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  1. Yeah I already had some. Also the plastic adaptors for the top eye
  2. I agree regards the tyres. Did you know the turbo optima re re actually comes with the original gold spring adjusters to use instead of the threaded adjuster
  3. I have them on my dt02 so will fit the 03 perfectly. They are the perfect size. The dampers are fantastic as long as you replace the black o rings they come with to tamiya red o rings. The black ones are very hard and leak easily. Mine work perfectly with tamiya medium oil and no leaks.
  4. The kyosho's are not called re res however but the legendary series. The cars are such good quality that any differences (very minor) are totally forgiven. You can't really expect kyosho to out out an inferior product for nostalgia sake. Tamiya could learn alot. If kyosho can do things like adding slipper clutches then I am sure tamiya can also. People do race these aswell in the new vintage racing series popping up. At the end of the day, if people need them exactly how they were back in the day then originals are still available second hand
  5. Used to be model cars and radio race car. Unfortunately the advent of the internet has left these magazines irrelevant and so no longer in print. Such a shame as like you I love flicking through a magazine
  6. I meant the thunder dragon is the same sorry
  7. These are now available......in everywhere but the UK. I see some robbing b@st@rds are already selling them for close to £100 on eBay. Guys. Don't give them a penny
  8. It beggars belief that they release a new car and no replacement bodies. Tamiya infuriate me with this stuff all the time. TAMIYA. WE WANT TO RUN YOUR CARS BUT WE CAN'T COS WERE TOO SCARED OF BREAKING THEM AND THEN THEY BECOME AN EXPENSIVE PAPERWEIGHT.
  9. Between this, the Terra and the thunder shot (which has already been re released). The thunder dragon does.not have any parts other than the body which isn't already available. Saying that. It is exactly the same as the thundershot
  10. Nope. It's mainly for high torque brushless motors
  11. And timetunnel models in UK have these for a shade I've £100
  12. I agree but we all know that tamiyas tolerances are.not the best. My manta ray and tip force among others the bearings drop out if they are invested in their housing. Not great
  13. The fire dragon was nowhere near the spec of the Terra. None adjustable top links, no ballraces or ujs. Though would still rather buy one of these than the massively overpriced vqs
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