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  1. I have recently got hold of an old firedragon chassis which has a terra scorcher shell with it. It looks like it has been painted with a combination of paint and permanent marker. I have used tamiyas polycarbonate cleaner to remove the paint no problem however it won't touch the marker pen. This will have been on there a long time and was wondering what will bring it off? Any thoughts ? Thanks
  2. I may be wrong but I think the lower the turn motor the smaller pinion you require due to the reduction in torque as a result of the higher revs. This is true for brushed (I think) and also for brushless
  3. Can't argue with all that mate. 👍
  4. I agree with all you are saying however the demand from consumers like us all massively outweighs what tamiya provide. I love tamiya they are fantastic but sometimes repro is the only way we can restore our cars.
  5. But those very sellers on eBay are ripping people off for original bodies and decals. It's not like tamiya still make them either so their profits are not being eaten into. If tamiya continued to support cars for a decent length of time we wouldn't need the likes of MCI. If we take the egress, it's still available but they don't produce some spares at all, eg. Hicaps etc.
  6. Will the re re steering setup fit the original turbo Ultima? Thanks
  7. There are lots of things tamiya do which could be improved but ultimately we still love them. They are an awesome company and I wish them all the best. But come on. Re release the falcon
  8. Again, another ridiculous decision by tamiya to not include a bearing set with all its releases. Even £30 cars from bangood include them
  9. The problem is the shock cannot extend fully as the wishbones are at full droop. The smooth part of the shaft is longer. Removing the nut allowed for further compression of the shock. These are things tamiya should of looked at for the re releases, it's extremely lazy
  10. I've got three sets of these and can vouch for their quality. Very difficult to tell the difference between the real things. Not quite the same quality but very nearly so.
  11. Me and my lad have just built a super hotshot. Brilliant build and one of tamiyas best looking kits ever. However, when building the front CVA dampers, the length of the damper shaft was about 0.5 cm longer than the picture in the manual. When assembled the damper was so long that due to it being under compression at full droop, left little room for any suspension travel. Is the manual incorrect or the size of the shaft supplied? We remidied the problem by removing the knurled nut on the bottom of the suspension shaft, allowing the spring retainer to screw further on this making the shock shorter. This made it fit perfectly and allows enough travel for the chassis to bottom out before the damper. Has anyone else had this issue and is it just a design quirk? Thanks guys
  12. You need mini cvas for the front and short cvas for the back I believe. Both can be found however the minis are not as common
  13. Deffo on the rear shock tower. As said, there is so much flex in the plastic one that the rear shocks don't even compress. Not sure why tamiya do this sort of thing with some of their cars. That said, the neo scorcher is awesome. I have the df02 metal diffs in mine and a brushless. So good to drive.
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