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  1. I'm selling my "King" Frog on eBay right now. There's about 21hrs left. I'm giving up this hobby atm. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=STRK:MESELX:IT You can also send me an offer on here if you'd like. Thanks
  2. It's finally ready to run, now to figure out if I'm gonna keep it or get rid of it before it breaks (I guess I break these things easy...)
  3. Cool, thanks. I couldn't find it on that site when I looked.
  4. I'd love to get a copy of the Optima Mid Custom Special manual. Is there a website up for it yet or are you giving copies out? Thanks
  5. I've had two cars break on me with in the first min. of me turning then on. I didn't run them hard or abuse them, was making sure everything was in running order. It's getting old FAST because they are breaks that mean I can't run them again until I find expensive replacements. I'll be getting out of this hobby soon.
  6. I was, but I have a new job that doesn't really allow me to as easy as before. This is my NRS1 although I have silver Mavic Crossmax wheelsets now.
  7. I have -4 so I guess this time I hit the back button 4 times too many? lol
  8. Are the dog bones the same length? Do you have the little rubber o rings on each end of the dog bones? Your side plates (especially if it's the metal frog plates vs the plastic Blackfoot plates that use 3 screws each) or the arms might be worn/cracked to facilitate enough play/movement to have the bones pop out. When does it pop out? all the time or when you jump it?
  9. I will always use CL first and foremost for everything. Then if I have to ebay, Then if I have to as a serious last resort Amazon. I think I'll be cutting back on the last two I mentioned though.
  10. Taking things into my own hands. I'm making the drive gear that goes to the back transmission on the Samurai. My friend that works at a prototyping shop is making it. Glad my ID skills are coming in handy for this stuff. Hopefully it works...
  11. ^ ... Turns out I need parts that is probably not around anymore... I need a new transmission housing, Motor cover (gears show), and the gear that goes on the transmission that drives the front wheels via the chain. Probably not going to happen especially with so many hoarders around.
  12. What's with the miss match wheels in the front? Or... all of them I guess?
  13. Are you selling that stuff or are you just teasing... ? Cool, thanks again. What's a Galaxy cage?
  14. The Samurai. Ugh... ok, thanks for the info.
  15. Is there a place that still has them or Anyone selling them??
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