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  1. Is it an original Optima? Will be hard to fit the wing mounts to an original from what I’ve researched so far, will look forward to what you come up with, as I have a future project along the same lines
  2. Yep I could easily go another Brat, such a cool looking kit
  3. My Mugen Seiki toolset leaves Hudy for dead in quality. The only issue I have with them is there are no caps on the handles, other than that they are flawless. Japanese tools so if the TRF tools are of the same quality I’d say they are worth it
  4. Yeah I’d start with a good quality servo I reckon, it’s amazing the difference they will make on a race car, even off road, let alone on road
  5. Can’t believe I missed the start of this thread, can’t wait to see what you do with it mate
  6. Multi Focal wearer here too, have been now for a couple years now. Particularly in low light/night time
  7. Made some shelving in my “hobby shed/man cave” so my empty kit boxes have somewhere decent to live
  8. Yes he is, think I showed you this pic before This was taken in Japan about 6 years ago on a trip with the Australian Mugen distributor (a good friend of mine). I got to say hello to Koji again last year in Perth Australia at the 1/8 worlds.
  9. Here’s my current race truggy Got a 1/8 Mugen Seiki MBX8 Worlds Spec on order that should be at the wholesaler in about a month, to match above
  10. This is a great idea, I’ve been racing 1/8 Nitro for the last 8-10 years, so may be able to offer help and advice in this space too
  11. Hmm, these look very interesting, who’s buying them first to see if they’ll work?
  12. Pretty sure it’s a Force .32 in the TNX 5.2R
  13. I did the same as I do with my nylon style race rims, soak the "bead" in acetone. but as soon as I placed the rim into the acetone, it started melting, turning the acetone cloudy, and the rim was ruined (Terra Scorcher wheels)
  14. Acetone also dissolves a lot of Tamiya’s rims. I found out the hard way
  15. Ok I’m not going to argue with you, other than to say again, you are commenting about owning and running Nitro, when you said yourself you never have. I’m not knocking electric power at all, or the ease of plug and play, they each have their place in the hobby. oh and again, I disagree about running costs also, and I race both so can comment with some knowledge
  16. Hitec have recently changed to 25t spline on their Servos, you may be able to just use what is included in the kit
  17. Sorry I can’t agree with you that the biggest bias is from Nitro guys against electric. Most of the Nitro guys I know, also have electric, but not many (if any) electric guys have any nitro cars, but are quick to knock it, as seen in this thread “I’ve never owned one but they’re slow” type comments are the normal response. Everything has its place in the hobby. I race competitively and I far more enjoy racing my 1/8 off road cars due to the realism of it, and the much longer races. There are electric 1/8 classes and these things have insane torque, but lap times are no faster than the Nitro versions. Yes my race cars are expensive, but no more expensive than an equivalent 1/8 E buggy or truggy.
  18. I’m so happy it finally got there Erich, it’s pretty rough so I look forward to what you can make of it in time. Also glad the decal is of use, and there’s a bumper in there too from a Wild One I think, but may come in use for something else at some time. Enjoy it mate
  19. Yep, 480S is the blue one, a 240S (red one) would be nice too
  20. I love the old school LeMans Motors, Along with the 480T pictured here, I also have a couple 240ST’s one in each of my Optima and Turbo Mid SE, a 360ST pictured earlier in my thread in my Turbo Optima, a NIB 240SB, and a NIB 240T I’d love to track down a 480S at some point too
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