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  1. Does anyone make a 3mm self tapper with a hex head?
  2. Chicks really dig my RC collection....
  3. Hmmm, those reviews for the Avante chassis. Very comfy, fits well.....I don't think they would be. Probably up there with the tamiya chassis that would be least comfy, ahem!
  4. To the OP, **** good question, I've never thought about that much. Nice looking motor too.
  5. Ok, as promised. The first pic is the overal chassis, notice the Avante suspension parts on the rear. Second pic, The Avante rear bumper that was on there for some unknown reason. Third pic, Front end. It's Egress I think, but the solid part with the bumper attached and the two brass threaded inserts, I haven't seen that in any Egress manual (I think?). Thos two tie rod things with the large threaded rods, I think I know where they were....and how they were supposed to go on, but I opted for turnbuckles and ball ends....and I'm going to keep it that way. Lookin at it so far I don't think this is a chassis the purists will get too upset about. Oh, also it has a power splitter center diff thing instead of a one way, which was in the manual. Let me know what you think.
  6. Hello. My name is Pablo. I like to buy 2nd hand basket case buggies and then fix them back up to running. Right now I am fixing up an old Egress. It may not quite be what it seems to be though. Some of the parts are off an Avante. Others I'm not sure. Why do I do this to myself?
  7. There used to be fairly meaty curbs on the road where I live. Over the years several resurfacings made them smaller, but still, caused many trips to the lhs back in the day. A couple of years ago they resurfaced again and this time put in angled curbs. On one side they are flush but on the other I still gotta be careful as there is about an inch lip that can still be damaging to 1/10 cars. Especially vintage ones.
  8. Hey man! You don't get to tell me what to do!!! I'm going to eat the yellow snow!
  9. Another bump. I think this has already been said in this thread but here goes (probably again). Whenever using your end cutters or pointy nose pliers with some force, make sure you have part of your fingers/hands between the handles so that they get pinched when whatever you are doing finally gives. The pain is great....
  10. I have heard that they excel in that field. When I lived in Japan I had a couple of their pistols at certain times. Had to leave them behind as they aren't legal in Australia.
  11. Now how did that get in here? I guess we'll never know love....
  12. Now is an excellent time to invest in Blazing Blazer futures.......
  13. Ooooh (slaps forehead) I get what your second name is now. ii ne! My own favourite expression when I lived in Jp was ii yo!
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