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  1. I haven't used the re-re cases with original shafts personally, but it seems likely that this would be the scenario
  2. No not ever run and won’t be, I still have the box so it can be easily repacked too 👍🏻
  3. I have a new Fox that I bought from Germany (got 2, 1 for me and 1 for @matman) they are fairly desirable and don’t come up very often, the rarest being the 4wd Hotshot. You would have no trouble selling it if you were so inclined. The last NIB I saw was a frog on eBay for over $1k, wouldn’t expect it to sell for that though.
  4. Yeah I think so too to be scale. I’m guessing no one has come across a small weave look specifically for RC?
  5. Has anyone used the carbon vinyl wrap on their RC’s. I’m thinking a Carbon roof and some other details on my W12 Golf GTI body, but would like to see if it’s been done before and how it looks. I’m concerned the weave will be too large to look “correct” any pics would be great
  6. I look forward to your build thread in the garage @toyolien
  7. The stock wheel adapters are a know weakness, they can split/crack just from doing up the wheelnuts, particularly as they get older, There are machined alloy options available on ebay which are a great upgrade
  8. Orange on the shelf, Black on the tarmac? Both look great, whole thing looks great, inspiring me to crack my 84431 out, Don't have a Porsche on my shelf yet
  9. Hey all, hoping someone has the window stickers from the Re-Re brat sticker sheet unused. These were for the lexan body. Managed to tear the windscreen one. cheers
  10. https://www.mrcplaza.com.au/collections/mst/category_wheel?page=1 Lots out of stock, and not cheap, but MST wheels really do look the business, completely forgot about them when I posted the original Q, despite just using them on my Black WRX (Had the white ones for ages)
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