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  1. I got a pair attatched to my brushless esc, what they do is store a small amount of power and when the esc askes for a load of power in one go it draws from the capacitor as well.
  2. I remember seeing a farm king with white spoked wheels and willy driver in yellow that looked very cool, might have a pic somewhere
  3. 3 racing did a chassis conversion kit for the tt01 to make a 4wd mini
  4. I have built a scaler using wheely king parts, if i took the crawler conversion kit off my wheely king it would sit nicely under a 1/10 scale shell
  5. Finally got the TXT-1 up and running with 4ws all sorted. Converted to single brushless motor and made a few plates out of plasticard to fix the servos so they dont move around on the original slotted mounts and one to cover the second motor hole.
  6. Do you know what length dogbones you need, and i might have a few spare body mounts
  7. I think it has all been said on grasshopper mods apart from heavy duty steering kit and maybe a little extra weight over the back wheels for added traction.
  8. I think it would be a fun project and bottom links would be easy to do but top link mounts would require some work to get mounted on the gearbox, hpi wheely king axle clamps would be a good starting point for chassis and axle mount brackets though
  9. For me it would have to be my restored hornet, all built from vintage parts from the bay or most improved must be a standard tt01 that i converted to tt01d spec and then swopped it all out for a 3 racing carbon chassis conversion and a full host of alloy parts, the only original parts are the drive gears and diffs.
  10. You can get axle extenders that work very well, i use them on my hpi crawler king when i run clodbuster wheels
  11. I will have a look when im in my cave tomorrow evening, i guess if you can adjust bits like that it will be ideal for my crawler as well
  12. I got this in a job lot of rc gear and have 3 receivers, i see that the hand set can run up to 4 vehicles but my problem is that i am setting it up on one vehicle and i cant get reverse. I am working from a pdf copy of the instructions but cant see anything on switching the reverse function on and off, i had both when running it on my acoms 2.4 set up.
  13. Thanks will have a look into that as want another project
  14. Im a tamiya fan but i also like my proper crawling and run a hpi crawler king for this, i would really like a tamiya chassis that has serious crawler ability but strugling to find anything. Does anyone else have a decent crawler or know of a tamiya chassis that can be converted to a decent crawler. Not bothered about scale looks.
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