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  1. Hi looking for a nice set of Super Blackfoot wheels. if anyone has any please let me know thanks
  2. Hi im looking for 1 rear body post for a blackfoot. i dont really want to buy a whole tree just for these if i can help it. let me know if you have one you want to sell. cheers guys
  3. Yes mate unless you have something I could use of some description.
  4. Hi all i am looking for a nice white end bell 540 motor to finish off my project. if anyone has one they would like to sell let me know. cheers
  5. Hi I am looking for a nice set of Tamiya super Blackfoot wheels. if anybody has a set they would like to sell please let me know? I am based in the uk. thank you
  6. Hi anybody have a nice pair of rear white Nissan king cab wheels they would like to sell? let me know if you have anything. thanks
  7. Hi I have a few sets of pink bush devil wheels where are you based?
  8. Hi looking for a blackfoot or king blackfoot body not bothered on condition long as its relatively complete can be rough. Please let me know if you have anything. I am in the uk. thanks
  9. Hi guys looking for a set of body posts for a Blackfoot if anybody has any. 1 front and 2 rear cheers
  10. Hi i am looking for a midnight pumpkin body set empty box. if anyone has one please let me know
  11. Hi mate Thanks for the heads up, one came on ebay 2 days ago looks good so bought that one as soon as it came on. Hopefully will be ok when it arrives. cheers buddy
  12. Jeepers!!!!! i have one never been run think i best keep mine.
  13. Hi looking for a king Blackfoot body must be in great shape with no cracks or damage, not bothered about scratches or stickers peeling. If not a full car a body will be ok as long as it’s not damaged. let me know if you have anything thanks
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