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  1. You could certainly build a nice one out of the 2, then on sell what’s left for another enthusiast to restore. The Marui range is awesome imo, I’ve just recently picked up a samurai that is in need of some attention that I will get to at some point
  2. I’ve noticed that before, but never understood how they expect it to be removed?
  3. This little buggy has be really intrigued, i love the fact that it’s got PBS, just like my 1/8 Mugen stuff
  4. Wow, pillow ball front end, cool. yep you’d need a glow igniter. These are available generally in a “Nitro starter kit” which will include an igniter, fuel bottle, glow plug wrench and a couple other tools. I would also look at a spare glow plug or 2. As for fuel, I’m not sure what’s available where you are but I’d imagine a 15 - 16% mix would be sufficient, @acprc will be able to be more specific I’m sure. Welcome to the world of Nitro 😎
  5. No I have a Spektrum DX3R (my old race radio) that I use on my runners. I keep the Hitec for racing only 1/8 Nitro and 1/10 electric
  6. My preferred servo’s are Xpert. I have used Hitec before but find the Xpert’s to be absolutely fantastic and very efficient
  7. It does come with a drop down. Yeah I’m used to how it looks so don’t even really think about it anymore. Like I said it’s performance and function compares to radios twice it’s price by Sana’a, Futaba and co.
  8. But it has a great personality 😂. Seriously though yeah it’s a bit unusual looking, but is very balanced in your hands and functions very well
  9. **** shame, yep the Matt black bumpers are extremely rare. Such a shame
  10. I’ve got some tyres, but Australia is a long way away from you I guess
  11. I use a Hitec Lynx for my racing, fantastic radio comparable to others that are double the price, receivers are cheap as chips too
  12. Great work mate, I knew you would do an excellent job of this tired old truck. Looking as good as new. Here’s some inspiration for you:
  13. There absolutely should be a filter on every Nitro engine
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