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  1. If it's the belt you would hear it. Most likely cause is the slipper being too loose. The diffs are gear diffs so they won't slip. Could also be the wheels spinning inside the tyres if they are not glued
  2. Hi all, I have read a post elsewhere where a falcon owner used dt02 outdrives and Hoi RS4 cvds on their falcon rear end. I have got some of the outdrives and they fit great however I am struggling to find some of the cvds the right length. I got some for the RS4 3 sport but these were too short. Anyone know of any which will fit? Thanks
  3. The body is from penguin in the UK and the decals are from RC decals. Body is excellent quality and quite thick with good detail. Also comes with the wing and the undertray for £25 posted in uk
  4. Yeah the vqs has a longer plastic tower that bolts onto the top of the gearbox where the avante dampers mount
  5. The extra tower was just for the avante I think. The vqs/vanquish already has a longer front tower albeit in plastic. The ride height is just what those older cars were like when off road racing was proper off road
  6. The body just needs trimmed slightly narrower at the front as the madcap bulkhead has two raised up ribs
  7. Yeah need the casing as long as it is serviceable. Thank you
  8. Hi guys. I. Case anyone was wondering I have recently put a repro astute body and undertray/wing onto my madcap. Fits great. I am running front and rear astute shock towers but I think it would fit the stock car with minor tweeting. Have a look at the pics. Thanks Lee
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