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  1. It is a very good idea to re-introduce the official upgrade kits. I don't like to buy new kits at this moment but if, well designed, upgrade kits were available I certainly buy them. Think about the possibilities for a CC01 upgrade kit containing a new steering unit and other upgrade parts. Or re-introduction of the TL01 LAsuspension upgrade kit (this is easy because this set was already available years ago).
  2. Tamiya JIS screwdriver #1 and #2. Tamiya e-clip tool. (Since I have this tool I never lost a clip, the carpetmonster gets hungry.)
  3. Never seen an undertray for the TL01. As my chassis is a gen 1 it has no hole in the underside to clear the steering servo movement. I had debris blocking the servo twice because of this. The newer chassis has the hole as an improvement.
  4. My dream garage would contain legendary cars of fifties Le Mans races. 1/12 scale Jaguar C and D types, Aston Martin AMR1, Ferarri and Mercedes cars. Imagine a race class with these cars. However I do not have the skills to make these cars.
  5. I use GPM universals in my CC01 and they hold up very well after many hours trail/offroad driving.
  6. I once read that in the sixties the managing director of Jaguar (Mr. Lyons) had the policy of: make toy cars of Jaguars, the kids owning a Jaguar toy car will want a real one in later life. The only restriction was that the models looked like the real ones. The times changed.
  7. All my Tamiya cars run on bearings from RC Bearings. Tolerances are same as Tamiya bearings.
  8. Manual received. This makes it so much easier to find all the (minor) mistakes in the build (and we already found several). Thanks Mokei Kagaku.
  9. For a restauration project of a RC Tamiya Gepard (1980 release) I am looking for an original manual? Who can help?
  10. The blue/white combination works better in my opinion.
  11. I faced the same problem a few years ago, oil dampers were nowhere to find. My LMS at that time came with idea to use Latrax dampers (see picture). They fit perfect but the quality is not the same as Tamiya. The price is much lower so you can buy a few spares for if you break one. I think they will fit the onroad GT01 also. (and they look good in red.) The Aeration dampers from Tamiya work best, in case of a buggy, if the fronts use the short cases, a hop-up for a hop-up. If I remeber right the GT01 uses the long dampers in front and short dampers at rear. (You must check that). The Tamiya plastic dampers (blue) are very good also.
  12. Like the stickers as Gettho Mod on your MB . My sheet arrived last Friday. The stickers are fun. Now let's see the new yellow headlight covers form the same sticker sheet .
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