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  1. From the horses mouth HMRC But in a nutshell, you pay Customs duty and import VAT. Plus the dreaded Parcel farce fee. Customs duty and VAT is payable on receipt into the UK, but before the goods are delivered. So forget the idea of paying at the door when it arrives VAT is charged the same as in UK, so expect to pay 20% VAT. It will be based on the "total" charge, so VAT is charged on the price of the goods, the cost of postage from the USA and any duty payable. So it's not just the price of the purchase item itself. Customs duty only if the value is over £135.01 "In all instances Customs Duty is waived if the amount of the duty payable is less than £9". but rc stuff is 4.7% as mentioned by Twinset. Parcel farce Royal Mail fee, I paid one a couple of weeks ago, it was £11. Here is a quick table to show when charges are due from outside EU £0.01 to £15 ■No customs duty ■No Import VAT £15.01 to £135 ■No customs duty ■Import VAT due £135.01 and greater ■Customs duty due, but waived if the amount calculated due is less than £9 ■Import VAT due Use this link to calculate what your costs are likely to be Duty calculator You will get a letter in the mail for the total duty/vat to be paid, then you can telephone them to pay the bill. Once that has been done your goods are released pretty much immediately for post. However, it's not unknown for the duty/vat letter to take 6 weeks to get to you. Be patient and it will come. Likely yours will be less than 6 weeks. Good luck and hope it all helps.
  2. Also discovered I had a spare set of Lunchbox rear wheels, so a spare set of Lunchbox wheel adaptors is another option. Although the Lunchy wheels are similar in appearance to the MB, they seem nowhere near as well braced in the strength department. Also the original alloy hex hubs are way better than the cheaper plastic alternatives. The cheaper options seem to get pressed too far onto the shaft too easily when you torque the wheel nut. For the same torque I don't get that issue with the alloy hubs.
  3. lol If you had a 6 y/o son you would know that's never going to wash with him I would get less grief from the Wife for buying two XB SS's, than I would for trying to have him make do with a HB
  4. Hi Will, the highest turn 540 I have seen advertised is 85t. But these are meant for rock crawler territory. The higher the number of turns the better the low end torque, but you sacrifice speed for it. What is it your aiming for on the HB?
  5. Hi Striker, hope your's turned up? Here is our Hotshot 2. Saved from the bin when a close friend was moving house. Pretty much standard except for the Humbrol Blue colour, an ESC instead of the mechanical controller and now an Integy 27t stock motor. Along with a full rebuild. This thing gets used and abused and still comes back for more.
  6. Cool wall, neat idea. Wonder if it would influence the vintage and re re's sold in the future too. Kind of folk seeing what's coolest etc and jumping on the band wagon to buy em. Guess I will go for the least cool and hope it becomes the rare one
  7. 7:00am, a knock on the door. Who on earth can that be I thought? Royal Mail's finest doing there best to get stuff to us before Xmas is the answer A nice vintage Hornet body shell / wing and some other spares, from TC member Will16. First time I have dealt outside of eBay for this sort of thing and this guy is spot on. Great communication, fast postage and very realistic price. Cheers mate. So now I have removed the go faster Merc touring car shell (from a cheapo r/c) And have a nice vintage shell to complete the vintage hornet, all ready for the beach on any Sunday soon. I like the black box art colour, but surprisingly I like this colour more, kinda brightens it up.
  8. Have a search around the Monster truck threads, this one has a set up by twinset on post #98 page 5 Lunchbox with Brushless Lunchbox is really the same vehicle as a Mid Pumpkin, Body and mounts are about the only difference. Have both and imo the lunch is the more stable/balanced vehicle. But there's not much in it lol So be warned, brushless will for sure make a better driver of you eBay and most good model outlets for suppliers of such fine stuff. Sorry I can't help you more, brushless is out of reach for me :-)
  9. eBay is likely a good bet for what you are after, or maybe a local shop/auto signage outlet. Again letters for logos can be had at the same places, hardest part maybe trying to get them with adhesive on the outside to stick em inside. If you are a Brit, did you ever see the Police Lunchbox design? I gotta do something like that
  10. Thanks for the news Antony, you have made my 6 y/o Son's day. He has been saving a while for one of these and always hoped a XB version would become available.
  11. Anyone out there in the UK got a Hornet body shell for sale please? Any condition is fine as long as it is still in one piece. Rips or cracks are fine. With or without spoiler is fine. I need one for a vintage basher. May consider a Grass hopper shell. PM or email me with a pic if you can + a price on what you want for it with postage. Thank you. Edit for info *Now have the shell I needed, thanks for reading*
  12. TA Mark, cheers mate, that's all the info I needed. Tamiyoman, I was going to but, I spent it on a 101DVD instead
  13. I thought the same when I built ours. Also built the Rising Fighter too. On the Holiay Buggy, I did add the rubber tube. Then added silicone grease (although any grease is fine). This is what stops it sticking and does actually add some damping to the shocks. You have to compress and extend the shocks a few times to work the grease in well.
  14. Hi all, haven't got a manual but I need part numbers for the alloy, splined, rear hex adaptors for a Mad Bull. Tried the online manual but can only get a small viewable version, not big enough to source numbers from. Are there any other models use the same part? Can anyone help? Thank you.
  15. First up, good on ya mate, sounds like the old feeling never left the blood to want to play with these buggies. If it isn't too late, I would say to try the 380 motor in the Rising fighter with the adaptor off the C sprue. The one that says not used in the constructions. That 380 motor is pretty good for a young child as initially for a split second it's as quick off the mark as a 540. But after that there miles apart imo. Just built a Rising fighter and a Holiday buggy for my boys (4&6). The Rising fighter is way more aggresive in terms of speed than the Hol Bug. Ok could be down to gearing but I haven't looked at the ratios of either two cars, also the Rising Fighter seems smaller overall and definately lighter so that helps a lot. But run times on a 540 with a 2000mah battery with a modern ESC is still good for like 20-30 mins run time almost continuous. Often more. So having a Rising Fighter with a 540 for your daughter and a Holiday Bug with a 380 in for yourself, may have you thinking twice as soon as you compare em on the living room carpet. Or better still, try the RF on Lino and watch those new tyres leave dirty great twin darkies (I know not exactly pc but my reference is not racist) along the floor. Don't ask how I know and how long to clean off before the Wife came back home Of course if your like me, you will just want to get them built asap and fettle them after the fun has started (thumbs up) Good luck and enjoy. Oh and let me know if you too find that the nearside front wheel on the Rising fighter steering rod fouls the chassis on full lock, stopping that wheel reaching it's full turn. I had to cut out approx 8mm of chassis to let the steering arm travel it's full movement. Likelyfault that the servo connector is too shallow. Cheap car, so cheap fix I thought Should have taken a pic, but all boxed away now and hidden from curious kids looking for early Santa drop offs
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