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  1. Apply the paint very lightly, if you get it too thick it can crack and flake away. I’ve had this happen when I’m impatient and get to heavy handed with the can. Need to be patient which is something I’m not when building a kit 😂
  2. Oh yeah, think he was from Tamiya USA?
  3. I’m a bit late seeing this post, who would’ve thought there’d be 2 of us on TC with one of these beasts, hopefully you still have it, is yours Auto or Manual?
  4. Exactly as @Snappy1 describes, they aren’t kit perfect, but they certainly serve the purpose. Without sitting them side by side with originals they will look absolutely fine IMO, I use them a lot, go through my showroom to see which ones are MCI (if you can pick them 🤔😎)
  5. What about a bit of heat from a hair dryer/heat gun, I’ve had success in the past with lifting decals and heat, seems to reactivate the adhesive
  6. I haven’t compared them, but memory tells me the GH springs would be longer? This could be a great result
  7. Is this a tester for Losi? Will we see a 1/10 version? https://www.modelflight.com.au/losi-mini-jrx2-1-16-2wd-buggy-rtr-red-los01020t1.html
  8. Great build mate, love it
  9. Thanks for the comments guys, I’m really happy with this rebuild, feels like it’s worthy of a place now, whereas before it never really grabbed me on my first restore of a pretty ordinary Wild One. And thanks to @KalEl63 for the encouragement and ideas.
  10. Wow, I know I’ve not been around too much lately, mega busy, but having to go 10 pages in to find my thread shows I’ve been away quite a while, and now my last project is now actually finished: I present...............The Wild Fox (Mind the stickers on the Og Fox, they are quite poor, this MCI Order I got another set to redo that one)
  11. If those tyres aren’t perished in any way, you may well have struck gold, one of the most rare tyres to find anywhere
  12. I got them from eBay, from memory had to but 2 sets with different offsets to get the wider offset rear. I’ll see if I can find a link https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331796634264 - 3mm offset https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331796640246 - 9mm offset
  13. Yup, I have some screw bags for Hotshot and Wild One plus possibly others, considered opening one once, found it hard to do, so just put it back in the tub
  14. Quick question, a mate as a couple 956’s and is wondering is the antenna the same/similar to the Hotshot/Fox variant? It looks to be the same type spring steel with alloy base that has a threaded hole underneath
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