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  1. Pablo68

    Striker on the way.

    It's still the only car where anyone has said to me, don't get one. God I found that amusing.
  2. Finally managed to find one fairly cheap and what looks like reasonable condition (ie: not in half, but we'll see I guess), so I snapped it up. Just have to wait for it. Admittedly it's a car I never really wanted, but it could be good for a laugh. Then I'll see if I can do anything with it. You can all congratulate me in here.....
  3. Pablo68

    my 1980 tamiya`s

    Nice work, great collection. Like the new edition.
  4. Pablo68

    hello I am new on this forum

    Welcome to the forum I hope you have fun and find it informative.
  5. Pablo68

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    Wrong part of the forum but what the hey. I am a bit miffed that Kyosho hasn't re-re'd the Ultima yet. I was hoping they'd do it this year.
  6. Pablo68

    58669 M-08 Chassis Kit confirmed

    Just say, 'Darling,it's actually saving us money!'
  7. Pablo68

    Tamiya Pogo Sticks

    I bet they work better than the original rear shocks on my Hornet though.
  8. When too many buggies is barely enough....
  9. Pablo68

    No more Kyosho?

    Yeah I'm hoping that this is indeed a load of old cobblers. I, like many on here I suspect, have a dirty little secret in the form of a Kyosho car or two. I'm careful about it and try not to let my Tamiya cars know. And I am still hoping they'll re-re the original Ultima.
  10. Pablo68

    Vintage Prices In The Future

    I think the thing that has been alluded to in this thread which I find the most....depressing I guess, is thta over time these cars will be undriveable due to sheer age and spares availability. They'll just end up as shelvers, the ones that survive anyway.
  11. Pablo68

    Suspension Geometry

    Yep, I'll try all that.
  12. Pablo68

    Suspension Geometry

    Movement, toe out when the suspension arm moves up. I'm slowly nutting it out, but a re-design may well haveto happen anyway.
  13. Far too many sharp corners in that design. When designing RC car parts you need to put little radii everywhere that two surfaces meet. Sharp corners are great for giving way under stress. Heck, even making things out of metal when I was a maachinist you had to do that where possible.
  14. Pablo68

    Caught and publicly shamed