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  1. I have friends over there and many of them are doing what they can to avoid other people now.
  2. I'm considering editing my last post, too much whinging, plus I do actually like fixing things.
  3. It's me again, still grinding my teeth. Stripping the whole car down now, dear lord........ The previous owner of this car is a badword. the Baddest of badwords. The baddest badword who ever badworded. This thing was ran hard, then obviously stripped at some point, put back together really badly, like lots of missing screws and cable ties. Possibly also going to need new gears. I really got ripped off this time.
  4. It's all quite possible and quite a few people do it. Drawing the component can be tricky at times but it's mostly doable. What needs consideration is the material you are using/printing, and the printing method. You quite often have to fool around with the orientation of the print so the final piece isn't experiencing forces that will hit weak spots and break it. The design of what you are printing often has to be tweaked to make it tougher than an otherwise 1:1 reproduction would be. Despite it being for a hobby, it's quite the engineering problem and needs that kind of thought/consideration.
  5. I think this must be pretty common. Loved the Wild Willy as a kid/teenager, when I got to run one though, I preferred my Hornet. I have pretty much every vintage tamiya buggy I ever wanted now. Albeit with modern electronics and in most cases set up how I like, still. The ones that stick out to me, The Fox, one I really wanted BITD, feel quite meh about the way it drives. The Wild One sticks out cause of the opposite, I love it. Technically probably not supposed to be very good, but I think it's brilliant. Really composed and fun to drive. Possibly the biggest disappointment I've had though is the Monster Beetle OG I had back in the day. So **** problematic and the performance wasn't that good. Got sick of fixing it all the tie and sold it on cheaply, to a friend who knew a lot more than me and got it running much better than I did. My current MB (re-re) was built with that past experience in mind, and 20 years more experience of RC cars, AND forums/advice from the web. It runs awesome and I love it.
  6. Quoting myself, the ultimate in narcisism. Anyway, just to show how wrong past me got it, I have recently joined the Willy club. Got a WW1 and put some electrics in it. Gave it a run. Yeah, pretty much impossible to run with the original body on it. Eveb driving carefully I tipped it over and put a slight scuff o the rollbar, hence, got a WW2 body on the way for running. Even I'm not enough of a savage to ruin an actual original WW1 body. But yeah, take that past me!! (now that I think about it, past me still has a better bank account balance than I do....****)
  7. Actually, I want to use one to source parts for a project car I'm making.
  8. Yeah, a bit thin on the ground. I'd like to pick up a 201XM roller or job lot if I can. Either rare or people are hanging on to them.
  9. Yeah, from my perspective everything RC on Ebay has gone up in price. Combined with a *******weak AUD and the across the board increase in shipping costs (for whatever reason) and the hobby has gotten a lot more expensive.
  10. So now I've got a full bearing kit for said car. It's turned in to a bit of a full service/rebuild. Just want it to be right/basically sound before I run it. Not really the fault of the person I bought this from if I'm honest. If I get something in this kind of condition, it's just where things tend to go.
  11. Almost everything I have has body clips on it. It's just how I roll I guess.
  12. I've never felt the need or want, even slightly, to own or run a Clodbuster. I know right, I'm sorry, I just don't. Sacrilege to many in here I'm sure.
  13. So......working on said car in my OP. Combination of damning myself for all kinds of a fool and grinding my teeth and thinking, 'some people don't deserve RC cars...' It's been run hard, had a hard life, and quite a few bodgy repairs done. I mean, that IS the point in having an offroad/bashing RC, I get it, but.....grrrr... Been stripping bits off it, checking things out. Here's a list so far. Replacing pinion and spur cover as the old one had a hole worn through it...somehow. (Screws had also come loose behind the spur, loosening the plate behind it and the screw heads digging a groove in the back of the spur gear) Shocks leaking like..a lot, got re-kits on the way. Needed a heap of plastic retainers that have a shoulder on one end, a shaft an then a hole for a body pin to go through. Replaced flogged out front axle bearings. Bought a complete screw kit for it, figured it couldn't hurt. Going to need to find boots for the drive shafts and shocks. There will probably be more.... It's a HPI Baja 5b btw......converted to electric power.
  14. Actually, pairing it to something fairly recent, my Spektrum DX4r, which is quite a nice radio really.
  15. I got my Willy going. My it certainly is a handful. I've popped an esc and 2.4ghz receiver into it. The original msc is safely put aside for now. It wheelies with the merest effort and doesn't like corners at all. Can the WW2 body be used on these? It's going to need a running body as the one it has is too nice/valuable/difficult to replace if I stuff it up. Willy
  16. Anyone in here know how to calibrate these things. Yes I have looked at the instructions/guide. It doesn't seem to want to change it's settings. I quite like these old esc's and would like to use it sometime. For now I'll have to use a different one I guess.
  17. Man, it's only been a fairly average summer here in West Aus but I'm over it already. Can't imagine what it has been like for the Easter Seaboard and South Aus. They've copped it this year.
  18. I received an Willy yesterday, an original one. I've been giving said Willy a close inspection. Taking parts off, making plans for how I'm going to run it. It's quite unlike any other Tamiya I have.
  19. I honestly didn't know there was even a debate/consternation over this. If I ever finish my vintage SC chassis that has been *******ised with new parts and to fit a Sand Scorcher body........and anyone actually sees it. I guess there'll be badword to pay.
  20. I used an after market (Wolf Pack) LiPo battery, 2S 3000mah.
  21. Yeah my eyes started to go three-ish years ago. I'm turning 50 later this year. I usually wear a headlamp and reading glasses. I am going to have to get around to updating my lenses though as they aren't as effective as they used to be. I also have one of those combined headlamp lense holder thingys, but I don't use it much. I will probably give it another try sometime.
  22. Thanks guys. Will look into these options.
  23. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, BUMP! I recently put a 25kg(I think?) steering servo in my Faux Bruiser, steers better now, but the steering keeps pausing or cutting out. I think it's that problem that others have stated before about the more powerful puling too much power from the receiver. How do you get around this?
  24. This has so far been the best please delete thread I've ever read.
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