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  1. This is a great service you are providing us, Thanks!!! Can't wait for it to be finished, just getting ready to restore my old Double Dare and can't find the manual. Keep us posted bro!
  2. Hey thanks alot guys!! Now I wonder if anybody put a van body on a clod to make it a super lunch box?!? Now that would be sweet!
  3. Thanks! Like I said, I never seen one so I didn't know for sure. Was thinking about restoring one that I have found.
  4. I've been through the searches and couldn't find anything. I've never seen a Lunch Box in person and I was wondering if it was the same size as the Clodbuster. I know the Clod is a 10th scale, is the Lunch Box a 10th or 12th scale? Thanks, Throttle
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