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  1. Sold to me Cheers mate! Now has anyone got a pair of rear wheels, cam locks and aerial? Pics as soon as shes painted and running!
  2. Hi all, Just thought id introduce myself quickly, David from Nottingham. Just starting to gain an interest in the vintage scene. My first R/c was a Grasshoper when i was around 8 years old. My Dad got me into it by bringing home a copy of a model mag one day and told me if i wanted one i had to wash the car once a week and the dishes every day for 6 months! Lo and behold 6 months later he took me to Phil Booth Models and the Grasshopper was mine! I then owned in this order- Manta Ray, Bush Devil, Schuey Cougar, TT 01 and then an FG Marder. I raced every one i had :-). Then 5 years ago i got into racing 1/5 bikes. Now me and my Dad make our own and race quite succesfully, with me coming 3rd in last years BRCA Nationals. Also won the Schumacher Anderson off road bike race a few months ago. Im now finding im wanting to restore old cars and enjoy having abit more play time. Oh yeah, i also fly Helis and planes. (electric only, Hate the smell of nitro fuel!) After trawling through the masses of fantastic info and pictures on this site i am after:- Blitzer Beetle Stadium Blitzer Monster Beetle King Cab Fast Attack Vehicle Wild One Holiday Buggy Sand Scorcher Rough Rider Im not after mint examples, or even complete ones. Im after anything really that i can tinker with in the garage. Ill get some pics up as soon as i get my first one and ill defo be starting build threads to document them as i go along. Sorry for boring you for so long, off to hit flea bay! Cheers Dave
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