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  1. The standard chassis is still available and is very cheap. The lightweight chassis is difficult to find and easy to break so not a good choice for a buggy. Other specific parts still available are suspension pins, speed tuned gears, suspension parts, etc. So why not? I still enjoy my TL01 Touring Car chassis.
  2. On all my cars I replace the alu pinion because it wears quickly and create a grey grinding paste and destroy your gears. Your DT02 doesn't need that many upgrades as you have the Sand Viper. What I did on my Sand viper is replace all step screw connectors for ball connectors and added hinge pins to replace the screw pins in the arms. Thats all to start with. A cheap upgrade is to make your own brace in front of the car. This will strenghten the front of your car. The site The Racer explains some of the more advanced upgrades of the DT02.
  3. Tamico HRC Racing Battery - 6 cells - HRC 1600 - RC Car Micro - NiMH - 7.2V tamico.de and also Conrad Conrad energy NiMH accupack 7.2 V 1300 mAh Aantal cellen: 6 Side by Side Micro-car-bus | Conrad.nl have the dedicated battery packs with the correct connector. Alternative is to buy the connection set and solder it yourself. Maybe better to change to the connector style of your prefered ESC. The Tamiya servo is very expensive but still available. Alternative small servos can be used but must be modified if I remember well. Can't help you here.
  4. Best set of screwdrivers you can have. Also the cheaper black ones are very good. I use these for about 20 years and the are very good.
  5. Today this nice set of DF-03 aluminium dampers arrived. I want to use them on my DT-02 to make is a bit more like a DT-02MS. I noticed that the DT-02MS manual indicates two black O-rings inside the rear dampers while the DF-03 damper instruction sheet indicates only one. Will it make a difference?
  6. Myth #9 - Tamiya white plastic bearings are better compared to ball bearings.
  7. My mistake. Plastic it is for part MK3. Thanks for showing te part.
  8. A video about setting up the slipper: yes please. What I noticed on my DF03 Avante Mk2 is that all four outdrives are metal. Did the specifications of the kit changed during production?
  9. My guess is you wrecked your CC01 at Planet? I haven't been there since last august due to covid regulations I stick to but indeed Planet somehow stayed open and more important safe. Until august my CC01 ran fine on parts of the track, some obstacles are not suited for the CC01 chassis however. Your new chassis will do a lot better on the track.
  10. I have an order on the way from Plaza, hope to get this one too.
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