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  1. I had this exact issue, but a different email address sorted it out. I was originally using a @gmail address and it just wouldn’t work. I changed to my work email which is a govt account and it worked as it should
  2. @BuggyDad I think Glycerin will serve both jobs well.
  3. Coat them in Glycerin from time to time, or even seek out auto shops for tyre coatings. In Australia there is a company called Bowden’s Own who make a product that is perfect https://www.bowdensown.com.au/tyre-sheen
  4. Looking at this pic, the shocks on the Turbo seem darker than the Mid ones, matching the wheel shades on each kit? Maybe this is why Yeah Racing have different colour anno on each set?
  5. I’ve used Yeah Racing as @toyolien said above. They do sets for some kits, but I’ve made my own sets by buying in pairs
  6. A few Australian race car drivers are also into RC, not guide to this level, but they have been known to show up and race from time to time. I dont follow BTCC, but I might have to now, I have a favourite driver now 😂
  7. I guess what I’m getting at is the “limited” here is bordering on ridiculous, based on what information is floating around. AE are not supporting retailers at all. Tamico aren't stocking it as they were allocated a few! For potentially 100’s of pre-orders. There’s limited, and then there’s this release
  8. A bit of info and chat here
  9. Yep agree 100%, Don't understand AE’s behaviour here. Firstly, why release these limited kits so close together, and then why limit them so much? I’ve asked my LHS to get me one, just like I did with the 40th (still waiting?) but as he’s such a small shop, he’s treated that way by distributors and doesn't get his orders honoured. While others who order lots more, list them 30% higher than the RRP
  10. I must’ve been onto something when I started restoring my original earlier this year
  11. @Re-BuggedI do have plans for 1 more Fox mate, just not quite yet. But will check out Tamico
  12. What’s good about them is 1. They are very economical to make, 2. They really cant be passed off as originals.
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