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  1. I have tried several iterations of my projest. I wanted to build a Hornet with decent suspension adapted to it that you could race against more modern buggies if you wanted to. To learn how to do 3D modelling I grabbed one of my buggies, an RB5 to be the donor. It wasn't too far from the then current TRF201. That helped and I tried out a few ideas on the computer, went back to it from time to time, then shelved it, then got back to it ad nauseum. My latest version is in a build thread in here. I used TRF201 XM parts. I got most of it done, but needed a decent steering system and I couldn't figure out how to get the front suspension geometry correct. Kept getting bump steer. I'm currently thinking of getting it to use more realistic parts like DT-03. Cheap and plentiful, of which TRF parts are neither these days.
  2. I was going to say something similar, but I didn't, cause I would never do that, I wouldn't. I'm far too classy. So, don't get rid of the wife (WINK!!)!!!
  3. Well, finished mine. It drove well, something about this model is just not the usual Tamiya, can't put my finger on it. Also it spat out the rear axle after a fairly hard hit. Not too much trouble putting it back in. Re-did the spacers, I'll have to run it again to see if that issue is fixed. All in all, 3.6 Roentgen. Plus I'm getting grumpy in my old age.
  4. I have no idea, I'm in Aus. I sympathise though. I just had a bit of a whine in the BBX thread, about the overall design in terms of working on it post build. You know, I knew that one day I'd get old, I didn't think I'd get grumpy though. Btw: keep the BBX. Just get another box down the track.
  5. I'm going to preach to the converted here, but just in case someone pops in here who is sitting on the fence about this car. If you get this buggy make sure all of your electrics are working before you button everything down. If you find yourself having to change out the esc or motor because of a fault it is not a quick process. Now to be fair, most people do the right thing and put all the electrics together and test them before installing them. I did do this, but once everything was in the buggy and it was all finished, I had a weird fault with the esc/motor combo (cheap chinese brand). I was thinking that maybe this buggy would catch on and people might race them, as a bit of a novelty. Having assembled mine I now think that could not have been a consideration to the designers. tl;dr This design (and I do like it) is not conducive to change anything out of it quickly.
  6. Oooh, you have an STI? My wrx is a garden variety 06 model. Just did some work on it, stillnot good, going to send it to the mechanics.
  7. That and the decals. I forged on and got it all finished. It looks good from far.....
  8. Well, I worked on the body for my BBX. Cutting out, trimming, cutting off two bits on the nose of the main body that weren't supposed to be. Actually I cut one of those pieces off, checked the manual, realized I'd cocked up, cut the other off to match. It may as well match eh? Oh, and there are bits on one of the side pods that I didn't cut off, that are now painted, so I'll have to be careful cutting those out. Why do I like this hobby again?
  9. I went Optima, back when I had my OG Ultima, the Optima was a dream car. Actually tbh, I like the OG Ultima over both of the Optima/Javelin. Which reminds me, I really have to finish the body on my OG/re-re Frankenstein Optima. It's been waiting for ages.
  10. Yeah, find ways to soften the suspension where possible. When this car came out it carried a lot more weight than they do now with a modern set up. Out went the MSC, four AA batteries (went out when BEC became a thing), Nicad or Nimh batteries went too for replacement by LiPo batteries. That's quite a bit gone. Nimh batts were heavy, but had good punch and lasted a lot longer than Nicads. I still use Nimh from time to time. I ran my Hornet for years with a Grasshopper body and and Red Kyosho shocks, from a Scorpion I think. it went ok.
  11. I finally managed to buy an Associated B3 buggy in decent condition and a good price. It got here yesterday, and today I put an Rx in it. It came with a Savox servo and a Quickrun sensored brushless system with a 17.5 motor. It cost me about AUD500. I've driven a few Associated buggies before, and the Kyosho equivalent to the B3. I drove the B3 around a bit and it is superb. Great old buggy. Well set up too.
  12. I bought a Tamiya BBX. Even though I have a backlog of cars to finish.
  13. Yeah I enjoy resto-ing old Tamiyas, and several other brands too. I find it rewarding bring something old and neglected back around. I've done something like 13 out of the ~27 Tamiya cars I have, some are still in progress though. I've done 4 out of 8 Kyosho buggies I own. One Associated RC10. All three Marui's I have, Bear, Hunter, Samurai. A Baja 5B converted to Flux that I gave to my youngest son. And two generic old HSP 4x4 buggies. Yeah, now I think about it, it's a fair whack of my collection. Also, +1 to many old and completely kacked Cars/buggies out there with owners or flippers trying to sell them for new or over prices.
  14. I just looked up the JJ Ultima to see how much they cost. Hard pass for me atm.
  15. Yeah to be fair to Tamiya, I am going to get a BBX at some time in the future. Also I have ~50 RC cars, ~25 are Tamiya.
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