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  1. Hi there guys, As i've read, there is the Reading Bash, But does anyone know if there are any meetings/clubs in the near area of town in Reading or somewhere not far from there? Hope someone can help, Thanks, Neil
  2. Hey guys, do you know when you'll next be running another event in Reading?
  3. I don't know if anyone can help with my problem, but when i put my car on the ground (and yes my battery is fully charged) my car starts to make a stutter movement before finally moving off properly, but it also makes a slight grinding sound before moving off aswell, i've taken my car apart, regreased all my metal bearings, made sure the motor is in the right position so that the pinion gear doesn't slide, so i'm pretty much stumped as to why my car does it, the only thing i can think of, is that there is too much weight but i don't see why it would be such a problem, it also does it with a brand new battery aswell. I did upgrade the car with a brushless motor, but i can't see what the problem would be as it was pretty much brand new when i bought it. I really hope someone could help recommend their ideas! Thanks. Neil.
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