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  1. Thought I’d give a quick update. I haven’t done anything more to the Hotshot due to the fact I’m waiting for a donor to arrive from the States. I plan to use the best bits from both models to build the mk 1 then sell on the remaining parts.
  2. Do you any of the indoor electric clubs ever hold events just for vintage owners to parade their models at all?
  3. Very nice, love the white body and wing, goes really well with the wheels. is it a runner, or does it live on the shelf?
  4. Without going out on a tangent with this topic, used to love Beatties, I remember the shop built kits around the shop, the Tamiya video playing, and seeing the huge 1/12 Big Scale static kits on the top shelf that ran all round the shop. I bought the Martini Porsche 935 Big Scale static kit when I was 17, the box was huge. I thought I was was the bee’s knee’s carrying it home on the bus. That was 1985, I still have it now.
  5. I’ve fitted just a stock mabuchi 540 motor. don’t think this one will even venture the living room though 😂🤣
  6. Here’s where I’m at so far. Changed the wheels, the tyres were perished and the gold wheels were flaking. The upper rear suspension wish bones were broken where the shock attaches, decided to superglue them back on, keeps it original, and cheaper than buying new. It’s only going on the shelf so should be ok. The front gearbox hinge pivots are worn, so there is a fair bit of play in the front suspension, but again for display purposes it’s fine. One of the lugs on the gearbox that holds the aluminium hex block in place is partially broken, but in a strange way I like it because it shows off the side of the Ali bumper stay showing it’s an original mk1. next up, fit the electrics.
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