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  1. THese ball cups are one of the key identifiers that this car is an early one, unfortunately some have already been replaced over the years with what look like Tamiya items. I will be utilising all of the original cups where I can, and then using “period correct” Dubro captured ball ends in the other spots
  2. That’s great, let me know if you need any tips, or want to offload the truck
  3. Absolutely mate, gonna be a challenge in itself, some of the nylon is discoloured more than others, and even more discolouring on the same part. I dont want to overdo it either, as the original nylon is far from white also, so yeah....challenging
  4. mtbkym01

    How do you clean your yellow shocks?

    Ultrasonic cleaner with dishwasher powder
  5. The next project has commenced, and this one will take a little while, as it’s a rather special little job that has a very significant history in the racing side of our hobby. Based on research and advice from those in the know, this is a Team Associated RC10 early “Edinger” edition. I bought this a while ago as what I thought was just a Gold Pan RC10, but it’s infact a fairly early kit made by Team Associated when they ventured into off road. This car seems to have had a pretty tough life, and bringing this one up to scratch will be time consuming. Being what it is, I’m determined to bring it back to life as original as possible so bear with me, anyway here’s some pics: 2E120F80-14B4-471D-86DB-388C20CEE316 7D9D5A84-3AFD-4E0E-9250-9AE911814A00 979CCDE1-6C8B-4F7D-86DB-00EF7BF15345 2C5B2A1E-65E3-4BB9-8E8E-C1AE5985A4A4 DFF4497B-E1AB-4B63-A6B5-DD6DAEF164C9 55DB22E3-9176-4EF8-A1E9-DA6F1F5143E2 98FDB8CB-04F4-4DB2-A584-8B42CABFD4CB 2C51DD35-F16D-49DF-9A2B-01FD63EBB172 FC5C0CAB-29EB-483F-8EED-4DF89FC994C2 B65A7CAD-40E3-44CD-A559-0E49CC16917C This project will be pic heavy as I want to document a lot of what has to be done to bring this one back to life. Hope you guys like this one
  6. mtbkym01

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Nothing huge, but something that will bring me closer to starting my next project - some nylon wingnut "Wheel Knock Offs"
  7. mtbkym01

    Tamiya tyres on Tomahawk front wheels

    Looks great, what decals did you use on the rears?
  8. mtbkym01

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Get some OT66 repros from MarwanRC and tyre issue is resolved
  9. mtbkym01

    Tamiya tyres on Tomahawk front wheels

    That’s a shame, look forward to see the results
  10. Both of these bodies are repro items, and the Turbo one isn’t a great fit imo, it seems to be marginally shrunken and a little short, which made it interesting to fit. Having said that, the chassis itself is far from perfect, and overall I’m really happy with the outcome, compared to what I started with FDA98E4C-3B65-4FA0-AF14-D0FA8F823109 by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr 44605685-AF3E-4C83-986B-D66DA246AC64 by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr 51A8AEDA-7B06-4960-AFEC-1269D9124F4F by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr The Optima body, although from the same place seems to be a much better fit. I rebuilt this car about 8 years ago, and it has had the body sitting on it unpainted for all that time. I’m so happy to have finally had the body completed 0DF3CD59-66F2-461F-B440-30C134816406 by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr 125D633F-F11D-4F23-9810-4991D18EDDD8 by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr The 2 brothers sitting on their shelf together, I absolutely love this sight 1681B7E5-57A7-4262-A108-63173661F6B6 by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr I can’t take credit for the paintwork, this was done by an airbrusher (JA Designs) from here in my home city, as far as I’m concerned they are flawless and well worth the relatively small amount it cost me, much better than I could possibly ever do. From here I’ll be onto the next project, now to decide what to tackle next
  11. mtbkym01

    paint opinions

    An Airbrusher I know uses acrylic airbrush paints for all his works, but always backs them with PS1. He says it seals and protects the acrylics
  12. Think I’ll just put these pics here 70C2A023-07AD-4439-B496-AD8FAD26EC4E by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr 5A9D1335-E8F6-40BD-B6DC-EFF14BAC4FF0 by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr DF2EE029-031B-4C9A-834A-290448237DDC by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr 547358CA-9D81-4B0F-BCE2-951EB9FF3CC5 by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr DBECAC7F-AF46-40F7-8439-12751D6E7F3C by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr 1187C4A3-C15C-4C07-9651-82C6157D5F34 by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr
  13. mtbkym01

    Tamiya tyres on Tomahawk front wheels

    I have a Tomahawk NIB packed away to be built sometime, I’m pretty certain they are the exact same tyres as on the scorpion. Yes the tyres have Goodyear printed on them 2361BDE5-9F22-463B-B150-411D709CE6A2 by Kym mtbkym01, on Flickr
  14. mtbkym01

    Oh Dear.... (Bruiser clone)

    Exactly, easier to just copy than invent
  15. mtbkym01

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Yep me too, really need one in my collection