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  1. Have you tried another esc, or the same esc with another tx/RX set? You may need to work through the components to see which one is creating the issue. The M17 is a high end quality radio (doesn’t mean it’s immune to faults) as is a Maclan ESC. The easiest way to diagnose will be by elimination so replace one component at a time to test everything. Even try a different servo, they can sometimes appear fine, but will actually be the culprit in the set up
  2. I haven’t run mine with the slipper yet, but the instructions do give a guide of where to set it.
  3. There’s a pic in this post by @Blista
  4. Do you mean the Mk2 escort, or the other later escort that has been announced?
  5. Not that I’m aware, all prices in USD and shipping is quite a lot
  6. For my shelfers I also use the glycerin, I brush paint in on and just turn the tyres every day or so initially, you may get a couple drips under them depending how heavy handed you apply it, it works wonders though
  7. Yeah fresh paint moves easiest with it, bit harder on old stuff, but still effective
  8. Yep mid March apparently for Aus, so even paint now is getting harder to get, particularly the common colours
  9. So as @KalEl63 said, we’ve used droop screws to solve the issue, both the front and rear arms have threaded holes in them so I grabbed some 10mm M3 grub screws and have rectified the issue. What I found interesting is there is no mention of it as an tuning option in the manual at all. Wondering if a couple of the XV experts @Big Jon or @Juls1 have had this issue before?
  10. Another thing with the barrel/tube nuts, you may have to drill out the hole on the hex a bit to enable the tube part to fit inside it
  11. HPI and Tamiya for quality and detail you can’t go wrong, not sure on the other one you listed (although it looks good in the link)
  12. To use as wheel nuts, let’s you use a wide hex without needing longer axles, also called barrel nuts Ive used them on my Novafox with 0 offset 2.2 wheels, as well as on this TL01 Mustang (before and after resultcan be seen in my project thread in “general” section)
  13. Love the blu tac idea, look forward to seeing the outcome. I have a 2nd Lancia Delta body to do (just finished my Rally one). Thinking a street car on a touring chassis of some description
  14. This was me too, my neighbour had a Hotshot (that he couldn’t drive very well at all) and I had this Guide Book (well still do have it)
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