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  1. Hi all I have just purchased a vintage car and it has a pure white futaba servo in it. has anybody seen one of these before? i have not come across one in the 30 yrs i have been dealing with rc.
  2. Hi all Any body have any info on the conversion for the front and rear wheels from e clip to wheel nuts on a Mardave meteor? thanks
  3. Hi long shot but I’m looking for the front and rear wheel axle that convert a meteor from e clips to wheel nuts, can’t seem to find any pics or what parts are used. if anyone has any please let me know thanks
  4. Yes mate 1 left and 1 right
  5. Ok no probs Im in the uk shipping to the uk will be high. thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi yes where are you based?
  7. Thanks mate i was looking for a sand scorcher style tyre Will they fit on brat wheels?
  8. Hi looking for a pair of front hubs for a Porsche 959. even if they are broken, if you have anything give me a shout. cheers
  9. One of my midnight pumpkins my version just something a bit different finally finished
  10. Hi anybody know any alternative tamiya tyre options for the subaru Brat? cheers
  11. Thanks wheel nut and kev the rev much appreciated👍🏻
  12. Cool thats great just seen the pics looks ace mate. just hoping that the midnight Pumpkin body wheelbase will be right.
  13. Hi mate that’s great thanks for that what front axles are used? grasshopper?
  14. Hi im looking to convert one of my midnight pumpkins to a Pajero type lower chassis. I want to use the midnight pumpkin body as i like the look but want it lower. could anybody tell me which parts are used. i have found pics but not good enough to identify parts, i know i will have to find or make lower shocks. I have midnight pumpkins and a lowride pumpkin but like the vintage stance of the pajero and think it would look cool with a pumpkin body. any help would be great thanks
  15. Hi all i have a load of vintage motors that i still use in my vintage models. i want to go through them one by one and give them all refresh with new brushes etc. If anybody has any recommendations or has a nice one for sale please let me know. i am in the uk. thanks
  16. Im with mongoose1983 on this one, maybe because it was my first ever tamiya
  17. Great project love the TXT 1 love mine i built mine about 4 years ago fro the box and still haven't run it.
  18. Deffo the method to use. I use it all the time works great.
  19. The Hornet was my second ever Tamiya over 30 years ago and it was great, when i look back boy did it take a beating. Deffo wait for the right paint. Tamiya PS fantastic paint.
  20. Didnt want to throw away my very first Tamiya 30 years ago, so many hours of Cutting out the bed making a new one gluing, filling, priming and painting It turned out like this with the original V8 grill and ford tailgate.
  21. In the uk i found the best thing is a thing called panel wipe. having worked in car body repairs years ago this removes all sticky residue and It desolves. It doesnt harm plastic or melt paint. It is a degreaser and used in car body Repairs to wipe body panels before final paint Please test in an unobvious place first though. i use it on final prep with a tack cloth before painting. hope this helps
  22. Hi all long shot i know but im looking for some boxes for some new motors i have, i purchased these but the previous owner threw all the boxes away 👎🏻 RX 540 Tamiya technigold box. Tamiya super stock BZ box Black tamiya endurance motor box Blue end bell. i know its a long shot but a shame to have new motors with no boxes. i am in the uk. if anybody has anything please let me know. thanks.
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