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  1. Tis a small world I work in Batley area quite a bit . What thickness of microline do you use?. Tanks for the link what thickness would be suitable for panel lines is the 0.2mm the best and does it take a while to dry? Richard
  2. As per the topic really which is best and what size I have seen pens at 0.28mm and micro tape at .30mm which is easier to use and gives the best results? I am going to use this for the pannel lines etc on my new build.
  3. Hi all I have a Futaba 6ex 2.4ghz transmitter and reciever for my 1:14 Scania, I am now thinking of taking on my second 1:14 build my question is if I buy a Futaba reciever do I need to program the reciever to the transmitter or is it just a case of wire it up turn it on and it will work? Thanks Richard
  4. Back again with another question on the TT-01-E how do you know the difference between the long and short wheelbase bodies ive got this http://www.fusionhobbies.com/Tamiya-Subaru...E-p/ta58426.htm I would think this is a short wheelbase am I right in thinking this? and if I am how do you tell which bodies are long wheelbase?
  5. Hi chaps back again with another question When I painted my scania R470 it was painted using car paint from halfords, However when reading about painted rc car shells the general advice was to use Tamiya PS paint, I have looked into these further and alot of sites are saying to spray the body from the inside? I assume this is so that if/when I bin it into a wall then the paint wont be scratched/damaged but what about the stickers they cant go on from the inside can they? Sorry might seem a daft question but I have never done this before Thanks Richard
  6. Many Thanks for the info much appreciated :-)
  7. Another quick question I have looked at upgrading the prop shaft, joint cups etc and just wondered is the upgrade for the part to last longer or just for handling response etc The reason I ask is the car wont be used in competion or anything, it's only going to be used on some tarmaced land at the back of the house
  8. Hi Henk Yeah plenty of information there thanks Richard
  9. Hi I have already built a Tamiya Scania big rig and trailer, and due to lack of funds cant afford to build another anytime soon, So I was thinking of getting a RC car to build/run. My first question is this: Is the Tamiya TT01 type e chassis alot better than the original TT01? Also will all the bodyshells from the TT01 right thru to the TT01 type e fit? I am thinking of geting the following http://www.fusionhobbies.com/ProductDetail...10&CartID=4 if I get the ballrace bearings is there any other hop ups that would be suggested? Thanks for any info Richard
  10. When was this announced, looks good it's on the wish list now http://www.fusionhobbies.com/ProductDetail...uctCode=TA56326
  11. Thanks I'll have a read of the manual. I wont be operating both "toys" at the same time as you said nothing good will happen, probably watch em both spear off in different directions at top speed into a wall or other random hard object
  12. I have used the receiver etc in a 1:14 scale truck and I am thinking of building another, The question is this. If I buy a futaba receiver and servos that are the same and put them into the new truck will the hand held transmitter work with both trucks or do I need to make any changes to the transmitter?. Sorry if this is confusing but I do find radio gear a tad confusing. Also if it will work would the transmitter then operate both trucks at the same time or not. Thanks
  13. So about 5 months after building my Scania truck I decided that there needed to be some sort of interior rather than blacked out windows and below are the pictures of how I got on. I left all of the electrics exactly where they were and modified the interior to fit, its not exact and may look a bit extreme but it does give a fair representation I think.
  14. very funny I know what you mean about "friends" think our "toys" are for them to use and abuse at will. I know the type of brush you are talking about ill give it a try.
  15. I have had my truck out a couple of times now and having loads of fun with it, but it is now absolutley caked with a thin layer of dirt all over the back end. What is the best way to clean it should I use compressed air from a can or is a bruch better? or any other suggestions. Thanks
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