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  1. Every day I learn something new, thanks mate!
  2. I had this sand rover some years ago from a tc member and it came to me with this Mabuchi motor. Someone has an idea on what motor it is? I've never seen something like this on all my other tamiya cars. This car was originally equipped with a 380 motor so maybe this was an hop - up option from the early 80's?
  3. Anca massa Beh saranno 5 - 6 anni che ero "dormiente"..ma ho qualche bel pezzo. Te sei appassionato di roba moderna o vintage?
  4. Link is in signature http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=15280
  5. Bellissima, bravo! Ne ho una anch'io, originale e un pò "vissutella"..se ti va guardala nella mia showroom Great restore! I own an Astute too, pretty stock and a little abused, check it out in my showroom
  6. Thank you! So to build a reliable Cheetah I need: 1) A xr311 re release chassis 2) A spare set of Cheetah wheels / tires (almost impossible to find) 3) A spare front bumper (also impossible to find)? P.S.: can I upgrade old suspensions with newer metal torsion bars?
  7. Hi guys, after some years far away from the hobby I'm starting a new project. I'd love to add a Cheetah to my collection, as I've seen several NIB bodysets for sale. The main question is: will a Cheetah body fit a re-release XR311 chassis (in order to use better torsion bars from newer kits)? I've heard that Lambo's wheelbase is shorter, but my XR311 re-release chassis has two more holes in center chassis, so I ghess that holes will let me shorten the wheelbase to fit a Cheetah body, right? Any other differences? Wheels and front bumper? Thank you
  8. I've not founded what I wanted there, only decals (water type) for 1:18 or smaller scale..It's a pity screenprintdigital doesn't provide for them, he produces very good decals (like the repro for my Avante, perfect).
  9. Hi guys, there is a nice project in my mind but I need JPS gold stickers for it. Anyone knows where to find them in 1:10 scale?
  10. too much cars..and maybe you'll take me for a fool! 1) Vanquish 2) Thunder Shot 3) Avante 4) Supershot 5) Hotshot 6) Sand Scorcher 7) Grasshopper 8) Sand Rover 9) Bigwig 10) Frog
  11. Hi everybody, I'm back after a long time..now I've just restored another Vanquish to make it a runner, so I need only one car to complete my collection, the mighty Avante! I'm searching for a good car, not perfect, to start an easy project, I can spend 250 , not more, or trade some nice cars or parts for the avante family..please help me!
  12. Finally my car arrived yesterday! As it's a kit from Japan, ESC isn't included..but I have several of them. Ball bearings haven't arrived yet, so this morning I've started with body (argh, I've never loved body works), I've cutted it and made holes..next step is painting it, in blue metallic, I think it will look stunning.
  13. I have only one little doubt. I think there will be a very little space for the electrics under the shell, do you think there will be problems to fit teu-101 ESC + a normal size receiver?
  14. I think mine will be in my hands in next week's beginning so I'll put some pics about building in my showroom too..by the way I've ordered ball bearings from Stella models! The car will be equipped with TEU-101 ESC and Sport Tuned motor, it should be quite fast, opinions about this combo?
  15. Hi, I've just ordered mine too from RC champ, can't wait to build it! I think I'll paint it in blue instead the classic red, to see something different.. Are ball bearings included? And what about front UJ?
  16. I think Grasshopper's original shocks are not only unuseful for running but also terrible to see. Are still available some other cheap solutions, maybe based on existing Tamiya parts? I've already the rear Tamiya upgrade with oil filled shocks, I need something better for the front end.
  17. Wild one has oval block rear tires, used in a lot of cars (Bigwig, Hotshot, Boomerang etc) so you will find them without problems in the Bay.
  18. I have a set of Carson wheels on my Desert Gator, they are great but too big on the Grasshopper, I thing Grasshhoppers look nice with small wheels
  19. Hi Dan! Would you post some pics? P.S.: what about proline front wheels?
  20. Great idea, a replica bodyset for my sand rover would be very appreciated
  21. I received this driver as a bonus with another car I can't remember, could you confirm me it's a Wild One's driver?
  22. Hi I'm Antonio from Italy This is original 58043 Grasshopper I'm restoring, bodyshell is completed with re - release stickers http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...99&id=15280 Now I'm searching for some nice wheels, any ideas? I'd like a custom front bumper too, never loved too much the original plastic one.
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