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  1. As far as I know, and that isn't a lot to be honest, Vintage classes tend to be run in 'eras', say 1985-88 or some such. If you have a field of people running say circa 1985 cars and someone turns up with a B3 or something, it would get pointless pretty quickly. I'm not sure when the Associated B4 will become vintage, but when it does it is a good example of a car that will need to be kept in it's own era. With a good set up and driver the B4 would be competitive to this day.
  2. I'm going to second Snappys motion.
  3. The Bandit goes for about 3-5 hundred down here in Aus, probably more, I'm a bit unsure. I remember seeing them about the place when I was looking to get back into the hobby. (circa 2007?) I was actually in the position of there not being anything new that I wanted when I got back into it all. For a short time anyway.
  4. To not buy any more RC cars for a while. Probably got a better chance of getting a massage with a happy ending from the Pope than that happening, but a man can only try.
  5. Having further thought on this I have two candidates, not entirely out of love with, but just don't ever feel that need to take them out for a run. Boomerang. I bought it second hand (original) to restore, which I duly did. Several things on the build were a PITA but I got it done. Took it out and drove it, meh. It's good, not great. I feel like it could be fragile though. Fox: I wanted one of these for the longest time. Always thought they were really cool. It's the re-re. Built it, ran it a couple times. Meh. It's quite good in its own way, but not really idiosyncratic enough to be really interesting. Maybe if I drive them a whole bunch more it will all click.
  6. There is a massive box sitting in my room waiting for Christmas. I went and bought a (god forbid) Traxxas. I really am a dirty little (RC) whore. This year I've bought. A Striker Marui Samurai HG P407 Bruiser clone Big Bear RC10 Championship Edition. Sundy spares n bits n bobs (Don't get me started on all the synths I bought) In short, it's been a good year for me with work/money, just for a change. Congratulations to he OP, I know what it's like to be unemployed for a long time.
  7. When finally installing/tidying up the wiring in a model to square it away, make sure you cut into the wires rather that the wire tie with your snips. (not recently, but it has happened)
  8. What is this ...s...sn...snow of which you speak? (I'm in Aus btw). Run your car in whatever you like, just be prepared to clean it and maybe give it a light service later.
  9. Thx. Wow, that's a lot of Japanese. ( I speak a bit and only read a little)
  10. Hmmm, I can't think of anything I have currently that fits the bill (OP). Back in the day though I did get a Monster Beetle cause I just thought it looked awesome. I really didn't know much about the ORV chassis's back then but I found out soon enough that slapping that body and those large wheels onto the ORV chassis was not entirely a good idea. I spent far more time working on that chassis than running it. Those god damned infernal hex drive shafts. I wore so many out. Perhaps others never had an issue with them, but I did. After having the darn thing for several months I sold it to a work mate for not a lot. Now jump forward however many years it was from 1988/9 to when the re-re came out. I have one and it's been a beaut really. A lot of that is down to me having learned a lot in that intervening time period about RC cars. My current MB has TRF shocks (they fix everything), Center steering, AMPRO rear wishbone set up and a HW brushless set up. It's a lot of fun to drive now, pretty durable and ridiculously top heavy still. Not out of love with but I do have several chassis that I have to finish working on and I keep procrastinating. Falcon-paint and stickers Marui Hunter-ditto Sand Scorcher resto-too scared to attempt masking and painting the body Kyosho Scorpion resto-just about everything There's probably more but what the hey.
  11. Shame this was back in 2018, I'd have applied.
  12. Righto, did you leave the top brass floating piston thing in the dampers? TBH I've ordered some other dampers anyway, but I'd like to give these a go. Anytime I put oil in them they just locked up, got really stiff. I removed the springs from the dampers as well. I spent some time on my 3D software and 3D printer and made a bracket to front mount the steering servo. The difference in steering is night and day now. I will have a look and the lube situation in the trans and thx for the heads up with the shift linkages.
  13. Mate, I would have cried too. Those are awesome.
  14. I think RTR's are, potentially at least a good avenue into the hobby as it were. It's probably not so common but I'd like to think that some who go down the RTR route either end up customizing the badword out of their rides or move on to more build it yourself types of product.
  15. Ok, so back in the early days of the internet I was searching for an online name, I remembered that Pablo was the Spanish for my real name, Paul. Pablo is also the name of a particularly awful coffee that my Grandmother (dearly departed many years ago) used to buy in big jars.......she must have really hated us. I still have be of those jars somewhere, she used them for pickling olives.....old Maltese lady you know. The second part, from a quip the bass player in a band I sang for. I was mucking around singing the number of the beast by Iron Maiden. He said, do you know what 668 is? It's the neighbour of the beast. (rim shot). So my name should be Pablo668.....but I stuffed up when I registered, so Pablo68 it is.
  16. I think with me, yeah underdoggedness is part of the whole RC thing, I mean it's possibly why I still love my Hornet. The other part is I just love what the old Tamiya buggies represent. They most (the ones I like/have) came out when racing buggies and fun buggies weren't that far apart and designs hasn't necessarily converged like they did just a bit down the road, in terms of pure racers anyway. I'm also plus 1 on the introvertedness btw. I just love to stay in and tinker, or read. I alos like inventing new words. It Embiggens me.
  17. BUMP!!!! Yeah I bought one of these clones and it arrived today. The Good: The picture of the one I bought was white, but I really wanted a black one. The one they sent me was black. It goes ok. It was cheap. As it is a clone I don't care too much about what happens to it so I feel quite liberated as to what I can or will do to mod this thing. The Bad: The dampers.....dear lord are those....Hornet shocks? Ok going to replace those when I can, for dampers that actually do something. Steering: Uhhhh, servo not strong and steering not working very well, if anyone has any idea what a good replacement is fire away. The leaf springs at the back weren't attached properly. All up though, for what it is I'm quite happy with it. It's main purpose will be teasing my 1 year old nephew anyhow. (he's obsessed with cars).
  18. Pablo68

    Big Bear steering

    Yeah I've been restoring a Big Bear to be a runner, including printing out hubs on my 3D printer so I could fit Lunchbox tires to the car. I've got it all together, and installed the steering servo, saver and rods like in the manual, and the darn thing barely steers. It just doesn't seem to be moving the front wheels enough for decent steering. Any suggestions?
  19. When going on a walk/bash with one of your cars, remember to put the battery strap back in to keep the battery in place. I mean, who would go out without doing that......ahem....
  20. I'm running most of my vintage cars on brushed motors, some silvercan range, others a bit better than stock. They are all ball-raced btw. My Blitzer Beetle and Monster Beetle are brushless, as are a few of the racing buggies I have. I also have a Traxxas slash with a vxl brushless system in it, and an XO-1, which is frankly insane and doesn't get used often. I once put the VXL system into my Hornet, just cause. It was fun, but not controllable. It did back flips. So what am I saying here? Not sure myself tbh. I do like to bash at insane speeds from time to time, but not with my Tamiya Buggies. I would like to be able to get brushless systems with motors around the 20-17.5 turn range for my Tamiya cars, but they seem really hard to find to me, and a bit pricy when I do. Another bugbear is the ESC's being super bulky. But it is what it is.
  21. In its day at least, the DT-02. To me it was the modern day equivalent to the Hornet. At the time it came in a package with battery and radio for around $250-ish, in great Australian disappearing South Sea Pesos. And it came with bearings and an ESC, which when I left the hobby was unheard of. (at least I'd never heard tell).
  22. Mine turned up today. I had to buy a body for it as it didn't have one. Looking at it, it is in fairly good nick, won't take much, it's the championship edition they sold after winning two ifmar world championships. I'm also going to have to find some stickers and the bits n bobs for mounting the wing. Overall I like it though.
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