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  1. So jelly of your find. Unfortunately down here in Australia, it’s very rare that such buys come along. I’ve been looking for. ultima for a very long time, and when they do come up, they are very expensive. Finding one overseas based is easier, but the weak AUD and extreme postage costs makes it very expensive also. I’m not complaining as I’ve done very well with some projects over time (where some have been given to me etc, like my current RR resto). will be watching your project with slots of interest
  2. Yeah ok, missed that, glad I’ve got a couple black ones NIB still
  3. Anyone know when this happened? Is it the same as the black can?
  4. Tiny update, I searched through the loose bits and pieces that came with the RR, and found the original brass uni joints, they were in a pretty ordinary state, so I hit them with CLR and then wire brushed them. I can see why the car has the steel units on them as these are pretty sloppy, so I’m undecided if I should fit them, although this will see shelf duties only.
  5. No progress on the RR (waiting on paint), but I did do some motor maintenance, and thought about how I’d like to store/display my small collection
  6. I've had quite a productive year getting into my long term projects, as can be seen in my projects thread, still left in my queue (in no particular order): - Tamiya Rough Rider Early Vintage - nearly finished - Tamiya Sand Scorcher - never run, needs the body to be restored and the chassis to be stripped and rebuilt - Tamiya Top Force original - Resto - Tamiya Firedragon original - Resto - Tamiya Big Wig original - Resto - Tamiya SuperShot - Need to swap out the chassis for the original (no hatch) - Tamiya TA06 - thinking off fitting a Yokomo Toyota Crown body on it that I have - Kyosho Pegasus - Resto - Kyosho Optima/Javelin original - Turning an original Optima into a Javelin - Yokomo MX4 - Resto - A couple Kyosho Nitro somethings - Resto - Venom Creeper 2.2 class comp crawler - need to replace gearset inside transmission (out of production, finally tracked down a gearset, scared to use them without copying them some how) I think thats all thats left in resto/rebuilds, then I have the following NIB's that may or may not get built as some time: - Tamiya Clodbuster - non bow tie - Tamiya Fox - stay NIB - Tamiya Blackfoot ReRe - Tamiya Monster Beetle ReRe - Tamiya Egress ReRe - Tamiya Porsche 40th Anniversary x 2 - 1 to build - Tamiya Bruiser ReRe - Tamiya Fighting Buggy (Superchamp) - undecided - Associated RC10 Classic - stay NIB - Kyosho Scorpion ReRe - stay NIB - Kyosho Tomahawk - undecided - Kyosho Optima ReRe - undecided I think that is everything that I have waiting on something to happen with them
  7. Some of these projects that I’ve worked on this year I’ve had sitting since around 2011 or 2012, so have no fear, you will get to them one day. Half the time my biggest issue is I’ll track something down for a project, but forget that I’ve got it
  8. Good to know, Next time I find something I absolutely need, I will ask for a postage quote. Yep the AUD is very weak at the moment Not sure what project will be next, what about you mate, where you at with builds?
  9. Another Vintage Kyosho LEMANS motor for my collection
  10. So true mate, I am on the lookout for a black bumper (but won’t spend a million dollars on one ) and I’ve still got the original wheels that I can restore. There’s a box of bits and pieces that came with the RR, I think I’ve seen a brass uni in there, so might try and find another. As you would be well aware, postage on small parts like these through eBay is ridiculous, and finding the parts in Oz is almost impossible
  11. Yeah I was just looking for anything old school really for that build, and stumbled across a lot of Servos and esc’s so the 110 seemed perfect for this build
  12. Basically just the body to do, will need some warmer weather which is just around the corner
  13. Something I overlooked when I stripped, cleaned and rebuilt the rear end is that this has the steel universals from the Super Champ! Undecided whether I leave these or change over to some original brass ones?
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