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  1. OK, great! Sorry, it may sound stupid, but... Is RC Champ a user, or a store? Do you have a link for me? Thx a lot! Cheerio, Raphi.
  2. Looks like heaven on earth :-D I got to have it! What exactly do I need to order to run my GTO like that? Cheers
  3. Thanks mate, what about that one? Do you know where to get that bomb of a tuning-kit? I need to get it :-) http://www.rcworld.ch/neueprojekte.asp?id=4664
  4. Cheers folks, I'm new to Tamiyaclub.com and I am looking for some tuning parts, such as Alu- and Carbon-Parts, a good or the best reciever, a strong servo and a really fast brushless engine. I live in Switzerland, so I have to order that stuff online… Do you know a good onlineshop for these parts? Can I order "enRoute" parts or do you recommend "Kawada" parts? A few weeks ago, I saw a complete carbon-chassis with 4-wheel drive for the TamTech-Gear 1/12 Ferrari GTO, but I can't remember the webpage… Thank you really for your help and all the best from Switzerland! Cheerio, Raphi.
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