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  1. Also, need to get through my pile of projects.
  2. Pablo68

    Big Bear steering

    Update: after looking at it a while and scratching my head a bit, I raised the servo a tad on spacers, changed out the old servo saver for another one I had lying around, and put in beefier turnbuckles, larger ball ends and cups. It now works....better. I have a torque-ier servo to go in and a kimborough servo saver at a later date.
  3. I would NEVER do this. I mean it's like, I would never buy enough new parts to be able to restore an old buggy that would end up costing as much or more that a re-re of that same buggy.......I would never do that...ahem!
  4. Glad I'm not the only one
  5. Ok, lets hear your stories where you bought something RC and then after looking at it when you got it home you realised you'd paid too much. In my case, I've picked up a large scale buggy, one I've wanted for a while, a tad cheaper than I usually see them. On looking it over I'm really thinking that I've paid too much. I just keep finding things on it that are fairly worn, or worn and not repaired well, screws that shouldn't be where they are, etc. I blame myself, but buying things on Ebay can be this way sometimes. Going to keep it and fix it up, as that's the kind of thing I do anyway.
  6. Welcome aboard! Yeah I think I'd go along with the more or less consensus. Something like the Midnight Pumpkin or the Lunchbox is a good start. All Hobby grade RC's have issues of some sort or other.
  7. I go through phases, sometimes I do almost nothing else but RC in my spare time. Other times they sit there and get dusty. My Bruiser clone for example is currently sitting on my table in bits, waiting for me to go over there and put it back together. And Speedy Beans, mate, lifes more important things come before any hobby or forum, so don't worry I'm sure no one in here would fault you.
  8. Some say that a Car you've just finished building/working on, will never run quite right and have bad feng shui unless you do a burnout on your lap with it.... I live by this. (My sons also frequently laugh at me because of this)
  9. Ummm, Tamiya Striker front wheels and tires should fit I'd think. I'd put bearings through them too if you haven't already.
  10. Funnily enough, cause I was talking about them just yesterday I think, the Wild Willy. It just wore off I guess. The Bruiser would be another, I have a clone now though.
  11. Yeah yeah, I first saw the Wild Willy about 1982 I reckon. Thereabouts. The the others as the years went on.
  12. The Wild Willy was the first Tamiya I ever saw. Had no idea they existed until then. By the time I had the money for my own Tamiya, it came down between the Hornet and the Frog. I got a Hornet. Later on a friend turned up with a beat up Willy, we drove our cars together, then I got to check the WW out at close range, he wanted to see if I could fix it up a bit or whatever. I dunno, mechanically I wasn't that impressed. It needed a lot of work too. Don't know if I'll ever get one now, they seem really pricy to me. Still, much fun to be had with them.
  13. I've bought cars in that kind of condition before and fixed them back up to running condition, and yes it's frequently more than the original car is worth. The other guys in thread are not wrong about just getting another kit and leaving the old one on the shelf after a clean up. I just enjoy fixing them up, returning them from the dead, I find it rewarding I guess. Perhaps I impress myself a bit too easily. Anyway, whatever you decide will be right.
  14. You were pretending he was a woman? No that's fine. Perfectly normal. Yeah, I have roughly 31 cars now in various stages of repair/running order. You may need help.
  15. The very first thing you will want to do is to replace those godawful hex drive shafts and cups.......the very spawn of satan hisself. Replace with dog bones. Also ball race it if you haven't already. Welcome back!
  16. Back in the day, when you couldn't afford a fancy quick battery charger with a timer on it, hook up your ni-cad battery to a car battery using quick charge leads. Walk away and do something else and completely forget about it. Come back to check when you hear a dull thud and a series of popping and spraying noises. (I was a young fella) Do this several times over intervening years especially when you feel like trudging to the LHS to buy a new battery you can't really afford either.
  17. I put other because I use Tamiya, Deans and even traxxas on a couple. If I ever stop being lazy though I'm converting the whole fleet and my batteries to XT60. A couple will be XT90 (big stuff).
  18. Past me should have put a heap of classic Tamiya RC cars in the roof space of my place, then made me forget about them all. **** past me!
  19. Figure out a way of unobtrusively storing my Xmaxx..... (there could possibly be a bit of buyers regret here)
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