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  1. I am curious to know if this set will fit the TL01: http://www.rcmart.com/aluminum-longspan-suspension-arms-knuckles-performance-upgrade-tami-p-62088.html?cPath=595_744_1656
  2. What about the debate about the Conrad motors? The debate runs for years without a clear outcome.
  3. I have the TB01 GPM c-hubs and use the old GPM TL01 universals and have no problems. If I rember correctly the GPM universals are 38mm. Maybe I am Just lucky that this combination works in my TL01.
  4. Nice! The GB02 is perfect for this body.
  5. For me the TTG series is much attractive as these buggy's are unique in parts and performance compared to the Comical series. I fully agree with Hibernaculum on this. The TTG's are not easy to work on and that is what is making them a challenge. The Hot Shot is technical marvel. I hope the series will ever be relaunched. See my showroom for VW Bug on a TTG GB01 chassis: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=119261&id=31421 . Tamiya missed the boat. On a GB02 chassis a Sand Scorcher would have been possible.
  6. Check Biz73 tip. If I remember well this the solution. Conect the the esc small red plug in the battery port of the receiver. No guarantee but for me it worked.
  7. For me "The Master of Box Art" is Roy Cross with his work for Airfix back in the day.
  8. This is an interesting thread. Our hobby seems to have a big impact on the environment but on a global scale well...…... Most important is to avoid plastic (and other waste) in the first place. That is something that will help everyday. So, for example, take your own shoppingbag and don't accept plastic bags in every shop. (In my country you have to pay for your plastic bag.) If you can't avoid plastic packaging due to safety requirements (food etc.) seperate all your waste materials after use. At home we have bins for: plastic, paper, chemicals, glass, green material and general waste. (A lot of bins, I know) All are collected seperately. You will be amazed the difference this will make for the environment. In this way we all contribute to a greener world and let us enjoy our hobby.
  9. TA-01 (the one with black dampers). This one has the upgrade drive shaft, nice! Body Lancia Delta will fit. TA-02, maybe also a TA-01 (the one with blue dampers)? Looks standard. Clean both and you have a fine pair.
  10. Welcome/welkom. A new member from Noord Holland.
  11. Nice wheels. The black matches the gun metal colour of the body very good.
  12. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=130675&id=31421
  13. If you look in my showroom you will see my CC01 FJ40 with RC4WD rims. Tyres are RC4WD Mud Trashers. No problems at all. 1.55 Looks good on a CC01.
  14. If you look at this Carson body on Tamiyaclub I think it is not so bad after all: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=88901&id=22525 I haven't started my Carson Audi Quattro yet but I think I will keep it. The decals look very good and complete. Nice detail: the moulded windscreenwipers
  15. Overhere the 2CV Is still common, i see them daily. I have driven them many times but I am not sure if a sand ladder on that location is a good plan. The car will lean to that side and after a few kilometers the roof structure will collapse.
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