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  1. Sorry to say but I have ended up breaking up this one for parts. when it arrived and after working out what i would need to get it to a good standard to display it just wasn’t going to be worth it. hopefully people out there looking for parts will benefit. not the outcome I was hoping for, but not every Tamiya can be saved.
  2. I like the gold body. think I’ve read your thread restoring this one
  3. That’s the idler gear for the diff I think 18 tooth, the one need is plastic and 20 teeth. It’s in this bag, only £7.99, would need the shaft and spacer for it to work.
  4. Thanks Exit13, I’ve contacted this seller, it was him who asked the question initially as to whether the Quattro is SWB or LWB. He has a gear cover but he wasn’t sure it would fit. I still haven’t received the car yet, but looking at it the tyres look like Ford Ranger or Rough Rider rears, I’ll have a closer look when it arrives.
  5. Happy new year everyone, hope everyone had a great Christmas. so I’ve just bought an Audi Quattro Rally off a really nice guy in the north of Scotland. He has owned it since the eighties but decided to part company with it for which I am very grateful. looks like it will need some work, the idler gear is missing between the motor pinion and large gear, also the gear box cover is missing. so my question to everyone is this, are these parts interchangeable with the wheeler series, if so long wheel base or short. looking at some parts on eBay but the seller is unsure. here are some pictures below, I haven’t received it yet, hopefully should arrive in the next day or two. many thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas.
  6. Well I’ve just googled it, 318 miles by road, no wonder he stopped in Hartlepool 🤣🤣 Good story. Yes that wire is an unusual fiddly way of attaching the mesh, Tamiya had some odd ways back in the day.
  7. Yes mate, I’m in Gateshead. There is an indoor winter club meeting at Nissan and an astroturf outdoor track at the same venue for 1/10 off road. I’ve only been once, wasn’t for me. I must admit, i just prefer building them these days
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