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  1. What’d we get through - 12 tanks? That OS really wants to go mate. I stripped my carb again last night, gave it a flush and gentle blow out, some more of that “grease” came out so hopefully that was the issues I was happening with mine, will test it today
  2. We'll get onto that engine break in soon mate, Now I've got 2 Reds Scuderias that need doing as well
  3. I think shipping this to Aus will kill my chance at this
  4. mtbkym01


    A couple of classics for sure, I’m a massive fan of the Marui kits
  5. I picked up my Sakura M4 from Hearns Hobbies in Melb, good value too IMO
  6. They did dust off the Fox chassis moulds for a 1 run model, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same here
  7. Yes couldn’t agree more on tyres, I’ve seen people chasing set up with toe, camber, spring rates, roll centre adjustments etc, trying to get their car to do a certain thing, when they have the wrong tyre or compound fitted. Tyres will make up about 80% of a good set up imo
  8. I race 1/8 Nitro, both buggy and truggy, and if my droop is not set correctly, both front and rear, to suit the conditions and grip levels, the vehicles are very hard to drive fast. The kits have the adjustments built in, so yep it plays a part and has effect.
  9. I’m struggling to understand why droop is not for buggies? It plays a significant role in BOTH on-road and off-road applications.
  10. Yeah they are basically the same as a silver can. It’s why I bought them for my Clod, wanted black cans and zero timing. If they are cheap on eBay then that’s not an issue, but if they are asking the same or near genuine prices then that’s an issue.
  11. I would suggest that bagged will be fake, Genuine would be in a box for sure. I bought 2 fakes (knowing that they were) and both come in bags from AliExpress
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