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  1. I ordered a lipo from abayer,I am in the UK, it was marked dispatched within a day or two, its been two months now. After a month they said they'd resend another, so thats been a month now too! Either both got lost or neither got sent me thinks, either way I got my money back so no harm done. Anyone else had ay issues with them?
  2. Nice one, thanks. I use a couple of the Turnigy Hard Case Lipo's in my Slash, wasn't aware they had a smaller profile version. I have bought a 40c Turnigy, cant wait to try it in the SS, I currently use NiMh 3700Mah Humps and it flies already, gonna be a blast on Lipo! Cheers again
  3. Hey there fine folks of Tamiya Land. I have only a small question for you............. Since buying a few ipo's for my Slash and Strike I am now in the mood to upgrade the power in my Scorcher/s to Lipo. I tend to run with the radio box in place so I need to source a suitable sized Lipo. I run a 13.5 LRP Eraser Brushless system, so Lipo will drop in fine, except for the size issue. With so many of the blighters on the market now my brain is not keeping up. Does anyone have a recommendation for suitable Lipo's that will drop in the radio Tub (not LiFe) or will I have to lose the radio tub and go the strap down to chassis route? Cheers y'all, and if anyone has a mo can you also do something about the weather? Peace...........
  4. Gwithian mate, north cornwall. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&sour...175095&z=13 There is a campsite that is seperated from the beach by only sand dunes! How perfect is that? It'd work for a weekender, I did mention it to the bunch at the first Brean Sands meet. It would mean we can sleep, bash, eat, bash, sleep some more, bash, you get the picture. Stayed there a few years back, it had hookups and amenities. I reckon it'd be a blast. 24/25th June is the only weekend I have until August though! Fully booked with Sound engineering jobs!
  5. Yup, I am up for that! Check out Gwithian, North Cornwall, or there is Brean, or many beaches in between.
  6. Prognosis not so good this time:( Weather and numbers are maybe not in our favour. Its a great day, but needs some more people to make it cook. Might reduce my milage and stay local, Lyme Regis for a 3:30/4pm meet is my offering if anyone wants to. Its a good sandy beach with ok access and close amenities. We could try to rally some bods for Brean the next weekend if that would help boost the attendance?
  7. Hey there I have the two fibre glass pieces, but no screws. Alternatives can be used though, you just gotta get the right lengths. £5 posted to UK, £7 overseas.
  8. Yo Check out the MG995 Servos, on fleabay. They are good, metal geared, strong and fairly fast. I have a couple in my cars, cant remember which off the top of my head tho! Doh.
  9. Who's up for another session on the sand at Brean then? Date = Sunday 29th May. Everyone and everything welcome. Beach track will be cut out on arrival.
  10. Awesome recollections, and it seems true, we all attach ourselves, or become attached, to certain models based on memories, moments, and feelings. Said it before but I'll say it again, excellent topic, what a great read. Thanks for sharing and sorry I waffled on a bit
  11. Blackfoot, lunchbox, Blitzer Beetle, Stadium Blitzer, HPI 2.2 Wheels (F5 look good) Basically you want any old style 2.2" You can buy Frog Hex Adapters (also for MB, BF etc) which allows the use of many other wheels that take the 12mm Hex. Just be careful to get 2wd sets, as the fronts obviously have bearings instead of free rolling hex's.
  12. LOL, whats the chances of that then? Ha ha. Great fun, even with the sideways rain! Repaired the Slash, and the reglued the rims on the TL01 (thing of hate 2) for the 3rd time!!! New post coming, we are thinking the last weekend of the month, the bank holiday Sunday 29th, Monday 30th May, at Brean again, for a days SRB Mayhem and various other 1/10 marvels! If anyone has a better beach location I/we'd be keen to hear it, but based on comments last time Brean seems fairly good for most people and central (ish) Off to start a new post now. Cheers y'all, Ben
  13. Good topic. Yes, I have particular memories that keep me smiling, especially when I crack out my Monster Beetles. When I was about 7 or 8, around 1983, 84, my uncle bought a 1:1 Baja Beetle built on a 1303s. The body was cut back, it was stripped out and ran a 1776cc Twin Carb lump with BIG offroad tyres. He had it painted in an orange, with a fat stripe down the centre of its length, number plate to number plate. It was a beast, and at that age I was awestruck. The sound, the size, that fact that it went offroad on Salisbury Plain, the sheer spectacle of it was overwhelming and I think my Unc was quite pleased when I asked him to take me acorss the plains EVERY DAY! So, when I was about 13 or 14 I had saved up enough money to buy a 2nd hand Monster Beetle from a friend that had "grown out of it". Funny eh, how we do that, then grow right back into it again! Obviosly the very first thing I did was to paint the body, very crudely, with whatever orange paint I could find, and it was definitely not model paint, then added the stripe. It was stock, and was broken quite quickly as it was my first ever RC car. It took such a hammering. I was an avid "fixer" of things, and I kept it running for ages, a good quantity of gaffa tape, superglue, cable ties, wire, and the like were all used to bind up the snapped off bits and bobs. It acquired a lean even when going straight, it crabbed slightly as I had bent the steering arms into alsorts of shapes, the tyres were worn, the shell slowly became several parts, and the batteries got worse and worse as we didn't have a clue about the way to look after them. It was such a Battle Wagon that I cherished it until the day it ran no more. wish I could remember what I did with it. What I loved about it was the big soft tyres that made it bounch on landing, the wheelies it pulled on a fresh pack, the "go anywhere" styling, the rear wheel drive tail out driving, but most of all it was the fact that I had a Baja Bug that looked just like my Uncles real one. I never got to see both together as Unc had sold the 1:1 way before I got the MB, but I remember his face when I showed him my beaten up Version, inspired by the most awesome car I had ever seen (at the time). Every time I get my MB's out I remember, it does make me smile. Although neither of my runners are anything like the "Basher" I had as a kid they both make me feel 14 again, which then makes me feel 7 again, and I am all of a sudden blasting across Salisbury Plain in the funkiest Bug in the world, with my Uncle Greg. Smile time. Happy days indeed. So there you go, my attachment to the Monster Beetle is long standing, it is neither the best offroader, the best speed machine, the best design (that diff sucks) nor is it resistant to any rough treatment. everything that could break did, and continues to do so even with my fairly restrained driving styles, but it is such a joy inducing little peach that I think out of all my cars, had, have, and will have, I will always have a M<onster Beetle or two to take me back there again. This has of course lead to Sand Scorcher Fever, but that'll wait for another day. Thanks for the topic, it'll be great to hear all your stories..............
  14. I'll bring it later. Weather is good here so far, had rain last night but I would guess that as the ground is so dry it shouldn't have too much negative effect. Looking forward to it!
  15. Cool, lets do it, I'll be there around 4. A bit of High Speed SCT action is cool to look forward to. And a growing SRB formula is very exciting. I have a spare 10.5 LRP Brushless Motor, a Vector. Not used much, a couple of outings in my RE Re SS, but that now has a 13.5 Turn. If its any use to you how does £20 sound.
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