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  1. Yeah my wiring is generally neat.....ish. You wouldn't use it in a showroom or any kind of display though.
  2. Yeah I did forget to mention, I do derive a fair bit of pleasure in getting a car back into running condition.
  3. I'm sure we all do it sometimes. My context is, roughly five cars I've bought over the years (off the top of my head, maybe more) that were clearly dungers that I resto-ed/slightly modded back to running order. While repairing these cars I often grumble to myself (which really could be just a me thing in general) about various things. Like the state of the gearbox, the wiring, lack of bearings, how well it was put together in the 1st place, whether the parts were cut of the sprues properly or have dags hanging everywhere.....any number of things really. I try not to do this too much as back when I started this hobby at the age of about 16, I pretty much was that guy. And back then, well it was a lot different. In other cases not everyone was into the hobby as much as some of us, you know, bought a car, put it together to the basic standard of the time, ran it a few times, thought 'meh' then put it in a back shed to deteriorate for the next 20 or so years. So, anyone else do this?
  4. I'm offended that my 'slightly' X-01 assisted Wild One was disallowed.....
  6. I only ever experience BEC's with manual speed controllers. Plus and minus leads came off the msc and plugged into your receiver. The receivers I had back then would lock the steering in one direction, hard right I think, once the voltage dropped to a certain level. I was very happy back then not having to by four AA batteries to go into the car and the stuffing about that entailed.....not to mention shedding weight. As far as I know this is all taken care of internally with modern receivers and Electronic Speed Controllers. I think I have one or two out of many ESC's that need an external power supply to operate. The vast majority draw voltage from simply plugging the ESC into the Receiver.
  7. Looks very interesting, but I really have no idea. Better to be late than never I always say.
  8. Oh yeah forgot to add. My OG Hornet didn't come with a metal guard over the resistor either. Just a sticker warning you not to touch it.
  9. The conditions I used my OG MB in were variable in terms of traction, like any true basher. To be fair the guy I sold my MB to said that he put motorcycle chain lube into the hex drives/cups and said it ran fine.....so maybe I didn't lube them well enough. He did change them later to dog-bone drives though. Like Saito san though, I have never had problems with the diffs.....go figure.
  10. Oh how I hated those 15/20amp fuses. Was happy to delete them eventually. Was also happy a year or so down the track when I installed a BEC MSC.
  11. The original drive shafts in the Monster Beetle. There are a few people out there who actually had few to no problems with them. I however contended and still do that they are the spawn of Satan himself.
  12. Hmmm, maybe it's because it's still early in the run of these things. Maybe it's because I'm buying with the Australian south sea peso Factoring in transport/postage could also explain it a bit. But the prices out of Hong Kong I've found so far can only be described as 'crack pipe'. I really want one of these, and will get one, but I think I'm going to have to wait a while.
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