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  1. mtbkym01

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Shipped a box of stuff to Chile
  2. mtbkym01

    New Tamiya Monster Beetle Black edition.

    So no black chassis according to that sticker, just a grey (Gray?) one
  3. mtbkym01

    Custom Blitzer Mog

    This is very cool
  4. mtbkym01

    New Tamiya Monster Beetle Black edition.

    Looks like the chassis is black also 👍
  5. mtbkym01

    Random boxart thoughts again

    The thing is (as is being highlighted here) is that there isn’t 1, 2 or even 10 box arts that are the “best”. So many of them appeal to all of us enthusiasts
  6. A question for the NIB collectors out there, how do you display your kit boxes, keen to see some collection displays. and go.........
  7. mtbkym01

    Modelling and printing gears

    Looked into moulds and casting, gonna be excy
  8. Rough Rider has been stripped and started cleaning metal parts, and reassembly started. Some “early vintage” tell tale parts Going back together Had to remanufacture all the cross members on the front end as the originals were a bit bent, and funnily enough had been engraved with the original owners (I assume) name, address, and phone number I rewired the motor (Another early vintage sign), the can is in excellent condition, and fitted to gearbox Thats where I’m at for now, paint has been ordered for the body, got a scheme in mind that I’m hoping I can achieve. The radio box will need a bit of tidying up, lots of scratches and lots of silicone sealant. The rear end also had a lot of sealer, but wasn’t too bad to clean off
  9. mtbkym01

    Random boxart thoughts again

    I think the first box art that caught my eye was “The Frog”. It was the first car I wanted way back, the image of it flying towards you is just too hard to resist
  10. mtbkym01

    Vintage Shelf Queen Display Stands

    I like the Ferrero box idea
  11. mtbkym01

    Modelling and printing gears

    Hmm, I don’t mind the making moulds idea, might look into that further
  12. Correct, 1 ball end is broken but that’s about it, lots of silicone sealer around the radio box and gear box *edit - oh and the front bumper
  13. As one project moves off of the workbench and onto the shelf, another must replace it. After learning what differentiates Rough Rider variances, I’ve been able to establish that this one is an early vintage. I was given this from another 1/8 racer a few years ago who knew I was also into old school RC’s. It has a lexan body, and a couple broken parts, but overall is very complete and in pretty good condition. Anyway, here’s what I’m starting with:
  14. mtbkym01

    Vintage Shelf Queen Display Stands

    I managed to get a whole heap of “shoe display stands” from a store that was closing down, I’ve got 2 heights, 1 for buggy and 1 for trucks etc. my problem now is they are just about all used, so will need to make similar to keep everything uniform
  15. The “finished” result for the “Edinger”. I am pretty stoked how this has turned out, as it was pretty bad at the start, and for it to be a true original survivor makes it all that more special Feel free to post comments and thoughts