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  1. Let's cut to the chase. The vanquish is simply not worth nearly £400. It is no better specced than the Terra scorcher albeit a different design. The only parts that are not already available are the chassis and a few key plastic parts (g11 etc), the rest can be picked from the avante and egress re re. If this kit is £300 or below I will be getting one but come on, this was made so that people who couldn't afford an avante could then get into this chassis.
  2. Does the rb5 gearbox bolt straight onto a dt03?
  3. Hotshot 2007 gear set and ballrace set. If you Google them they should pop up
  4. Unfortunately, short of the expensive mip ball diffs you are out of luck (unless you can source even more expensive Thorp vintage upgrades). However the stock gears are fairly robust as.longnas you don't over power them. A new set of re re gears is your best option along with must have ballraces
  5. I know these are not tamiya so I apologize but they are so sweet
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