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  1. The original (Tamiya) Ford Cosworth had a different front. So placing the whale spoiler on the RS WRC body does not look right.
  2. DF03 Avante mk2 nose dive. It survived.
  3. Tamiya JIS screwdrivers. So much better than Phillips. A Vessel set is on my wishlist. Tamiya E-ring tool. No more tiny E-rings victim of the carpet monster,
  4. It is this Ford Escort I took my driving lessons in. Somewhere around 1980. Happy memories.
  5. Tamiya has a product called "Modeling Wax" that works really well for polishing lexan and painted hard bodies.
  6. Strange. My TA01 is my quietest chassis. Maybe the special drive shaft makes the difference. The "coat hanger" caused a lot of noise if I remember well. I once had a LRP Blast touring car chassis, that was loud! Because of alle the metal gears it rattled along the track. The Dodge Viper body I used on that chassis completed the "picture". Somehow I liked the noise of this chassis.
  7. For me it's my 1:1 MGF and bass guitars (Fender). As Markbt73 wrote, just good enough to play some nice blues in a band (now sadly on hold since March due to corona) but not good enough to be a pro.
  8. Tiger Stripe Escort Hummer FAV Tamtech Gear GB and GT chassis 959
  9. The charging in that video is a bit risky.
  10. Additional pictures of the weathering. The chipping fluid method comes from building static models.
  11. My FJ40 (lexan body) was first painted on the inside as normal with bright gun metal PS paint. After that I added rust color (Vallejo) on several spots on the outside of the body. These spots (and random other spots) where covered with chipping fluid (Vallejo). Next the color green (and red for the hood) was sparyed on the outside with TS paint. This also gives a nice semi matt finish. Next is the magic stage: scratch the body with what ever you like (abrasive sponge for example) on the spots where the chipping fluid is applied. Because the TS paint is not suited for lexan and because of the chipping fluid the rust and metal appear. Even better: when using your car new scrachtes will be visible after each run.
  12. As a child from the sixties I grew up building Airfix kits and later raced cars on a Faller HO slotrace track (the grey track pieces). My parents always supported the hobbies. RC was expensive in the sixties and seventies. Only somewhere in the eighties I bought my first RC, the mighty Monster Beetle. So I was late at the party but I have enjoyed RC since. My parents still ask me about the the RC hobby. Mrs. NS has a total different opinion though.
  13. www.rcjaz.com Is this site you mean? Is this a trusted internet shop to buy the hicaps?
  14. I always look at 1:1 cars as full size Tamiya's ready to get hopups. Not much blue bling available for my MG though. And does the Tamiya Mini Cooper look better than the real thing?
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