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  1. Hi: I would like to know the number of references: -Bodies Kyosho USA-1 of lexan -Front bumper, rear front grille -Cage with the reservoirs behind the cab -Carburetors overhanging the front bonnet Do you know where to find a body? Thanks Greetings Nothing?¿
  2. Nobody can tell me anything? Anybody know the references of the body and body parts? And somewhere to download the instruction manual? Thank you very much Greetings
  3. Hi friends, I am Juan Carlos from Spain. I found this forum looking for information on my Kyosho USA-1. I just restore it, but I need a body like this: If someone can sell me or tell me where can I buy it I will be very grateful. Thank you very much. I hope to learn much here and have fun with you. I like this club, but because my English is very bad not understand everything. A greeting P.D: Sorry about my English, I use a translator.
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