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  1. What are you thinking of doing electronics wise?.
  2. Just an idea I had, It's just something that suits a body with a decent level of detail (not to mention headlight buckets) - to be honest' I'm surprised that no-one on the scaler scene has thought of it before. I built my own controller on a piece of veroboard for less than a fiver, all I need now is a VLB that doesn't throw it's self on it's roof the moment it sniffs a corner .
  3. Maplin are a scandalous rip imho - a pack of 5 white 12v leds is available on fleabay for £1.20, I think posting links here is a no-no but if you're willing to learn to solder then I dare say Technobots (where I get my stuff) would be able to furnish everything you need for a comprehensive led system for a few pounds. I've been toying with putting an Arduino type microcontroller in my VLB for a while, I'm sure that with a bit of ingenuity, tinkering and blue smoke that things like working brake/reverse lights, switchable headlights and even a horn/siren/claxon are possible. I've also looked at a similar arrangement in one of my other ideas, a 4x4x4 vehicle (that would have basically been two M03 front ends bolted together) that would have had speed related variable steering, it never happened because I couldn't justify the purchase of a dual-motor esc, but I still have the groundwork I did on it saved up for a better idea to come along. All in all, the most important skill an RC'er can learn is how to solder, not only can you make your own cool stuff - you can save yourself a fortune that would otherwise be paid out to your LHS on repairs etc.
  4. Need a LH (looking from behind) damper/body mount and nerf bar, re-re or not - condition unimportant, just so long as they fit. Paypal waiting or trade if I have anything you need, oh yeah - and I'm in the UK. Thanks for looking.
  5. I love jobs like this - the satisfaction of returning them to shiny, smooth-running condition.
  6. What are you looking for?
  7. My original intention was to put a VW Split Screen bus shell on this but it never quite happened - I expect the VW shell will end up on something fun instead, it never sat quite how I wanted on the wheelbase. I've decided to get rid of my on-road stuff because in the area I live, running any of them on a decent tarmacked surface means running them in the street, which sadly only serves to attract the attention of idiots. Thanks everyone for your offers so-far, but I've decided that I'm going to hang on 'till something I really fancy comes along rather than trading for the sake of turning over my collection - I suppose the one thing my collection is lacking it trucks, even my crawler has an old Escort shell on it so something interesting like that could sway me. It's probably also worth mentioning that I have the 3 Racing Manual and Box, the Tamiya Manual and all the parts (also new) to turn it back into a TT-01, including a set of Tamiya wheels and Slicks.
  8. Thanks but no-thanks Tony - I'm trying to get rid of my on-road stuff in order to concentrate on my crawlers and vintage off-roaders.
  9. My heart's desire would be a Mardave Marauder resto project, or something similarly eccentric.
  10. Looking for sale or trade on this chassis. It's a Tamiya TT-01 fitted with a 3 Racing 'M' chassis conversion, it is new-built, fully ball-raced and has been built with a stainless screw kit and has been bench tested only. Any questions please ask - Offers on the back of a stamped, self-addressed envelope or I'm looking to trade for items interesting or Mardave . Oh yeah, I'm in the UK - I suspect postage anywhere else will be prohibitively expensive.
  11. Anyone interested before I put them on Fleabay? TS-4n chassis, also spare belt and steering parts (not shown). Uno Chassis and sundry other bits - I'll throw the grime in for free. Most of a DT10. And finally, a TS-4n chassis plate - well used (that, or someone's had a go at it with an angle-grinder) but straight. In any case, what you see is what you get - was going to do an electric conversion on the TS-4 but ended up selling some bits, the rest is just some oddments I got in a box of stuff.
  12. Shame they weren’t as relaxed about taking my money, no replacements yet and no reply after 24 hours - starting to sizzle a bit.
  13. Some of this stuff actually made me go weak at the knees . If I can turn out something 1/10th as good as this I'll be well chuffed with myself. Still waiting for my replacement bolts from Chronos Engineering. I emailed them about it again this-morning just to confirm if they'd been despatched, only to receive no reply - so it seems that their customer support sucks.
  14. If anyone tries to stop you, call the police! I suspect that your mill is an X1L - as well as the longer table, the base and column seem to differ from some models of X1 I've seen with the short table (diagonal column adjustment), but apart from that they seem identical. I haven't even got mine out of the box yet (partly due to it arriving from Chronos with a couple of bent column bolts, which they have assured me will be replaced promptly) and I'm already considering fitting the longer table, although I expect that the stock table will do for now . One thing I would like to know, is did you set up and tram your own mill or did you have it set up by the firm that you bought it from? - do you have any advice for me on that front, I've read Arc Eurotrade's guide on setting up an X1L and it scares me to death . Also, is it worth buying an expensive DTI, or will a standard plunger-type do me for now? Any advice you can give me would be really greatly appreciated in what is a fairly steep learning-curve.
  15. Thanks, once again for your encouragement Mr Inventor - Love the King Tiger, looks like a 1:1 tank shell would bounce off it! If the localised time dilation is anything like the localised time contraction I experience when my wife is bending my ear, then the two should cancel each-other out . I already have a couple of projects planned, including servo mounts and battery tray for my crawler, some fancy bits for my Mardave project, as well as possibly making some parts related to my recent penchant for building robots.
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