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  1. If you replace the madcap internal gears and housing for the super astute, do you need to fit the slipper also or can the spur etc be from the madcap?
  2. So do the clod tyres fit the standard agrios wheels????? Thanks
  3. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  4. UK here. In Cumbria. Thanks that would be brill
  5. Lol sometimes you don't think of the simple things. I remember helping my son build his nova fox and I assumed the servo would be neutral from new. One assembled car later and I had to nearly completely take it apart to re-centre. Lol
  6. Hi guys, apologies if this is in the wrong section but does anyone have a set of the battery stays for the tamiya hotshot going spare? These are.the little right angle pieces either side of the chassis which stop the battery from sliding out, I need a set of the standard ones not the 8.4v extended pieces. I don't mind either re re or original. I know I can buy the roll cage parts tree for these but should rather just have the stays as I don't need the cage. Thanks tamiya friends
  7. Hi guys. Does anyone have a pair of the red front steering knuckles for.the hotshot they would part with? Thank you guys.
  8. Also to reinforce this, the fire dragon body mount holes fit the hornet body mounts perfectly. Although I must admit it looks better on the thundershot chassis
  9. To be fair. That's all the original Evo was. Just a top force with all hop ups wasn't it?
  10. I agree. Manuals for cars that use ball diffs usually say tighten up fully then back off x number of turns
  11. Yes but I think it means tighten all the way, just not tight enough to warp the assembly. Ball diffs are not slipper clutches so are not designed to slip like clutches are.
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