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  1. Shows this chassis in all its glory, looks like a fantastically fun time
  2. 3Racing Sakura M4 sport, gonna build this to 210mm wheelbase, 4wd Mini Cooper anyone?
  3. This is an example of what can be done with Liquid Mask and tattooist like skills. This was traced onto the overspray film, then hand cut and airbrushed. The skills are god like as you say Admittedly this is a 1/8 scale body so has a little more space, but it blows me away that my mate can do this, it’s skills I’d love to possess. Liquid mask really is an amazing product
  4. Well this is not something we would see every day, loving your work here
  5. The ability to get even line widths freehand is why these painters can charge for their work, like I say, my mate who owns a Hobbyshop does this a lot (and gets paid) and most of his work is freehand, As do others that I know of in the racing scene where I live. JA Designs (A painter I have used previously) has painted concourse winning designs at world championship events (he is actually sponsored by Bittydesign to use their liquid mask). Yes they use stencils (mostly hand held) to get different effects, and stick on vinyl, but I think you’ll find that the liquid mask is the more common method, not less common is what I’m trying to get across
  6. All liquid mask My best mate probably paints 3-4 shells a week, yes he sometimes uses stencils or vinyl masks, but only after completely coating the body in liquid mask, always backs the paint with PS, but only after the entire job is complete. I know of others who exclusively cut out logo’s by free hand, they draw the design on the overspray film, then cut the design fully, every cut made before any peeling and painting, additionally, the blade does not leave the surface until all cuts that are connected are made. There are a few ways that these guys get the results they do is my point here, I know this first hand
  7. When using liquid mask with PS paint, I’ve found that the paint can soften the mask, so wait times between peeling mask will need to be longer. For airbrush acrylic paint the mask doesn’t seem as affected. All the quality paint jobs done by airbrush would almost 100% use liquid mask
  8. Looks like carbon fibre vinyl, plenty of it on ebay
  9. I imagine the 5mm holed hubs will fit on the narrow shaft without a noticeable effect, the pin will keep it balanced anyway. (unless there are 2 versions of axle on original Foxes?)
  10. For me in Australia, 1 Sport Tuned will cost me (Best price I can find) $42, these 2 from Aliexpress cost me $9.74 each
  11. Just further to this, I’ve bought these to go into my Black Clod, and it was the performance of them that convinced me to get them, they obviously have zero timing (compared to the genuine ones) which eliminates any potential issues that may arise from running the genuine ones (one runs in reverse). The black can look is what I was after, and for a bit under $20AUD shipped for 2, I’m happy to take the risk.
  12. Yep I have, I’m not concerned about performance with these at all, it’s purely about the look, silver cans just look so standard, I’m not even all that interested in the new silver Sport Tuned or Torque Tuned Motors TBH
  13. So the Interstate hobby shop I ordered this from phoned today and it appears they have no stock, and no eta on re-stocks. I’ve managed to get the 4wd M4 sport as an alternative for no additional outlay, will mean I’ll have to look at body post location, and probably will have to drill new holes in the body I’ve already got, but that’s ok, I’m sure I’ve got some options to use on the sheet that @yogi-bear sent to me
  14. 2 non genuine “Sport Tuned” Motors and some alloy Fox rear wheel hubs
  15. They haven’t arrived yet, postage to Australia takes a long time at the moment. I didn’t think to measure tbh. *edit - well they just arrived and I can confirm that the original needs the 5mm ones that you ordered, and the Nova will use the 4.2mm as I linked above
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