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  1. Run them, run them all... I run all my cars, some harder then others, and I love to either film or photograph them. I made one purely for running really hard and bashing... http://www.tamiyaclub.com/moviecomment.asp...1&uid=31924 One for slow scale (almost) crawling... http://www.tamiyaclub.com/moviecomment.asp...0&uid=31924 And many more, check 'em out and be convinced. You can allways run the cars you really treasure on softer surfaces only, like grass and sand.
  2. What's the difference? A while back I bought a used Fighter Buggy to fix up for a kid nextdoor. I put it in my showroom on Tamiyaclub to show of and got a reply about the motor in the car. The reply seemed kind of surprised: "I see your fighter Buggy has a 4 slot mabuchi in it!" What the .... is the difference between 2- and 4 slot?
  3. Will do, but it will be a while yet...
  4. Thanks Willy , that's usefull info. I'll be using a Frog/Brat etc. gearbox
  5. I'm guessing they're shorter too, I think about 75mm... Anyone know facts?
  6. Hi guys, I've collected a bunch of Wild One parts that I'm planning to turn into a runner. Nothing mint or shelve-queen like, just a descent and highly original Wild One based runner. I won't be using the original gearbox near original shocks and since I'm still collecting and deciding on parts (original or not) I have a question I hope someone can answer for me... The shocks: some quick (on screen) measuring and comparing (I allready have the shock-towers), and I come up with about 95mm for the rear shocks and 88mm for the front shocks (mounting hole to mounting hole?). Can anyone tell me, are those sizes correct or am I far off. I can hardly imagine that would be right? Next Question: I'm in need of a new pinion gear, and of course want to place a steel one straight away. I'm thinking Robinson Racing. I believe I will need 32p... Right? Can anyone tell me iff this Tamiya pinion nr. 3515004 16t is in fact 32p? Thanks, much appreciated...
  7. Thanks guys, Berman in particular.
  8. I'm thinking of doing something with that great Nissan King Cab body, however I can't find the wheelbase for this model anywhere. Can someone give me the wheelbase size, of the bodyshell that is, from the center of the front wheelarch to the center of the rear wheelarch?
  9. I was wondering iff anyone could tell me iff the sizes of the wheels on older and newer 2wd type buggy differ a lot. I know a lot of the new types (DT-01 / DT-02 chassis) use 55mm wheels, I also know the Hornet and Grasshopper use 38mm SRB type rims but how about older 2wd buggy's like WildOne, Striker, Super Hornet. Do they also use 55mm wheels??
  10. I gave up looking for it and just started using the PS sprayed in a cup. Iff you use small quantities at a time it becomes thicker and more useable.
  11. Yes, that's exactly the one I meant. Doesn't that look soulfull Great track aswell eh. I wish we had a track like that over here. I'd love to have a go on there... Anyway, the point off course is, iff you want to do something about those roller skate looks of these modern buggy's... Get inventive. I'd love to see a similar conversion for a Grasshopper. I've allways loved that body-shape and the fact that it's a hard body makes it even greater. Who knows, I might even give it a go myself.
  12. How about giving soul to the car you want. Iff you want modern performance with old-school looks, this should be no problem. I've seen a modern chassis transformed to a very good looking Hornet in someone's showroom. I can't remember who's, should have put in in my favourites...
  13. Thanks Mark, that's usefull info.
  14. I've used the search function and have read quite a lot, but haven't really found the answer. I'm working on a TL01B truggy type car, and have doubts about the motor I want to put in it. - For now it has the standard gears and can take a 19/21/23 pinion, I might eventually put in speed gears. - I will be using a 15T esc. - I will run it with 4400 mah Ni-mh battery's. - The tires will be slightly larger (truck tires, BF Goodrich's or such). I'd like something fast, reliable, rebuildable, brushed and iff possible economical (in runtime I mean). I'm doubting between the Super Stock BZ- and the Dirt tuned motor. What would be the best choice? Iff you have other suggestions, please do... Except brushless, not an option (yet). Thanks, opinions much appreciated
  15. Hey buddy. I film my RC's a lot and use three different camera's. - Sometimes I use a Gopro, but just a Hero 3 (not HD). - I use a micro cam (keychainmodel I bought on Ebay for next to nothing), which is nice to use inside, and even underneath the car(s) Quality is not at all bad, but of course not HD. Nice thing about this one is when it breaks I couldn't care less. - My absolute favourite is the Casio Exilim FH20. This is in essence a photo camera, but it can also film in HD ánd Hi-speed 210/420/1000 fps particularly 210 fps is what I use quite a lot. You can even speed this up a little with the right editing programm. Iff you want to check out results; I sometimes place my movies on Tamiyaclub (iff the system permits me ) and otherwise you can check 'em out right here: http://www.youtube.com/user/dirbee1971?feature=mhum
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