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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys. Yeah this is an odd situation, bit of a combination of the ship of Theseus and wondering about the sunk cost et al. I probably ranted a bit too much in my OP, but I was feeling frustrated. My aim was to use as much of the original car as possible, and the two chassis rails being too short was a bit of a blow. Anyhoo, I'll continue on with it.
  2. Over the years I've been slowly and surely semi restoring/modding/getting running two cars I was gifted in about....1988/9. I was given a box with basically a pile of RC car bits all stripped down. I actually figured out most of which bits went where but back then there was no internet to find out what the cars actually were and no ebay to source and by needed bits. Over the next few decades these parts gathered dust and I even passed them on to a cousin cause I figured I'd never do anything with them. Cue the two thousands and I got back in to the hobby and used the internet to figure out what theses bits were. One was an SRB chassis, a Super Champ and the other a Kyosho Assault nitro buggy (I never had the engine). I've put threads up about these two cars over the last few years as I've slowly (very slowly) worked on them. The SRB is just waiting for electrics and the body to be painted (Sand Blaster body, I'm a bit scared to try it tbh). The Kyosho, I recently bought a shirt load of parts I needed and got to work on it. This is the car that's bothering me. I've pumped quite a bit of money into it, more than just buying a re-re Scorpion or Tomohawk, or even going out and buying another vintage Assault. And it's fighting me every step of the way. I am doing an electric conversion frankenstein Assault/Scorpion. I was making decent progress and I just found out that at some time in the last thirty years someone not me has cut the chassis rails shorter by about 20mm or so, no problem other than it's more money and I'll most probably have to wait around another month till the parts get here, which is one of the things that has been holding this project back. So yeah, have you got a project like this? Would you have chucked or sold it on or something? I'm deep into sunk cost territory atm.
  3. I don't know, I did looks at a few kit instructions and all their buggies seem to have standard shocks, these are more of an upgrade I think. I kind of bought these thinking they were the standard ones.
  4. Dude I could kiss you! (don't judge)
  5. So, you are working on an old Kyosho Assault that was a pile of parts that was gifted to you some ~32 years ago. As it was very much incomplete you are making a Scorpion/Assault frankenstein Hybrid, and as a fairly straight forward build/mod it is fighting you all the way. As there were no shocks to speak of you buy the Kyosho Scorpion HG Shocks set. Ensure that to make things convenient you lose or possibly even throw out the build instructions that came with them. Then go and realise that you can't find them on line anywhere... Sigh.... If anyone here has a copy of those build instructions I don't suppose you could scan and send them to me?
  6. Sorry I don't, it was a BEC of sorts, I bought it off ebay.
  7. Buy it as something that you are going to have to work on and possibly mod. Mine was ok out of the box but the rear leaf springs weren't put on propery and the steering was pants due to a poor design really. I turfed the shocks, eventually put new ones on that are oil filled with no springs in them. I did a front servo mod and later on changed out the esc/motor for a brushless system. After that came a stronger servo up front but the voltage from the rx wasn't enough so I had to put in a thingy that took volts straight from the battery and put them into the rest of the system. Unlike others I haven't had to change out the bearings yet.
  8. If you haven't already, make sure that you experience the unbridled joy that is the E-clip. Be amazed as you try fit these to various shafts on your RC cars. Be mystified at how some just decide to go on with no bother while others point blank refuse. You too could be like me listening intently for where it landed after deciding to fling off into the ether. Be like me as I look everywhere on my desk, on the floor, everywhere in my room, my large jaw jutting out, rubbing my prominent brow ridge and scratching and my sagital crest while immense amounts of time are lost building or fixing a model due to that one tiny clip.
  9. BUMP!! Ok, when doing busy work on your buggies, i.e. putting a new 2.4ghz receiver in, make sure not to put your buggy on a stand that is literally right next to you and turn the car on. (Isn't it great that we don't have to use MSC's and AM systems any more....so much easier). The watch your buggy shoot across the bench top while you wildly grab at it to turn it off again. (I was binding the Rx) Next, When using cable ties to tidy up your wiring, make sure you pick the bag of them up upside down so that they spill out (you didn't close the bag last time did you?) evenly across the bench, your lap and the floor.
  10. All of my cars are runners....though a few need setting up cause over the years they've had the electronics taken out of them. Several of my cars were vintage cars that were unused and had been gathering dust in a shed or wherever. I figured that it was much better to restore and fix (sometimes light mod) to get them running again, so they could be used what they were meant for, breakages be damned!
  11. Nope. Once I buy something I very rarely sell/get rid of it. Having said that I do buy cars and give them to my kids....does that count?
  12. Ummm, you did use the correct paints on the body yeah? Dumb question I know, but I have been told that the incorrect paint type on lexan can make it brittle. I guess you can keep that body for the shelf, maybe after you are no longer *******ed off with it you can get a repro body and do that one up as a runner. As far as worst designs ever, you do know the Striker is a thing right?
  13. This is one I'll probably never own, much as I'd like to. It would be nice to spend a bit of time with the chassis from one of these to really get to know how it goes together and what makes it tick. I'm sure sooner or later some spawny get will come in here with a story about how he found one in a skip bin, or someone came up to him at a meet once and said, would you like this? I've lost interest. You know, just another in the long cavalcade of never happens to me moments.
  14. ****...Tamiya store closed? How will we survive? Seriously though, the Govt (govt's, state level too) down here aren't doing much, just dancing around the edges of the problem. Probably won't do or force anything precipitate until forced to by numbers that may well be exponential. I'm a teacher, with two fairly healthy but elderly parents, that I live with. Thankfully I'm in a self contained granny flat, that helps, but I'm wondering what I should do next. Seriously now, everyone in here stay safe and well.
  15. I have a couple of RC projects I can get done, I think I have everything I need. Social distancing or isolating is actually fine by me. I don't have a problem with other people, but I do come away from most interactions wondering if the other person thought I was a bit of a twat. It's just how I am I guess. It seems to be gathering apace here, so stay safe and well everyone.
  16. Great pics once again, looks like it was a good time.
  17. Depends on the parts I guess. I just have a plastic container from those stor=pak wall storage things, I chuck all of my extra screws, nuts, etc in that. It can be a pain to find things rustling around in it, but it's not a huge issue. Also in my stor-pak unit are boxes with servos/servohorns ect, motors, escs, shocks, and a bunch of other things separated out. This makes things sound organised but.... it isn't really. There is still crap everywhere. I haven't put a recent picture of my workbench/work area as....it's a bit of a whorehouse at the moment.
  18. This is very true. I found over time that eventually all the breakable and dangerous things got moved to places out of the reach of children. But there was always that one thing you forgot from time to time.
  19. No worries. I have the TBLE 02 in a couple of my cars, they go ok, haven't had any issues , other than calibrating them which is a bit of a pain. Keep in mind I'm not racing or running high powered stuff with these esc's. Some good info in this thread now.
  20. Ummm, not if it still works. Set it all up and see. Pretty sure I have a couple of them in different cars and they go fine, for higher turn motors at least. Hobbywing 1060's should be cheap and plentiful on Ebay if you do want to change it out. They are a good esc.
  21. Make sure that you buy more cars that turn into major repair/restoration projects to put on the pile of major repair/restoration projects that you already have sitting around and haven't got to doing yet.
  22. Take your time, clean em up a bit, repair what's needed (ebay is your friend) set them up however you want to, they're your cars after all.
  23. I speak for all of us when I say, we are fluent in typo.
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