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  1. 3 DSM2 rx’s for upcoming builds, one will go in the TA02SW 40th this weekend
  2. Superglue does work, the key is to place a small amount in the hole, let it dry, then cut the new thread, works wonders. If you don’t want to do it fine, but don’t say with fact that it’s a joke or doesn’t work, when it does and has been done by plenty of modellers/builders previously.
  3. I’m not sure which TV truck that is, but what grille have you used?
  4. Electronics of choice for this one (just waiting on some RX’s for my Spektrum) Will never use plastic hexes on a build either, had these in my spares so on they go and its complete (ish) just paint and stickers (and RX) to go I love how chunky the rear end is, the 30mm tyres and the 934 rear shape is hot!
  5. I’m sure I’ve said before, but this is a great hobby space, what is your floor plan size? Looks like a very good size
  6. Time for a new build, couldn’t decide what though, then thought “Hmm, I’ve got a 45th Anniv on order, better get a 40th built before it arrives”. Obviously have had it sitting on the shelf for a while, was rewarding to open it up and get a start A nice RZ for this one A nice high quality build so far, the steering surprised me having zero slop despite plastic components Bags A,B, and C complete Electronics next, will use a HW 1060, and a BlueBird servo in this one
  7. It looks very much like one of these with a different sticker
  8. I was looking at my trucks/Monsters last night and I have a metallic blue lunchie, metallic blue Monster Beetle, Silver Blackfoot, Black Clod, Gun Metal Big Bear, so now I’m thinking a red Monster Beetle May work, anyone done one in like metallic or pearl red?
  9. This one @Re-Bugged? I could’ve posted this as an idea in my earlier post, it is an original
  10. I agree with @mongoose1983, old mags and catalogues like this are awesome to flick through again, I occasionally sit down with my old ones for some nostalgia, it’s great
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