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  1. So sorry to hear this news. Your skill in scratch building is second to none. I hope your time is peaceful and thank you for sharing your builds.
  2. making your own bits out of carbon fibre is relatively straightforward if you follow a few pointers. Firstly the previous post is correct about breathing the dust in - always make sure you wear a dust mask when you are cutting, filing etc. It can be cut fairly easily with a fine tooth junior hacksaw or large hacksaw. I would steer away from using dremel/power tools as you really don't need them - it will cut very similar to glass fibre sheet, but may blunt your tool a little quicker. Be vary careful when cutting as it may produce very sharp shards on the edges and may produce splinters too. Once you have the approx shape it can then be filed into final shape with normal metalworking files. A good tip is to cover the surface with masking tape so you can easily mark out the shape you want with a pen/marker etc. It can easily be drilled with normal metal drills etc. It's true to say that there are a lot of cheap parts available commercially now but there is also a lot of satisfaction to be gained from making your very own one as they just look cool Whether it's cheaper or not will depend on how much you need to spend on carbon fibre sheet etc. Another good tip here is to hunt around on manufacturers websites who produce items in carbon as some of them sell off their "offcuts" which are perfectly good for us to make small items from. I used to buy bags of offcuts from a well known rc helicopter blade manufacturer a few years back...
  3. Thanks for ideas folks, a hopper sounds like good cheap fun, looks like I need to get some paddle tyres on order. I like the idea of a wild one as I have a file of bits somewhere that may not be far off building a runner too..... Great to see some beach video's - its inspiring more enthusiasm..
  4. Hi folks, managed to book a few days away just before Xmas right by a nice sandy beach and need a beach runner for some fun Few years back I built an SRB for the beach but even though i washed it off afterwards the following day it looked a mess with all the alloy discoloured etc, it pretty much wrecked the thing. So I'm asking for your experience with beach runners....... I thought I would go simple/plastic with rubber sealed bearings and waterproofed electrics etc. Big Question is - What car? I originally thought a re-re Blitzer beetle as there are still a couple about and I could do a classic SS paint job. Then I stumbled across a stadium thunder and think that looks good and would probably take a simple chassis cover to keep the sand out etc. Then I got thinking that its a bit of an old chassis/design and should I go DT-02 as I have one of those lying about..... Any recommendations, comments, advice gratefully received........ Thanks Mark
  5. Hi there, just picked up an original hilux on the bay to replace one I sold a year or so ago at the tamiyaclub meet (we always regret letting them go as you never get another one as nice !!) Anyway, my question is are any of the re-released hilux body parts interchangeable? I know the rear bed is different but is the front section the same? Also is the window glass interchangeable? cheers Mark
  6. A Big Thanks to Chris for organising the event, and all those that helped out too - just had a fantastic couple of days. Great to meet loads of people and even managed to buy a few bits too Bought a Nismo GT-R with led lights NIB, s/h Schumacher Swift 1/8 buggy (already run that up in the garage last night), sport tuned motor, HS HP suspension kit,hornet dampers, vintage Tamiya catalogue and a few polycarb car stands. Sold lots of buggies & parts to fund an impending 1:1 car replacement - the display cabinet is now lookig very empty !! All in all a great weekend, can't wait for next year when I will be better prepared and have some runners to play with.... Thanks to all..... Mark
  7. I'll be there saturday for certain, and possibly sunday,may bring HS1, wild one and possibly HB2010. Will have lots of goodies up for grabs. cheers Mark
  8. OK Cheers Chris - so here goes... striker project new chassis & decals,Avante re-re new built,hopper re-re new built,super sabre mint restored,thunder dragon mint restored,blazing star new build,frog re-re new build,brat new build chrome chassis,HS2 restored,HS1 original near mint,boomerang restored mint,astute restored mint,brat polycard and hard bodies,Acoms AP227 boxed Tx,XR311 original project nice,Cheetah project, spare xr311 chassis with torsion bars,Opel ascona project - nice WITH ORIGINAL NIB Bodyset, quattro Rally restored chassis mint with ORIGINAL NIB bodyset, original hilux all original untouched for resto, wild one project,sand rover original for resto, holiday buggy original for resto, sand scorcher original complete for resto-lovely original,early HS1 with period radio for resto-hardy run,madcap for resto with NIB body,HS1 for spares, Associated RC10 Gold Tub-really nice. I've also got a box of NIB parts for rummaging in. Also have an original NIB holiday buggy body if anyone wants me to bring it. Also have a quattro rally chassis mostly complete. Is anyone interested in empty kit boxes? have loads in the loft and will bring them if there's interest. I've also got a very nice wooden display cabinet (beech I think) with glass doors and 7 glass shelves and two drawers(displays 21 cars dust free) if anyone is interested let me know for pics -may be able to fit it on the roof ;-) Also have a wooden shelving unit with cotton cover and roll up front which i dont want any more (argos clothes wardrobe i think)- comes apart for transport - let me know if you want it and i'll bring it along There may be a few more but i'm away from home this week and wont be back till friday night so may not get to bed friday night !!
  9. Chris, i'm planning on bringing quite a few rarer cars with me with the hope of finding good homes for them is it OK to post a brief list on here just to give other members some advance notice of what might interest them ? thanks Mark
  10. Hi there, just started looking into my second Sand Rover restoration and discovered that my driver has a hat but no Head !! Some time back I bought him some arms (they were missing too) from a fellow club member which were cast in resin. Question is, does anyone know where I might get either a repro or original head from ? Thanks. Mark
  11. Hi Folks ! Looks like I might be able to make the 22nd as well, hopefully it will have warmed up a bit by then...... Will have to go off and see whether I have anything left that isn't broken 8-( Have got a new toy to play with though 8-) (xmas pressie from the girlfriend!!) see you all there...
  12. I think you may be OK on this one as the paint is on the outside. As Caddyshack said, the company is in warwickshire ( I think they do mail order) and the product you want is Delta Eliminator. If you seal off the inside of the body, lay it in a tray and keep "basting" it with this stuff the paint will dissolve completely. I've used it on several shells and it works absolutely perfectly. Don't get it on the stickers though, as it will remove the colours. Good Luck !
  13. Aha ! Bag of Badgers - a challenge for the Hotshot eh ? sounds like a laugh. I've also been playing with a Lancia Rally which is a bit quick so I'll bring that too. Don't want to get anyones hopes up too much but I'm negotiating to "borrow" a lazer speed gun (like the police use to get you !) from work so we may be able to "gun" the cars and get some top speeds - thought it might be amusing ?..... Will let you know how i get on as they are moaning about liability, costs etc at the moment.
  14. OOh ! At last a Bash I can make !! Have voted for 30th, hope it comes off guys, haven't had a chance to run anything much recently as have been busy buiding a conservatory (think it will make a very nice body painting/decalling area as very light !!!). will get busy makin stuff ready to run. Have fitted my home built gear diff to the scorcher ( a la TA-Mark's article) so should be interesting to run that on tarmac. Looking forward to the meet
  15. Thanks Guys ! did a flea bay search for 0.6 pinion and JR-RC came up trumps. Was on my doorstep within 5days !! Ranger is almost a runner now.....
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