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  1. Gosh that's rough. I'll take it though Send me your payment details ukzz4iroc (@) yahoo dot com I'm in the UK. Cheers Felix
  2. Not sure why everyone is creaming over this. It's really pricey and there are 100's and 100'2 of Optimas out there as they pretty much all survived.
  3. Hang on a minute. I paid you on Monday the 11th in the afternoon. I heard nothing so dropped you a line on Friday. No, thanks for payment, no thanks will post out on day x. Nothing. Nothing since Monday and it was now Friday. I then sent you a message and heard nothing back. Even if you were at work generally I find most companies have internet/ e-mail, most of us are notified immediately when there is an e-mail. Over 4 hours later I posted on the forum yes. I didn't incriminate you. I wanted to know where the goods were. That is fair enough as you didn't respond to Direct message and I don't have your e-mail address. I paid in good faith and waited days with nothing from you. As for the battery, that was a conversation we had before I paid. Perhaps when you had received payment it would have been nice to confirm this and to ask me the question again? I assumed you would just send it. Personally i would have come on to this messsage and said, sorry mate I haven't sent them yet and apologies for any delay... etc..
  4. Ummm it would be nice to hear from you since I paid up... Not heard even a thanks and yes I am a nervous kinda guy.
  5. Fair response thanks and makes sense. Here's a bump for ya.
  6. Why are you not publishing prices? I just can never understand the thinking behind it. All this PM reply and cloak and dagger stuff has ruled me out of being interested in anything you are selling and I suggest you would have alienated a few others.
  7. Cool- any indication on what you would want for it posted to the UK? Cheers
  8. Bruiser or Mountaineer or re-release body. 2 original and 1 re-release in the title, on balance that makes it vintage non? BMT thanks again mate.
  9. Could be interested in the body- no decals. What does the stamp in the front cab say?
  10. No idea how this has ended up in re-release discussion. I am talking about the ORIGINAL Bruiser here. what should the body stamp be please? I urgently need to know if someone doesn't mind checking
  11. Thanks B.M.T! Hmmm anyone else just to make 100%?
  12. Hi guys, What should a Bruiser be stamped with in the front body section? Mine says 1992 Mountain so not a proper body- what should I look for? Thanks!
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