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  1. No worries. Can't see me splitting though to be honest. Adam
  2. Hi all. I'm selling my Avante 2001. Kit has been dug out of the loft but is all good. Everything is in good condition and works perfectly. I've removed battery and radio gear. Things that are not original are: Rear shocks Tyres (need replacing anyway) Front shock mount (think my dad made the replica aluminium one on it!) There is no radio gear but does have original sport tuned 540 motor and all Cam Locks for wheels are present and working. Post to the States is around 35.00 Euro Post to Europe around 32.00 Euro Price 180.00 Euro I'll give it a week and then it's going on eBay. Many thanks for looking! Adam
  3. Hi James. Thanks for the advice. I've a little bit of experience with Nitro (really only a noovice though) as I bought as second hand T-maxx as something to get me into nitro. So I've a small box of spares, fuel, glo-starter, etc. which is handy. Anyway this TG10... So, first things first, I managed to get the radio gear going with my Futaba Attack Transmitter from my M03 mini last night. Servo's are working fine. Found another old transmitter (Futaba Bionic Gold - really old) so just need a maching pair of crystals and I've got a complete set up for both my mini's Onto the engine. It was sold as: "New nosram rs 15 engine not yet run in". Mmmm, not sure about that. Took out the glow plug. Didn't look great to be honest. Stuck it on my glow starter and suppose it glowed good. But might try and root out a better one. Then took off the heat sink: I don't think the top of that piston looks great I've turned the flywheel by hand and there aint a lot of pinch at TDC. There's some, just not much. So do I put the heat sink back on, put in some fuel (I've only 30% nitro, 10% lube) and glow plug and see what happens? Or do I strip the engine further to inspect the internals?
  4. Totally agree! Out of all the model minis out there in the past (Mardave mini stock, kyosho, etc) tamiya's 1/10th and 1/8th scale body shells where the most aesthetically pleasing by a country mile! I always liked the electric but when I saw the 1/8th nitro... I felt the same as you. So happy I've finally got one!!!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm very new to this site so just introducing myself really. I've always been a MASSIVE fan of Tamiya. I used to dream about getting one in the 80's but as we were poor as s**t, it only finally happened with a Monster beetle for xmas in '89. After that I got a Avante 2001, and a Manta Ray. Some years ago though my wife got me a mini cooper racing M03 chassis as my other love/obsession is classic mini's. With that in mind you can imagine my Homer type drool over the Mini Cooper Nitro Tg-10. Well I've wanted one for so many years now but the cost and availability is, well not fair! Now I was recently looking at one in Australia Ebay. It was brand new and never used with no box. New unpainted shell etc. Couldn't afford that. So ended up buying this!!! I paid £88 for it. It has a nosram .15 engine in that apparently hasn't been run in yet but I'm taking all that with a pinch of salt. Anyway, more pics: And my M03: So, I'm gonna start by getting the radio gear going. I've a Futaba Receiver (which is all it needs) so if thats a success then I'll try and get the engine going and work up from there. I suppose I would have loved the brand new cooper but I actually want to use it and that would have just ended up a shell queen me thinks. Maybe one day I'll hve both!!! Wish me luck! I'll be needing all your helps! Adam
  6. Hi guys. I've decided to sell my Avante 2001. It is in great condition and has everything from original. As you can see from the picture all is there and in perfect working order. The few original things that are missing are: Front shock mount (replaced with a home-made aluminium piece.) Rear shocks where already upgraded when I got it second hand in the early 90's. I've no idea what they are but are all metal. Tires aren't original but would need replacing anyway. Oh and the little bit of plastic to hold stick pack in (battery always stayed in anyway) if you have any questions, just ask. I've no idea what else to write. Price: 150 euro. Can post anywhere. Also have some free odds and ends if anyone wants them. The remains of a Kyosho Raider. A Manta Ray Box and instructions. And a an old Futaba Bionic Gold transmitter Thanks! Adam
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