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  1. Clod “Chev” grill and tailgate. Thought I was getting new parts to add to my NIB kit, but alas some painted used bits turned up 😭, same old story, check the description!!
  2. Yep, I built mine as a trail rig rather than out and out crawler, I love the complex and quirky chassis which is so typically Tamiya, way over engineered and complex
  3. Does the S10 have the ability to have front body mounts “above the shock tower” like is standard on TT and TL chassis? I need a chassis for an already drilled Tamiya body **Edit - and where are they available?
  4. I’m digging the black theme on this chassis, top job mate
  5. I don’t have time to mow it, too busy racing and rebuilding/restoring oldies 😂👍🏻, The pine needles from over the side fence annoy the crap out of me though
  6. Work continues, it’s actually a tilt door there that had some big hinges and springs that needed to be removed first, and that was quite a task as the springs were stretched in place that wanted to recoil as they were released in quite a rapid fashion. First one went bang and flew through the air , second one I learned a lesson and strapped it down and wrapped it in blankets, much safer. Got started on the wall frames, I’m about halfway through, then I’ll need to start to think about the ceiling
  7. Can you provide a link to your casting process? I want to cast some gears that are now not available, and am keen to get as much info as I can? Maybe even a how to in the build tips section?
  8. Yeah it’s a Jim Beam Racing promo banner Whoops, probably should’ve moved that before I took the pic 😇
  9. My next project is something a little different. I’ve been wanting to fix up my hobby shed into something a little more comfortable and clean and tidy. I managed to pick up lots of framing timber, and a few wall panels (will need to buy some more of these though) for nothing, so what better excuse to crack into it. Here’s what I’m starting with: first job is to empty it so as I can build the internal walls, Hope we aren’t expecting company who will need to stay over, as the spare bedroom is gonna be looking after RC cars for a while
  10. Yesterday and today, my local club re-ran the 2019 1/8 state titles which were cancelled back in sept due to rain, pretty happy with my result
  11. I have quite a few issues of both those Oz mags, particularly the issues where my name is mentioned, either in letters or results
  12. Yep, mines just a generic alloy horn, no saver 😈
  13. That looks pretty hopped up, looks great, good purchase
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