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  1. ^ Those are gold. Ok, remember guys, a little shock oil goes a long long loooong way. Everywhere in fact. What? There? How? It wasn't even....
  2. Spend years (the vast majority of which was me procrastinating) getting parts together for, planning and thinking about restoring an old Kyosho Assault. Finally get it running as a Scorpion/Assault Frankenstein combo of new and old parts. Take it out for a run to discover after all that effort that it drives/handles a lot like a Wild One. (I'm actually pretty stoked about it, every now and the I turn around to look at it.)
  3. In terms of off road I'd have to guess at the Hornet, if not that then Grasshopper, which are mostly the same chassis anyway. Don't know about on-road chassis.
  4. How dare you! I don't need this kind of negativity in my life. Probably my Hornet. It was my first.
  5. That's awesome of you, hold that thought though, I'm re-working things a tad so I might be ok.
  6. Finally stopped procrastinating last night and built these *******ing things.....and you are absolutely right, longer than standard, and the diameter makes them too big to fit at any rate. Oh well, looks like I have a spare set of shocks rattling around. I might tey to swap them with the shocks on my OG Ultima.
  7. I don't know if you've read any of my posts on this forum, but they usually follow a pattern of my buying something, often for a bit too much, finding out it's crap, often as a fixer upper, then complaining about how difficult it's all turned out to be, and all my **** ups on the way through the project. In a weird way that's what has got me and kept me hooked. It's quite possibly also the working car at the end of it all and how that makes me feel. Strange but there it is....
  8. Actually, thinking a bit further on this, my Hornet would definitely be having an identity crisis of sorts, it's made up of so many different cars n bits now. Who am I? What am I? Definite existential crisis territory.
  9. I think my cars would uniformly say, SSSHHH! It's that Pablo guy, maybe if we're quiet he won't notice us..... **** he's coming over, Me? No, nononononon! Please don't drive me nooooooooo!!! Or something like that. I can't imagine what they think when I'm stripping one of them down.
  10. Stop boasting!! Yeah it's a nice score mate
  11. Very sorry to hear that mate. Yeah Covid sure has made things a lot more complicated. Hope you're ok.
  12. I've recently been running my big scale stuff (Xmaxx and a 5b) and my 4x4 Slash with my boys. Quite pleasant to sit down with my (now adult) sons and shoot the shirt while driving RC cars. Good times. Keen to meet up with the crew in here again for a run of the RC cars.
  13. No no all good man. I was just having a whinge sp anything that's fun is good. I thought one of the pick ups was the Fall guy truck too.
  14. Thx, interesting cars there Superchamp
  15. Thanks for all the replies guys. Yeah this is an odd situation, bit of a combination of the ship of Theseus and wondering about the sunk cost et al. I probably ranted a bit too much in my OP, but I was feeling frustrated. My aim was to use as much of the original car as possible, and the two chassis rails being too short was a bit of a blow. Anyhoo, I'll continue on with it.
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