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  1. Probably obvious, does the kit come with a pinion? If not, is the pitch correct on the one you are using, between metric and imperial?
  2. My Lancia XV01 kit stickers were not pre-cut. The bodyset I bought separately were pre-cut
  3. Got notification of pre-order through Aus distributor , sound like they are getting 100 kits initially…..$860 AUD is a lot of cash, but geez it’s tempting
  4. Has anyone ever tried fitting the 1/12 956 on any chassis other than a Racing Masters or RM-01? Like a more modern 1/12 pan car? I'd love to have a 956 sitting alongside my TOMS 84C, but finding a RM chassis is getting tough. Just looking at options for the future
  5. Probably my Edinger First Edition RC10 Goldpan…. Didnt know what I bought when I bought it, got lucky I guess
  6. Yes @moffman the prices of some of these is really starting to get out of hand, I didnt get the JJ Ultima based on price in AUS and I fear this will be pushing $1000 AUD which just isn’t justifiable.
  7. Yeah oven cleaner is a good starting point. It stripped this Big Bear bed painted with model paint The yellow didn't really move, but some very light super fine sanding cleaned it right off Was able to get this result (primed) And paint
  8. @Pylon80I think Marc Reinhard and Ryan Maifield are both using the Flysky Noble transmitter (Sponsorship deals), so it must be ok for guys who race at the very top level to be happy to use them.
  9. As mentioned above, check out Team Azarashi, they used to make great bodies, assuming they still do
  10. Limited to how many they can sell
  11. Agreed, I’m too old for the floor these days
  12. There’s also the CA glue trick. Fill the hole with CA glue and let it dry. Then you can form new threads as it will cut them into the hardened glue. Very effective on stripped threads in plastic
  13. Went to the 1/10 track today to run a few cars with my mate. Another member met us there, he’s looking to offload this Dyna Storm Can i ask any experts to help identify what this is? I was thinking the “Forward” sticker would identify it as a Re-Re, but it could’ve also been on the original I guess due to licensing at that time. Also, and I hate actually asking this, but what are these roughly worth, my research hasn’t turned up much to determine it. I think I’d like one as it would make a good vintage runner Thanks in advance
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