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  1. Motor installed Servo, ESC and RX in. Funnily, I had to black/red red/black the motor & ESC wires. I wish I tested it first, I would’ve swapped the motor wires around when I soldered them, no harm, it’s not seen anyway. Another quirk, the ESC switch is on at off, and off at on and it’s a working kit now, will do the tyre lettering, and then finish it off with some “glamour” shots once my 2.2 Pepper Pot wheels arrive ( @KalEl63 has some lovely Turbo Scorpion 2.2’s on his runner that he has just built, looks stunning)
  2. @Zealot The 2 kits my LHS had both had them, will be interesting what SMS (Distributor) says
  3. I woke up and because I’m impatient, went through my electronics drawer, and found a servo that is not ideal for this car (grey case), but will go in (at least for now). Decided on a black “Sport Tuned” motor from China (more about the looks) and a 1060 style ESC. Steel 18T pinion as well. Pretty poor specs from this servo from memory Motor wires lengthened and plug replaced on ESC to Deans style
  4. Anyone found a “softer” spring for the rear shocks on their Wild One Re$Re’s. The kit ones seem mightily over sprung?
  5. Bit more progress... it basically just needs electronics and numbers, still deciding what motor to use, and waiting on some servos, I have one but don’t want to use it on this, saving it for my Monster Beetle. Also plan on trying some things with wheels and tyres when they arrive
  6. A couple steps after work tonight..... Nope, those won’t do (they will never do) whoops, there’s an extra brass 850 Gearbox grafted in, feels like building a full scale buggy this Rear trailing arms fitted And finally for today, rear shocks fitted (feels very oversprung)
  7. @alvinlwh I wouldn’t be too concerned, I haven’t done much running though. You could always try and see if it helps or hinders I guess
  8. Started by doing stickers on the body, so this sticker is the first thing I did to the BH Didn’t completely finish the stickers as I’m still contemplating which number to use Started on the front end and onto the cage Thats all I’ve had time for so far, very enjoyable up to this point.
  9. Any way of knowing if that’s a Chev? I guess you’d have to open the plastic
  10. Any “vintage” ones with Tamiya lettering, get kept. The rest (minus a couple here and there) get donated to my LHS, he gives them out to any customer who could use them
  11. There are 2 options, small and large wheel well These are the small wheel well option from MCI https://mciracing.ca/collections/tami/products/1-10th-tam-58027-ford-ranger-small-wheel-well-approx-80mm-decals?sort_by=manual There is also the large wheel well option on the site
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