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  1. This is the re-release that I really wanted Kyosho to do. It's right up there as my favourite buggy of all time, that and one or two others. Should this be re-released I'm getting one.
  2. My Hornet is a great example of this. It's a real life ship of Theseus. Maybe one of two components on it are from that Hornet kit that I bought off the shelf back in 1987, I couldn't tell you which ones though.
  3. Heya, It's still in bits, I did buy a new chassis for it and a bunch of bearings. Only snag is the spur/idler gear is a bit chewed out. I've chucked others in there but every time I close up the gearbox the gear train gets tight and not free spinning/moving. Not really sure what the issue is to be honest and I've been alternately too busy or tired from work to get back to it. I'd also like to get my hands on a Sonic Fighter front tower a bit later down the track to modify the suspension if I can. Haven't had a chance to start on the 3D printing/Designing.
  4. Still sitting in the box in pieces. Got a new/old chassis for it. Going to try and design some strengthening for it a'la something like Pintopower would design. Gonna clean it and start re-assembling it today.
  5. The Striker arrived today. It was everything I dreamed it would be.......(just think about that statement for a bit). It's all stripped down now and I will decide exactly what I want to do with it. Obviously it needs a chassis repair.....
  6. I'll take 200 dollars for 'Things that never happen to Pablo'.
  7. I've been very lucky so far. Never had this kind of thing happen to me anywhere, touch wood. Often someones dog will react to them, barking and or growling, sometimes running at the car. I just stop the car. Often the dogs owner starts apologising and I tell them that it's all ok. Should the dog grab and damage the car I'll just fix it. Public areas, live and let live and all that.
  8. Some nice collections in this thread. I have a few of mine still, in extremely played with condition. Not sure where the rest ended up. Probably the bin. I did hand them down to my little brother, but they were a long way from mint when he got them anyhoo. My cars were a real grab bag. I had Matchbox(of course) Hotwheels, Tomica, Corgi, Husky, Siku(from Germany), Majorette, maybe a Dinky or two. There were possibly more as well.
  9. It's still the only car where anyone has said to me, don't get one. God I found that amusing.
  10. Finally managed to find one fairly cheap and what looks like reasonable condition (ie: not in half, but we'll see I guess), so I snapped it up. Just have to wait for it. Admittedly it's a car I never really wanted, but it could be good for a laugh. Then I'll see if I can do anything with it. You can all congratulate me in here.....
  11. Nice work, great collection. Like the new edition.
  12. Welcome to the forum I hope you have fun and find it informative.
  13. Wrong part of the forum but what the hey. I am a bit miffed that Kyosho hasn't re-re'd the Ultima yet. I was hoping they'd do it this year.
  14. Just say, 'Darling,it's actually saving us money!'
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