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  1. The other option is to make some shorter rear links to suit, as IMO its the rear thats too far off
  2. Oh bummer, my $60 AUD order was $12 to ship
  3. I find it curious that they wanted to look at Metal Parts?
  4. Cant go wrong with PJ mate, I’m just glad its affordable shipping again
  5. Moved an email from my Inbox to my hobby folder, stating my Small PlazaJapan order has shipped, glad that economy shipping has returned
  6. Its had a couple runs already, its released as Novafox, and is a must have
  7. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/cars.asp
  8. Keep mine on shelves. My Hobby Room shed is insulated and lined though
  9. Yep sounds like pinion is slipping on the shaft, make sure its tight on the flat surface as @Wooders28 says above. See how you go with that.
  10. Thanks @Frog Jumper. I’ve added the the low friction balls to my PJ Cart, I’d like to upgrade the drive shafts as well, but they are showing out of stock at moment, hopefully they come back in soon. Are there any other upgrades you would recommend? Noting that it will probably only see fairly light duties TBH
  11. Ordered a HW 1080 Crawler ESC for my CC02 build, was gonna just use a 1060, but decided on the crawler specific ESC instead
  12. I actually like my CR01, and as far as trailing around it will do ok. Hop ups are going top be your biggest issue now though. I built mine more as a scaler as I already have a 2.2 comp crawler. I’m now building a CC02 as another trail rig
  13. Finished my other house jobs early, so managed to complete Bag C as well A couple of observations so far, It reminds me a little of my CR01 build, and the quality of the plastics feels very high, with the main transmission seeming like a carbon impregnated plastic.
  14. Had a couple hours this morning, decided to do some chassis building, so bags A and B are complete Decided to build it with the gears arranged for low range, to slow down the kit silver can. Hopefully its not too slow
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