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  1. Hi mate, I have both MB and BF, The MB is only to look good but it does have everything to make it go if I take the notion, The amount of cash I have chucked at it I doubt I'll lake the notion soon though lol The BF if to play with as it only owes me less than half the beetle does haha Saying that I dont want to wreck either. As for the shocks, I went into my local model shop (Paisley Model Centre) and bought them, I dont think there anything special but they add a bit of bling to the car. I just liked the look of the chrome numbers. They were only a tenner a pair so thought why not. Thanks for your kind words
  2. Hi, I am looking for a MB shell for a project. The shell does'nt have to be mint but would prefer one in reasonable condition. Not fussed about frond damage. What have you got lying about? Must be cheap lol
  3. Its been a while since I got my CRP chassis brace and replacement rear axle. Pics... Very happy with the way its coming alone now. Still a few more daft bits to collect. Hope you like.
  4. First post on here so a thought a best make a start. When I was about 14-15 (1989-1990) I got a Monster Beetle and I loved it. Eventually I got bored of it and when an aunt and her boyfriend came to visit from sunny Skem (should have known) and he said he'd take it, I honestly thought I would see the money through the door a few days later, What a fool... They later split up and that was the end of the beetle. If your reading this what ever your name was, you still owe me £80 Anyhoo, cue a few months back, I found a nice Monster Beetle on the bay of E and I decided to have it. It came with everything to play with it as soon as I got it out the box so was very happy. Needless to say it cost me more than I was due on my old one nearly 20 years previous. My 6 year old thought this car was the best thing he'd seen but unfortunate for him his grubby little paws would never get to touch haha My quest started to make it as good as I could and for it to be a shelf queen but still playable if the notion took me. I dont ever plan to sell it again, just as well as for what I have spent on it I'll never see anything close to it. I also didny want it to look box art so changes were made, I'm like this with my real cars as well, I cant just drive a standard car, I must make small changes to make it mine. So firstly I started by smoking the glass out. I dont like the way you can see all the wires and stuff inside. I painted it a VW red, Tornado red I think but not 100%. Window frames, door handles and hinges were all painted silver by my good lady. I dont have the steady hand for that. Some LED lights were purchased and fitted into the original light units at the front, they look fab, but the back lights had to be drilled and I am not a fan, I think new light units will be sourced and leave it just with fronts. I also bought a set of new wheels from eBay as I spotted them while looking through google images and decided thats the wheels for me. My local model shop had a set of nice chrome shocks so I purchased a set of them as well. A nice wee anodised red motor heat sink was added. I'm waiting on a CRP brace kit coming from USA Also waiting on a rear axle upgrade also from USA, dont care if it makes no difference driving, I like the look of it haha Then all I think I'll need is a new set of tyres and it will be complete to sit and look good So... As I mentioned earlier my 6 year old was speachless and was drooling all over the place and sitting staring at the Beetle like a Zombie so I decided to try and source him a project (for me to play with ) I found an old Mud Blaster for a reasonable price so I took it. The body looked strange, It sat sooo high it just looked wrong so I sourced a Blackfoot body for the chassis, What a nightmare trying to find proper rear body mounts for a Blackfoot, I finally bought a set of extentions from ebay and they did the trick, they also allow unclipping them and that means the old Mud Blaster body can be put on without taking half the backend off. Seen as I fitted the chrome shocks to my Beetle I fitted the original yellow shocks to the MudBlaster/Blackfoot as the standard black ones were wobbly, rusty and useless. Both the shells got a repaint, the Mud Blaster in black with baby blue bars, the Blackfoot silver with orange stripes. We are both very happy with our cars, Mines mainly because I have another Monster Beetle after 20 years and its looking fab, and him for owning an adults RC car thats way too fast and will get wrecked haha Anyhoo, I will update this as time goes on and thanks for taking the time to read all that rubbish. On with the pics, I hope you all like.... Comments welcome.
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