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  1. Hi all I am looking for a bed rail from a original Hilux. I only need 1 and not bothered if its snapped as i can repair it. Or even a broken park of one will do what i need. If you have anything let me know. Thank you.
  2. Hi all I am looking for the rear bed part from a vintage Toyota Hilux Not bothered on condition if it needs repairs etc, doesn't have to have the bed rails or rear light part. please let me know if you have one. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone I am looking for these does anyone have any they would like to sell? The part number is 9805317 Thanks
  4. Hi everyone I am looking for these does anyone have any they would like to sell? The part number is 9805317 Thanks
  5. Hi Has anybody got a Tamiya Superstock BZ motor box they would like to sell?
  6. The tubs are the same it’s just the way the body’s mount that are different. Different body posts I can’t remember if maybe the front shock tower is different on one or two.
  7. Can’t speak for anyone else but I have a lot of vintage Tamiya and 5 or 6 new Tamiya. I don’t get much out of running the new Tamiya stuff personally I use my Axials mostly but I’m always tinkering with my vintage stuff I never seem to loose interest I guess it’s nostalgic and brings back a lot of memories of opening my first Tamiya 32 years ago
  8. Hi Does anyone know the most common radio that would have been supplied with the 959 and Celica GRB? I would like to build everything period correct.
  9. How many have you got? I have got 2 cars to build 🥵 👍
  10. Hi guys I am rebuilding one of my 959s and need some C rings for the gearboxes. anybody know if any other model uses these or where I can get any? Thanks
  11. We use this to bond plastic, plastic to metal and carbon parts of our full size race cars. If it can hold a carbon roof on a 150mph Mitsubishi Evo Time Attack car will be fine on this. I use it to repair all my plastics
  12. Hi all Does anybody have one of these they would like to sell? I only need 1 of the one pictured
  13. Just having a look at the parts i have i have got a good bottom chassis so i could just use a good top part if anyone would just have one of these
  14. This might sound silly but Pritstick works and its not got any harsh chemicals to damage old stickers or paint.
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