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  1. superted

    Hilux monster racer motor

    Thanks for all the info guys i have been given a brand new hilux monster racer that was in my friends loft its never been used, original unpainted body and decals its absolutely mint. Only thing missing is a manual and motor. Think he built the chassis and never painted the body just put it away and thats where its sat even the original tyres are still soft so well happy just need the correct motor and paint the body and shes done.
  2. superted

    Hilux monster racer motor

    Hi mate does anybody know which silver can it was 540sh. Rs540 etc. cheers
  3. Hi guys does anybody know the correct 540 motor for the monster racer hilux? which model 540 motor it had originally? cheers
  4. Hi guys looking for E parts tree for a Bush devil. or the front bumper mount and rear gearbox guard. if you have anything new or used please let me know. cheers
  5. Hi looking for a pair of front body mounts for a King Blackfoot. And a rear tail gate but must have the 2 rear bumper mounts if you have any let me know i am in the uk. cheers guys
  6. superted

    WTD Tamiya Tyres

    Hi guys looking for a new pair of Nissan King cab tyres or Monster racer rear tyres. if you have any please let me know. i know there is a pair on an American auction site but the posatge and import are the killer. cheers
  7. Hi im looking for B and L parts for the toyota celiac grb. Please let me know what parts you have thanks
  8. Hi anybody have a good rubber motor cover for a Toyota hilux/ blazing blazer? looking for one as in good condition as possible. thanks
  9. superted

    Differences in DF01

    Thanks guys ive managed to just pick up a nice Blazing Star ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  10. Hi guys i have a brand new blazing star body set and would like to build a car and maybe use a donor car. can anybody tell me what are the differences between Manta ray and blazing star? Apart from body, wheels and tyres. thanks
  11. superted

    WTD Tamiya Blazing Star

    Hi mate yea seen that to tempting but I got a new body set and stickers as spare but no car.
  12. Hi anybody got a Tamiya blazing star they would like to sell? If you have anything please let me know. I am in the UK thanks
  13. superted

    WTD Tamiya boxes

    Hi im looking for the following empty boxes if anybody has them they would like to sell midnight pumpkin bodyset box lunchbox bodyset box avante 2011 box. I have just bought a new kit and the courier has crushed the end in, lucky nothing was damaged inside. thanks guys
  14. Hi guys anybody have 4 lowride pumpkin wheels in white they would like to sell? please let me know if you have any cheers
  15. superted

    Subaru brat colour

    Hi cool thanks very much for your help cheers๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป