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  1. blast from the past .... Cardiff was my store ...we go into town with a group of us ..do the shops and allways the model shops ..beaties being the main one large two floors ..cars on demo crowds all around as you say someone was looking at a kit readyvto buy .. Mt first kit was a Hornet .came with a 1200 battery andgot a free carry bag to put all in ..the black and yellow ones ..my mate had grasshopper .soon upgraded as the hornet was faster ..Then sold it on to get a Monster Beetle when it first cameout ..then up grade again selling all the old ones to kids in school ,as we would take them in the use on break times on tennis court or wet day in the gym ..you would just see a large group follow us around to watch us race up and down ..My mate went on to get a Clodbuster ..(selling fags to the kids to get money)..I still had the Hornet .one day he ran over the front of mine only to snap the shock arm ..So another excuss to go back on saturday and get parts ...but we found beaties did not help us out as much as parts .well had to order in ..so we had another shop BUD MORGANS ..small shop with SOOO much stuff on shelves and in boxes of kits ..spares and parts ...It was here we had our eyes open to what we could really do with the cars .etc.. Sad times ..never notice the shops stop selling and i left RC for a long time ... I even recall Argos selling Tamiya..only two kits i recall ...Hornet ..and the Lunch box ...even they stopped doingvthe build kits and only do the ready yo go models now ... Good old day's....
  2. i had to stop at 10 cars for now and still have two in box waiting .. my mancave is in my atic … away from the wifes eyes and moans ... my list of wants is allways getting bigger , but end up paying out on all the mods for one car that I can buy another two with ….good work great thread ... Q...them wheel hangers , will they hold the monster beetle or need larger ones ..?
  3. Thanks ģuys ...was just a quick look at it...but fancy a play about ...but will just build it up and see how it goes first ....
  4. OK been away busy ,but bug got to me again .. since I last was on my little collection has grown to 9 … but had to even the number out so I went and got myself a novafox ...allways liked the look of these from a few of you guys displays and the box art does do it well …..no pics yet only just got the box …. BUT question on the build …. looking at the set up the rear gearbox ….? ,, am I right in thinking its the same as the hotshot ..? .. if so maybe worth throwing a MIP diff into it ...Is it worth it as I want to allways go above the standard can … ( I already have them here to go into the superhotshot ) but just call it practise to put them in this ..IF its the same model ...
  5. lol..... nice mate ,.... I still love to look at my SuperHotShot think it has the best of all three ...still got to strip to fit the new diff sets I got last year ..
  6. Very nice mate , I do love it when guys go off book and do their own colour , looks great …… been putting it off but the itch is still there for me . may have to scratch it ..
  7. well good news .. as any kit to add onto the already upgrades is a extra .. so I will be putting in for two at first , leading to extra kits later ..
  8. gutted for you ,, as said I had mine in the door with no extra charge , I think they pick things at random to charge who they want ...ahh LOOKS LIKE A FEW OF YOU HAD more than one set , I only had one so was in a jiffy bag .. as you has a box I guess the flag went up to charge you more ..
  9. good news , mine has turned up today ,, FAB,.. bonus is they never charge any import so a billy bargin.....now to start the strip down and rebuild .....
  10. also looks like you have used the flat one and not the step down shape servo arm .. it brings them down a little lower to help with the pull down .. or as some have also used them and put the ball joints under that ,again to lower them down ..
  11. did you turn the bolt all the way tight then a quarter turn back ..? Did you check or replace the gears too as the old maybe worn down if old ones still in box .. I just built one for my monster beetle and was too loose so it would not drive , but then after I done what the info says it seems fine .....
  12. well , went away on a find and come back with link to another who has already done so , not too bad , but it fits mm ok... http://www.rcmt.net/forums/showthread.php?845293-Bush-Devil if you scroll down you see the shell on the bush devil rails ,,same as the MB and BF
  13. Wow ..yep a little short and would look out if shape if i put two together .thanks for the other shell ideas .
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