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  1. Oh Gawd....bodies, painting, stickers, liuttle details......I have at least six that need doing....hang on, at least seven. As long as everything is ticketyboo mechanically I'm generally happy, but yeah, I've been avoiding getting the bodies done for too long. To actually answer the OP though. My Blitzer Beetle is the one that comes to me off the top of my head. The job I did with the stickers was just awful.
  2. Out of curiosity, are there any timing systems that allow you to set up a point A to point B? Cause there is a spot near where I live that would make a perfect hill climb.
  3. Thanks a heap for that. Thought I was going nuts for a bit. Yeah I thought the same as you, but couldn't find anything that looked like that top plate in the manuals I found. I have an OG body for this thing, The battery won't fit under it in its position on this plate. So I think another top plate is in order.
  4. Oh ******. I don't read good.
  5. DT-02 can be had for cheap and they are pretty good.
  6. I know this is the wrong part of the forum, but I'd like the question to be noticed. This is a curly one. I have an Optima chasis I'm restoring and I'm almost up to installing electrics. This thing is basically an OG with a few new bits here and there. The Radio plate has me confuse though. It's plastic, not any kind of FRP, and it doesn't have holes in it up front for any kind of servo mounting. There doesn't look like there is enough room for the steering servo either. I've been looking through manuals, and checking pics on Ebay, but I'm not seeing anything like it. Doesn't look like it's off a Javelin either. Any ideas?
  7. I temd to build mine with a bit of ride height, I hate chassis slapping.
  8. Getting into this hobby with your daughter is an awesome thing to do. I don't have a daughter admittedly, but I have a niece and she seems to have a real knack for driving RC cars. My sons step daughter used to drive my 4x4 Slash around and she was also quite good. I was trying to catch/drive over the Slash with my Xmaxx, she was too good for me to catch her.
  9. I don't want to get all post-modern here but.... Best: What do we actually mean by best? Worst: Same question.....having said that, what immediately pops into mind is the OG Monster Beetle. In particular the hex drive cups and shafts. Absolute **** they were, flogged out in no time at all. Not sure at all what they were thinking at Tamiya when they knocked that one up. It's looks were inspired, it looked awesome. And it was fun to drive, when it worked, which wasn't often. So many inherent problems in that design from putting big wheels and a heavy body on the not very changed Frog chassis. I have the re-re (quite modiefied) by the way cause I loved that car regardless. I also think that the Hornet is simultaneously the best and worst Tamiya. It exists in both states at the same time....
  10. That is a great username. How is Brock Landers?
  11. Well, anything that gets more people into the hobby...... I have some big scale bashers, Xmaxx, Infraction, Baja 5b, and a Slash (not really big scale but whatever). They are a heap of fun and very durable. I will say though, that despite bashing getting most of the points for surviving 'extreme' treatment/crashes, it's a different thing than race durability. Race buggies don't take well to being bashed, but I think they are truly underrated for taking the punishment they ARE designed to take. I've spectated at a few race evenings and it amazes me how the cars take repeated abuse/impacts on their front ends and drivelines mostly, and survive....the night at least.
  12. Very nice, I have one of these in good running condition, body in awful condition before I bought it. it was not great at first, built with bushes in it, grease was dry, it ran badly. Complete clean and re-build, with bearings and drift tires, makes a fun drifter.
  13. I have one of these myself. I bought it in Japan pre-built. I'm pretty sure it was built then never run. (I've run it several times since). I wonder if it was maybe built and put on display in a hobby store somewhere. Good chassis, one of my favorites.
  14. So you're saying you have a spare Super Astute?
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