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  1. Hi guys looking for a set of body posts for a Blackfoot if anybody has any. 1 front and 2 rear cheers
  2. Hi i am looking for a midnight pumpkin body set empty box. if anyone has one please let me know
  3. Hi mate Thanks for the heads up, one came on ebay 2 days ago looks good so bought that one as soon as it came on. Hopefully will be ok when it arrives. cheers buddy
  4. Jeepers!!!!! i have one never been run think i best keep mine.
  5. Hi looking for a king Blackfoot body must be in great shape with no cracks or damage, not bothered about scratches or stickers peeling. If not a full car a body will be ok as long as it’s not damaged. let me know if you have anything thanks
  6. Anybody have a good king Blackfoot tailgate with the bumper mounting lugs in tacked? please let me know if you have one you would like to sell. cheers
  7. My Nan bought me a Tamiya Midnight pumpkin when i was 10. 32 yrs later the collection only gets bigger 😮
  8. Wow shipping from the u.s 😮 still looking if anybody has any
  9. Hi Terry Just looking for a Tamiya look more of a scale project a cross between Bush Devil, Mudblaster, king Blackfoot and monster beetle made with all different parts thanks tho
  10. Hi mate yea know what you mean im watching the alloy ones just be nice to find a tamiya set for my project.
  11. Hi Long shot anybody got a set of new or near mint condition king Blackfoot chrome wheels they would like to sell? cheers
  12. Hi mate its the 2 metal ones i think there called radius arms.
  13. Hi looking for bush D1 parts and the metal brace that goes from the front hub the the bumper, the ones similar to the monster beetle ones, hole one end and threaded on the other. just these bits to finish off my project. thank you 👍🏻
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