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  1. The trf car has metal ourselves jowever which prevent melting even if it does strip
  2. What sort of glue can you use? Is super (ca) ok?
  3. If I drop my cash on one is there still plenty spares support?
  4. Either way. If you get the ta02 plastic gear set you're sorted.
  5. I'm sure there is 2 aluminium gears. The idler gear and the one attached to the spur. Can't for the life of me think why tamiya would put them in there?? Did the Evo have these aswell?
  6. I have the mayonnaise rc ones and they are awesome
  7. They are not just for collectors though. They are the official hop up of cars from the mad bull to the avante and to think they don't make replacements for the egress where they are the stock part is beyond stupidity. People also want them because they are extremely good dampers aswell. The sooner someone starts making copies like the kyosho gold's the better
  8. I really don't see why tamiya don't just make them all the time ffs. Love tamiya and hate them in same amounts
  9. Cool sounds good. Are the gear diffs a hop up? There is a slipper available aswell if I recall
  10. Hi. Me and my lad are wanting to get a new buggy for a weekend of dad boy time. I was looking at the Durga as it fits in with our "4wd from every generation" plan. How are they? Does anyone have one (or more)? Thanks guys
  11. It is the 380 size rotor with the orange can. Goes like stink
  12. The top deck can be replaced with an aftermarket frp or carbon part. In fact I think the upcoming re re has a reinforced top deck. Me and my lad have two original Ultimas (one dressed as a turbo) and an original aluminium chassis'd pro. They are fantastic runners and still hold up today. Awesome
  13. My lad has got a leopard 12.5t brushless in his egress with standard pinion size (albeit steel) and it flies even with a NiMH. Don't think I would want it any faster.
  14. Battery is shot. Not enough voltage for receiver etc so esc cuts power to motor so car doesn't run away out of control
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