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  1. Hope it's going to run much better than the build suggests My friend, we need to go "scaling" soon! Mud, sand, all the fun!
  2. henrikw

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Finally my turn to get a really really sweet deal, thanks Lasse, your are the man! Today I went and got the following treats: A slightly used, but very cool F103, "piaa nakajima reynard 97d" - Will be used as my silvercan runner Underneath, something else is lurking... Something I have been wanting to get for a long time, a NIB Isuzu MU Type X: So very very cool: Oh, and from Poul_F I got these little gems for my TB02R's - thanks my friend! I'm kinda wanting to stay up very very late and build the MU... It will be build and used, I promise you that
  3. henrikw

    Mercedes SK 3553 heavy haul truck

    Thank you GreatDane I raised the bodymounts 8 mm. The rear one with 8mm standoffs for pcb, can be purchased at Brinck elektronik I simply drilled 2 new holes in the front bumper mounting plate, 8mm lower The I did not wat to raise the ground clearance as this truck need to be able to pull standard trailers and stuff.
  4. I wuld like to see the Swedish tank called "Stridsvagn 103" (Tank 103). It's super cool, complicated due to it's height adjustable roadwheels. It uses the inclination/slope of hills combined with the adlustable suspension to adust the angle of fire. It can hide just behind a very small hill or pile of dirt, almost totally hidden. Very "cold war", made for forrest battle.
  5. henrikw

    Mercedes SK 3553 heavy haul truck

    A quick update A small update on the bumper, I have cut and trimmed some acrylic diamond plate to the upper part of the bumper. It's painted silver/aluminum with XF16. Here's a couple of pics Hope you like it!
  6. henrikw

    Mercedes SK 3553 heavy haul truck

    I find it to work fine, althogh made for smaller "cracks" that om this 1:14 model, it sometimes needs a 2nd coating. And yes, brush + steady hand I only use it for body line stuff.
  7. henrikw

    Mercedes SK 3553 heavy haul truck

    I could not resists... Had to mount it and paint some of th minor black details So here is a quick shot of the front of the truck as it looks now: This is it for tonight, I promise
  8. henrikw

    Mercedes SK 3553 heavy haul truck

    Thanks Skottoman Here is the progress of tonight: and, the last drops of red for this project:
  9. henrikw

    Mercedes SK 3553 heavy haul truck

    I totally forgot to update this thread, shame on me! So here is a crazy picture heavy update for you to enjoy I have constructed a seesaw type front suspension to give the front axles a bit more articulation: Next thing I painted the whole chassis with grey automotive primer: Gearbox and servos: Also painted the wheels and planetary gear hubs: Mounted with tires, wheels, hubs and rings: More painting: (TS26 Pure White and TS39 Mica Red, used over all) The cabin: Adding a bit of detailing: Constructed a new bumper: Bars made from one of the "tree" frames, used Loctite Super Attact to glue the styreen sheet to the tamiya plastics, and UHU Plast Spezial to glue tamiya to tamiya: A quick mount to see if things stil fit: Primed and ready for some TS26: Also constructing a matching "follow" car, can be seen in the background: Hope you guys like it! I've spend a few nights so far
  10. SOLD... Please lock/delete thread. Hi guys! I have this gem I want to part with. Im looking for something like 90€, Price + shipping world wide at cost. Give me your best offer I do accept paypal. I'm also interrested in trading with TB EVO III / IV / V related stuff, let me know what you have. The lower cap is cracked but otherwise the motor is in beautiful condition and have only run 2 packs, still have the original packing. Brushes and comm looks nice. Can add more pictures by request. Item is currently reserved. Will close add when sales are final.
  11. Hi, is this chassis still up for sale?
  12. henrikw

    Tb01 & Tb02 Spares

    Hi Ryck! Do you still have these parts? Best regards Henrik
  13. henrikw

    What Truck To Get

    It is also possible to get a long-nose Scanina This is one example: http://rcmodeltruck.dk/butik/product.php?id_product=438 And here the "T Long line": http://rcmodeltruck.dk/butik/product.php?id_product=503 These are only the cab/body.
  14. henrikw

    Mercedes SK 3553 heavy haul truck

    A small update, had some time to work some metal tonight. Made some smll brass bars to hold the servo's. Soon I'll be able to take a small drive I have lowerd the servos using 10mm stand offs normally used for pcb. From the top: Rear steering servo, notice the short horn (To reduce steering compared to the front wheels) Front steering servo: Bottom view: Turning: Hope you like it