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  1. It seems we share the same car interests, be they 1/10 or 1/1
  2. Hi Lee Is it possible that I've seen your HotShot on the SELOC forum? I'm Gil over there...
  3. Love both your occupations, classics are my biggest passion. Last year I re-upholtered the seats of my Elise S1 in tartan (Esprit S1-style) on my own and - while not easy at all for a total newbie - it was great fun!
  4. In this day, age and country...no, not all, unfortunately
  5. Great project! If sanding/polishing it should not be enough to get a decent finish, you could spray it with some car bodywork clear coat (1k should be enough)
  6. - vintage Grasshopper (my first RC ->mangled to bits); - vintage ThunderShot (my second ->mangled to a little bigger bits); - Porsche 959 (my third -> well used, hopped up with bearings and Toyota diff&stabilizer); - vintage Egress (bought in top condition circa 12 years ago after a long RC hiatus); - vintage Avante (same as the Egress); - early Rough Rider (bought in very very good condition earlier this year - I plan to get a Sand Scorcher and a Ranger body and make a custom Funco body to cover more bases). Other Tamiyas I really fancy: - Blazing Blazer; - vintage (80s) Lancia Rally (Audi Quattro and Opel Ascona are two close seconds...I've something for those chunky tyres and the box art: I remember I lusted after them in my LHS as a kid...) - mk1 Wild Willy.
  7. I've got an Avante 2001 body as a spare/alternative for my Egress and it fits perfectly, indeed (it also has the correct shape lower section). The shape of the upper body is very similar to the original Avante (I used Avante decals), they only differ in the rearmost section.
  8. To me 3 are a bit too few to pick, as I feel there are more major "iconic" categories to choose from in the Tamiya range. I'd say a complete collection of "essentials" should include: - 1 vintage SRB chassis; -1 vintage 3-speeder; -1 vintage Group C; -1 golden age "fun" car (HotShot/Frog/Brat/Grasshopper/Hornet/Wild One/FAV/Fox/Monster Beetle/Blackfoot) -Porsche 959 or Toyota Gr. B; -Avante I lost interest at the beginning of the '90s, therefore I don't have the same affection or knowledge about later kits.
  9. I'm not familiar with the VQS chassis, but I suppose it's the same wheel base as the Egress one... you should check this thread out:
  10. First Tamiya and first RC car: a Grasshopper as a family Christmas gift in 1986 IIRC; I was around 10 and the box was bigger than me... I spent all day with my technical-minded uncle building it; when I finally ran it in the evening I couldn't believe it moved on its own power It was followed by a ThunderShot and a Porsche 959 (family Christmas gifts, as well, somewhen between '87 and '89). Last family funded RC was a nitro Mantua Model Dingo that never worked: the LHS persuaded me to get it in place of the Avante I had ordered months before and which never turned up
  11. Having about 8 + some left over bits, I've just discovered I'm way below the average on here and have not to worry too much about my sanity. Must point the wife to this thread...
  12. At the risk of going off-topic, in brief the Egress is a better and tougher runner than the Avante, partly because of its simpler suspensions, which are also the reason why the Avante is a more interesting kit and (to my eyes) a looker in comparison to the Egress.
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