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  1. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Tamiya-M03L-Mini-Coo...=item20b15a1c3b Built from new but never used. Comes with Tamiya ESC, Tamiya stock motor and a servo. 100% feedback so pleas bid with confidence and feel free to have a look at my other items listed! Thanks for looking
  2. Cheers for that Hey, just a thought....why dont that many indoor clubs seem to allow the use of foams on minis?? They are cheap, offer consistant grip and wear well. Am I missing an obvious reason? Ta
  3. Cheers fella, just wondered if anyone here had tried some of the Mardave shells etc etc?
  4. <3 Nissan Cube!! I take it that there are very limited 239mm WB shells compared to the 210mm WB shells??
  5. Gents, What shells are you all using on your Mini's? Im after details of non Mini shells ideally please? Thanks
  6. Lead in the front? I thought that it would be better leading the rear??
  7. The talk of tyres from you guy is both very interesting but also worrying. I cant really afford to buy numerous different tyres just to see which works at the end of the day, the 118's seem to be the most reliable from what I can gather? When you guys talk about scrubbing your tyres in, are you refering to taking the shiny surface off the tyres from brand new, or at the beginning if every meeting? Thanks
  8. Whats a standard M03(L) with NiMh's in weigh? Roughly? Ta
  9. Wow, see, im learning every time I come on this forum Now, im glad you mentioned lead weight. I will be running a very light YR 3200 lipo in the 03L. Now, do I add lead to the LiPo to weight it upto a NiMh weight, leave the LiPo as is and add the weight to the hollow part of the rear chassis, or a combination of both? I know that alot of guys are saying that even with NiMh's they are suffering with too little grip on the rear, but would then adding lead to the back and keeping the middle light not help that? Thanks again
  10. All this chitter chatter about CofG, does it really make a difference on a slow Mini with a massive shell on?? I know that in theory it will make a difference, but can anyone really feel it on the track? I know in the Micro fraternity we all strive to get our ESC's down low, lower the CofG etc etc, but in all fairness ive never noticed a difference myself. Any thoughts?
  11. Im guessing that either your 16T pinion isnt actually a 16T pinion or the internal gears have been changed out to something different to stock? But, I am no expert by any means
  12. Hey Vince, Thanks for the reply fella, was a great help Were you at the club last Friday night? You might have seen me and the gf loitering around at the far end of the track, watching the action unfold Cris
  13. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated Where abouts are you buying your tyres from then? Everyone is after the cheapest price, right? lol Ive also heard of tyres from Sweep and Ride. Any opinions? Thanks again
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