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  1. Hi chaps Finally got around to sorting our spare room out into a model room after living here for 9months! As my other post says ive returned to this hobby after a 15yr break [went rc heli crazy], anyway I bought myself a TT01 M3 and a TT01 Lanicia Delta both new kits, I also bought an escort cosworth off ebay that really has seen better days but im going to enjoy the rebuild. I have a few questions that I would very much appreciate any help or guidance on, please dont think im being rude by listing them, but I thought that was the easiest way of doing it, 1- ive got a new 3vc futaba handset [that i bought several yrs ago wen i almost got back into the hobby] it has a 10 model memory, what recievers do i need to buy for each model, also do i need to buy crystals for it, or are these the ones you can select the freq from the handset? 2- what batt do you guys recomend I dnt want to go lipo 3- do you think the model sport sniper rv12 esc is any good http://www.modelsport.co.uk/?CallFunction=...mp;ItemID=31550 [im not going to be racing, just casual stuff and more shelf queens] 4- paint, whats the best paint to spray the inside of the shells, and the best type of paint to hand paint the cockpit 5-cockpits ive found one for my Lancia [new £27] but what about the M3 anyone know one for this. 6- and my BIG question anyone know where I can get hold of an Escort Cosworth shell from that doesnt involve spending £200 by some foreighn company in taiwan or hong kong etc? I know theres quite a few questions there,dont feel you have to answer them all if you dont want, just answer what you can, i really do appreciate your time in helping me out. Regards Lee
  2. whats the best price you can do for the pilot cossie shell kit and wheels?, can you gurantee it is brand new and unmarked and finished to the highest of standards? Regards Lee
  3. Guys Hi great site, ive had a brief spell away from RC cars [about 15yrs] after falling in love with Rc Helis, due to time constraints I no longer have the time to fly, so ive got back into Tamiya Rc. I had quite a few Cars 15yrs ago, inc Monster Beetle, Madcap, MantaRay Cosworth ,Merc, and a Kyosho RS500...how I wish id have kept all these!! Ive now bought a TT01 M3 kit which arrived today, a Pilot cosworth off ebay that needs refurbing, and an awesome Lancia [new[... Thanks Guys, no doubt Ill have some stupid [born again biker] type questions lol Regards Lee
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