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  1. I agree. Manuals for cars that use ball diffs usually say tighten up fully then back off x number of turns
  2. Yes but I think it means tighten all the way, just not tight enough to warp the assembly. Ball diffs are not slipper clutches so are not designed to slip like clutches are.
  3. Doesn't the manual in these cars instruct you to tighten the diff all the way? These are not designed to be adjustable I don't believe
  4. Those prices are taking the pi$$ for any kit. I agree with the multiple nib kits aswell. Why do you need more than one? That kit could make someone else very happy
  5. I might have one kev. I'll have a look tomorrow for you
  6. Hi guys. Has anyone tried one of the Carson slipper pinions to see if it fits any of the tamiya cars? It's part number CA14993 and is available in most good UK online stores. Don't know what pitch it is or number of teeth but looks pretty innovative.
  7. Far from it. The build is awesome. More tricky than tamiya bit so rewarding and the finished car can hold its own against even modern buggies
  8. Yeah they are like those ones you get in some modern ball diffs. They are flat on one side and curved on the other.
  9. Me and my son have a monster beetle we have restored. We would be happy to give it the once over or do a full resto whichever would suit. Pm if interested 👍
  10. RC jazz has them now. Just ordered a set. £35. Great value and only £8 delivery to uk
  11. No the UK was shafted. In fact tamiya shafts everybody with all their desirable products by never making enough
  12. Did it affect the paint underneath. I've heard horror stories. How long did you leave paint to dry before applying lawyer. Thanks
  13. Hi guys anyone used Halfords clear lacquer over tamiya ts paints? Good or bad? Thanks. Looking to do a bruiser body with ts-15 and want to lawyer over the top.
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