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  1. Apparently when one issue is fixed another arrives. I am looking for the piece that holds the front wheels to the a arm and what connects to the steering arm. in the manual online, page 7 part referred to as D1 would anyone know what parts tree this came from? Thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks for the help with the gear from robinson. I have it installed and it is working perfectly, I never realized it could run so quietly! the old gear must have been worn sense I first received this truck. Thanks again
  3. Well that's good to know, thanks. I do still have a question of what pinion gear I can replace the aluminum with I noticed it was really worn down so would this work? http://www.horizonhobby.com/Products/Defau...?ProdID=RRP1018 is the King cab in 48 pitch or something else?
  4. thanks I think it is closer to how it should be. While on tranny stuff. I looked the the Manual on the site and it says there were 2 spur gears in the kit a 77t and a 70t which one is the best for the cab? the 70t is what is in mine with a 18t pinion gear. Also will the sealed bearings in the gears wear out eventually? Thanks Edit: Is there a new 18t pinion gear I could buy that would properly mesh with the spur gear? I believe mine is wearing down. Like would this option work? http://www.horizonhobby.com/Products/Defau...?ProdID=RRP1018
  5. So I had a screw get loose that attached the motor to the truck and now that I re-tightened it, the transmission squeals like crazy in forward but is utterly silent in reverse. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? I am experiencing no issues with the diff, fyi. Any help would be great Edit: I believe it may all be caused by the spur gear but I can't figure out why or anyway to fix it.
  6. I guess I will go with this one http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...=LXH318&P=0 I have just realized that I had Marine Gooped http://www.buy.com/prod/marine-goop/q/sell.../208055006.html the servo to the chassis last year to keep it in place. I have the metal chassis on the cab, it was the only way to keep it in place after landing jumps. but thanks for the help
  7. Sense I have never bought nor looked at servos before I thought I would check. Is this a decent servo to go with? http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...LXUZ89&P=ML thanks
  8. The Steering servo on my king cab is getting really weak. I was wondering what a good replacement for it would be. I am uncertain on what to be looking for. Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the help, I'll be upgrading to ESC first then motor then new wheels and the steering eventually and finally taking on the transmission when it goes bad. By the way here is what my king cab looks like: I don't have the top with me right now and I was just wondering, what is the stock motor of the king cab rated? how many turns on it?
  10. I would most likely keep the stock motor in it for awhile once I get everything working right. I guess I would stay with brush motors for sometime as well due to the prices I have seen for brush-less. I guess I'm looking somewhere in the 18 - 24T motors range if that helps or is that too big of a range for a good recommendation? (edit) would these be good options http://www.rcplanet.com/Associated_Ai_Auto.../asclrp8320.htm http://www.rcplanet.com/Associated_Ai_Auto.../asclrp8337.htm http://www.rcplanet.com/Tekin_B1R_1_18_Bru...p/tektt1081.htm
  11. Thanks for all the info I really appreciate it, I will look into all that. Is there an ESC anyone would recomend? One with forward and reverse would be nice. I saw some that had a brake option is that braking with the motor? Or like a seperate brake? Thanks
  12. Yep that would be it, so that was specially made from Sassy Chassis? that's interesting.
  13. @berman your show room raises some questions on my truck, 1 is your black chassis plastic? If so I have an all metal silver chassis, everything else is the same... I'll have to post some picture when I get the chance. I wonder if my uncle at the time just heavily modified a kind cab kit he doesn't remember much about it.
  14. Hi, new to the forum and pretty new to the R/C hobby as well. I got an old King Cab from my uncle and have been trying to fix it up (loose screws, weak shocks etc.) and was looking at the MSC and was hoping for a recommendation for an ESC to replace it. It still has everything stock I think but my uncle only remembered the brand and model. Are there any other upgrades or modifications recommended for the kind cab? thanks
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