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  1. In my experience 32dp pinions work fine with 0.8 metric gears. Some say you get more gear noise.
  2. Its a 0.8 metric pitch.
  3. The diameter of the shock body is just too small to ever offer effective damping. It wasn't until a few years after the release of the SRB that manufactures began making shocks that actually worked.
  4. I used some 6mm diameter alloy bar & made my own.
  5. I've never seen a diff in this chassis before, its a pretty cool mod. Interesting that someone went to all that effort yet didn't fit bearings.
  6. I did this exact same mod to my wild one a couple of years go. Its still going strong on brushless power & after several beach runs.
  7. They all live on the shelf but I try to run them all.
  8. Look like RC channel shocks. I have a set on my Ranger, pretty good quality. I've had them a few years & no leaks.
  9. Paint in the sand super letters instead. The good year logo wears off when running after a while.
  10. I needed a hard to find gearbox shaft once. I cut the shank off of a drill bit.
  11. As said above, the diff will fail quickly without it. If you do make one up then use hardened steel.
  12. Wheel base & shock layout is close enough on the Optima. The battery is mounted length ways in the Shogun, would the Shogun body be wide enough to fit cars where that battery is mounted width ways? Need someone to measure the width.
  13. I've fitted those on mine. Perfect fit, way more traction than the original tyres & the softer side walls improve the handling.
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