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  1. slimleeroy

    50332 Mini CVA Dampers - NIP - Yellow

    Hi are these still available please
  2. Pair of mini CVA in yellow for front on a firedragon please. Good old tamiya seem to stop support for their cars as soon as they are discontinued. Thanks
  3. slimleeroy

    Yellow mini CVA dampers

    Hi I need a pair for my firedragon. Anyone know which other models use them or where I can get some. Tamiya discontinue spares far too soon. Thanks guys
  4. slimleeroy

    Which Avante Should I Get 2011 or Black

    Avante is a better build than the egress. I have built both and both are awesome. The avante has all the sexy suspension in alloy which needs built up which the egress does not have
  5. slimleeroy

    What's next?

    Welcome to the club. I have 2 manta rays and a top force. They are fantastic. Make sure after bearings you buy the ta02 plastic hear set and replace the alloy gears in the rear gearbox. Really don't know why tamiya still use these as they are sh!t soft and ruin the gear box. The gear set is fairly cheap and makes a huge difference.
  6. slimleeroy

    F104 pro ii help please

    Brill thanks guys
  7. slimleeroy

    F104 pro ii help please

    Thanks mate. Really appreciate your help
  8. slimleeroy

    F104 pro ii help please

    Hi. I have ordered one of these kits and just after a few tips. It doesn't come with a specific livery for the body and I was wanting to paint and decal it with the Ferrari livery. I know how to paint it but want to know if I can buy the decals for it from somewhere? Also, does it come with a pinion? Thanks guys. Appreciate the help
  9. Hi guys. I have recently reused my Blackfoot 3 shell and repainted for use on an original Blackfoot made up from parts. So now my wt-01 chassis is naked. Do you know of any other bodies that will fit this chassis. It is an awkward long length and even the standard Blackfoot body didn't fit correctly (too short). Thanks
  10. slimleeroy

    WANTED:- yellow mini cva's

    Same size I think as wild willy 2
  11. slimleeroy

    WANTED:- yellow mini cva's

    Hi mate. Looking for the mini set for the front of the fire dragon. Second hand would be ok. Thanks
  12. Hi. I am looking for a set of mini yellow CVA dampers to finish my fire dragon project. I require the pair. Either the originals or re re versions will be great but need them in working order as this will be a runner. Thank you. Lee
  13. slimleeroy

    Noisy 2wd?

    Check the amount of droop on your wishbones. If there is too much the dogbones rattle at the extremes of travel and cause lots of vibration. You say it is noticeable when coasting. This could be because the weight of the car moves forward and the back end raises up. When you accelerate the back goes down, levelling out the arms. Try lifting the car off the ground and running it with the wishbones pushed level with the chassis. Might help. If that is the problem just shorten the dampers a bit.
  14. slimleeroy

    Yellow polycarbonate paint help

    Any help?
  15. slimleeroy

    Yellow paint

    Hi I need a small amount of yellow tamiya polycarbonate´╗┐ paint to paint the stripe on a top cat body shell. Only need a very small amount. Are there any caring members who have some sitting around in a half full can who would be willing to part with it. I will pay postage via PayPal. Just don't want to buy a full can for the sake of a stripe. Thanks guys.