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  1. Just seen this thread: as i know nothing about Tamiya models and chassis classification after the very early '90s, I never knew they released another R5 Turbo after the vintage one, let alone in FWD...that's just madness And from the above posts it seems the same happened with the Alpine A110 I'm passionate about classic cars and those two are among my (and surely others') all time favourites...I think that because of their racing careers, intrinsic beauty/exotic appearance, supercar-for-the road status, they fully deserved a "Porsche 959" treatment: a bespoke chassis suitable for some mild off-road running...they would have sold by the bucket load, IMHO
  2. I would have liked building some vintage/re-re NIB on Christmas day, like in my teens, but money is tight at the moment and has to fund 1/1 projects, therefore running an old one from the collection will have to suffice; hope to get some snow to recreate the atmosphere in full
  3. Nowadays I run my cars very sparingly for lack of hobby time (1/1 cars and static models absorb most of it), therefore by memory of my youth I'd say, quite surprisingly, that my porsche 959 behaved absolutely bulletproof despite an intensive use on unforgiving terrain. I could say the same for my RC10 Graphite (I just used to dismantle it every now and then to keep the ball bearings clean). The Grasshopper lived a long, intense and faultless life until it fell off a wall, breaking the differential case in tiny bits. I remember the ThunderShot to be quite tough, but clearly I'm in the wrong as I recently got its remains out and found out I had destroyed more than a couple of suspension pickup points (I've absolutely no memories of that). I haven't got enough running experience with the Avante and Egress (both vintage, but acquired as a grown-up) to get an idea: I had to replace some suspension parts on the Avante, but they looked to be damaged prior to purchase; the Egress is clearly tougher, but I run both of them with as much care as possible. Back in the days I had a Kyosho Salute, too, which looked to be way tougher than any Tamiya car, but suffered the only proper breakdown in my entire RC career, down to my fault really: as I got it 2nd hand as a gift from a friend, I didn't have a manual, therefore I didn't know I had to check the chain tension regularly...it eventually got loose and stripped some teeth from the rear differential case, forcing me to retire the car (which by that time was oop and impossible to repair).
  4. I like these more than the Super Avante (or I rather dislike it less than the SA), but the most important thing I got from the video is how good and cool the original Astute looks, a model I'm not familiar with and which I've never considered, being the 2wd slot in my collection very finely occupied by a RC10 Graphite...****, another one to consider...
  5. I'm not familiar with the Vanquish/VQS, but I own both an original Avante and Egress. I'm no racer and I treat the Avante with due care (and stocked some spares), but as a runner it never lets me down: of course it's oversteering and underdampened, but if you already have a large collection of buggies you could always save the Avante for the most appropriate courses (the 2011 should be tougher than the 1988, as well). And then there's the building process
  6. It seems we share the same car interests, be they 1/10 or 1/1
  7. Hi Lee Is it possible that I've seen your HotShot on the SELOC forum? I'm Gil over there...
  8. Love both your occupations, classics are my biggest passion. Last year I re-upholtered the seats of my Elise S1 in tartan (Esprit S1-style) on my own and - while not easy at all for a total newbie - it was great fun!
  9. In this day, age and country...no, not all, unfortunately
  10. Great project! If sanding/polishing it should not be enough to get a decent finish, you could spray it with some car bodywork clear coat (1k should be enough)
  11. - vintage Grasshopper (my first RC ->mangled to bits); - vintage ThunderShot (my second ->mangled to a little bigger bits); - Porsche 959 (my third -> well used, hopped up with bearings and Toyota diff&stabilizer); - vintage Egress (bought in top condition circa 12 years ago after a long RC hiatus); - vintage Avante (same as the Egress); - early Rough Rider (bought in very very good condition earlier this year - I plan to get a Sand Scorcher and a Ranger body and make a custom Funco body to cover more bases). Other Tamiyas I really fancy: - Blazing Blazer; - vintage (80s) Lancia Rally (Audi Quattro and Opel Ascona are two close seconds...I've something for those chunky tyres and the box art: I remember I lusted after them in my LHS as a kid...) - mk1 Wild Willy.
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