First few upgrades, TRF shocks and DF03 wheels... Boomerang also had them. A few action shots as the years went by. By this time, we have upgraded the turn buckles, all CV, rear uprights, steering links, etc. It now drives differently from stock, can keep up with a DB01. Oh the rear wing was a cut out of an ice cream tub, a few years back the stock rear wing broke. I did not have much budget at that time, so we used an ice cream tub... so good it lasted for 3 years. We only changed this recently and the Yokomo wing was on the shelf for 2 years collecting dust. My son would not even want to throw the ice cream tub wing away even after he replace it with Yokomo wing. My son just recently replaced the front shock tower, then swapped his Stadium Blitzer wheels for my daughters GF01 (see on background). The photo below is the fatal jump, that wrecked DF02 pretty badly. Hopefully the lastest fixes will give us a few more years.
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