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  1. Hey guys, what would be a good set of tie rods to get if you were going to centrally mount your steering servo?
  2. My god that's perfect! The guests can sleep in the shed.
  3. I'm pretty sure the instruction book in mine didn't say to put the second support strut/shaft thing in. So I left mine out. Seems ok so far.
  4. Heya, I read the review, quite liked it. I've read quite a few of the reviews on that site actually. Good site. I have one of these too (I had one back in the day). It's ok out of the box, it is what it is, but with a few hop up bits it really goes quite well. How did you find the servo saver? I thought it was too weak.
  5. I'm late to this conversation but, I don't think it was a bad get at all. Looks like it's coming along nicely too.
  6. I sooooo hope this turns out to be true.
  7. This is looking very interesting indeed. Great build.
  8. Wow. This is a truly incredible piece of work. Watching avidly.
  9. AAAAAAAAAAANd I broke the servo horn....... New High Torque servo save kit on the way. An Ally one.
  10. Update on my last post. I put my TRF shocks (from a 501) on my beetle as well as the servo horn from same. Drives like a different buggy. A bit more point and shoot, more composed over bumps. Amazing the difference it makes. Still getting wheels jammed one way or t'other when I clip solid objects though.
  11. Well I finished building mine (my little brother bought it for us, how cool is that), and here's my take. I understand Tamiya keeping the price point down and that's a good thing, but I have some proper bearings on the way. I dunno, It didn't bother me so much during the 80's when I first had one of these......maybe having higher spec kits has spoiled me. The Shock pistons/shafts.....well they do work ok, I just felt disappointed that it wasn't a shaft/e-clips and changeable pistons.....kind of minor. I'm about to chuck my TRF shocks on it just for ****s and giggles. The steering. Well one of the design flaws of this buggy (much as I love it) was the fact that they slapped large wheels onto gear that wasn't best suited to run them. In this case (bravo for the dogbones/CVbearing) the steering wanders quite a bit over bumps and what have you and needs constant tweaking. It's like the servo horn base is skipping teeth and moving about under stress. I've already ended up with the steering canted over in one direction and having to be stripped and reassembled. So I'm thinking a metal geared servo and stronger steering horn/servo saver set up. I also had that issue where on of the rear axles/swing arms was moving funny when I rotated the wheel. It seemed to be binding so I removed the o-ring in the drive cup and that fixed it. Any suggestions on fixes and parts would be really cool thx.
  12. Great news. Hoping all the bugs have been ironed out.
  13. Thanks for the links to the Nerf bars. I have been thinking a bit more on the shaft/stepped shaft in the diff. I think that the axles with the smaller holes and the stepped shaft is a Hornet thing, and the 3mm shaft and axles with larger holes was for the Grasshopper. I remember having a few spare parts left over in the Hornet kits, that 3mm shaft for a start and plastic parts labelled Grasshopper. I could be wrong.......
  14. If nothing else the design job on this Hornet is a bit too flamboyant for my tastes. I have a Hornet in it's boxtop guise not two feet away from me as I type this.
  15. I have had Hornets and Grasshoppers for years and the shaft has never been an all the way thru one size jobby like that. It is a stepped shaft on mine. 2.2mm (presumably) on the ends and 3mm in the middle. If you have a look at the parts list in the manual it should have a pic of the part and a part number. More likely than not you'll have to buy the whole parts bag off ebay, but that shouldn't cost much. Where did you get the fancy nerf bars on the side of the chassis? The used to make them out of anodised ally tube when I was a kid. They look trick, as does your Grasshopper btw.
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