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  1. What upgrades? I do like the Arrma stuff, got a 6S Notorious myself
  2. My black Clod kit has both styles included, I’ll be using the one your chasing, but if anyone has used the linked one, you should be able to find the original style
  3. I’ve got the same set for mine @Re-Bugged 👍🏻
  4. Yes true mate, my LHS is expecting some kits relatively soon, will be tempting no doubt when there are a couple different Escort kits there
  5. A suggestion from James on the main site, smoke the windows! It’s a very good point, but I’m scared to get an even coat 😂😂
  6. Yeah, MST nuts are 5.5 instead of 7, and it has 3mm hex’s to get the wheel offset, a bit too much axle showing as a result
  7. So I got some paint on the the street Lancia, beyond happy with how this turned out. It’s Tamiya PS61 backed in black, with Matt black accents. I love the stance, probably wouldn’t be practical to drive it this low, but boy it looks mean IMO
  8. Definitely continue to monitor them for puffiness etc, but sounds like you should be good to go
  9. Be careful when using the other setting, and stop as soon as the voltage gets above the 3v per cell range (shouldn’t take long). Then cycle them a couple times between charged and storage, should come back to life fine.
  10. IS there something odd going on with the wheels?
  11. That’s hectic, great job
  12. Serviced my 1/8 buggy (diff rebuilds) and fitted new body and wing, IMO my mate has excelled finishing this body, I love it
  13. I think the standard steering set up has too much play which plays a big role, the hop up steering system will go a long way to rectifying the issue I believe (along with a high torque servo saver)
  14. Wow mate, where’d you find the GB01? Looking forward to the test prints too 👍🏻
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