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  1. I know this from first hand experience
  2. Bit of a side track, as far as RC10's go, (I'm no expert) I really dont think there is a "correct" rebuild (other than early Edingers ). These things got so heavily modified right throughout there life cycles than any "pan" than is built complete is an RC10 IMHO
  3. So this is something I’m not 100% sure of, can somebody point me in the right direction to identify easily (if possible) the differences between these variants of the SRB’s. I have a couple originals awaiting some resto work and would like to identify which variants I have Cheers
  4. Excellent points, updated thread title to reflect same
  5. All good stuff, thanks. Without going out to my workshop to check them out, I do know the Rough Rider has flat head screws in the wheels, with Brass coloured nuts. will check out the other things listed and take some pics for proper Identification too. Here’s a quick couple I’ve already taken, but probably not enough to ID
  6. mtbkym01

    Kyosho Optima Mid Quick Restore

    This thread is making me want a Mid, and a Turbo Mid to go along with my Turbo Mid SE You’re doing a great job on this, I’m liking it a lot
  7. Tracked down the nip parts required to remanufacture the front sway bar, just need them to arrive to get it sorted. And as this is nearing completion, I started thinking about my next project
  8. Instead of multiple threads, thought I'd start one like others have, showing my latest and upcoming projects. For starters, I'll kick off with my Honda City Turbo WR02, complete with a IBIFTKH fantastic driver figure. This was the first time I've attempted filling body holes, think I learnt a lot ready for the next one, fully ball raced, painted in Pearl White and clear coated. I love this little car, and definitely will get at least 1 more
  9. Installed old school Futaba Servo And RX, and manufactured a steering linkage as per the manual, even found a round servo horn like what was used originally
  10. Driver, window nets and Spotties done
  11. Home alone today, and after getting the chores done that my wife left me with , I attached the Protech body for the Edinger, I’ve been struggling with what colour to do this thing (I didn’t want to do the “camel” yellow traditional box art). I looked through what PS paints I have and pulled out white, Metallic Blue and Gunmetal. Then I grabbed the Tamiya masking tape and this is the end result Next to do is the Spot lights and driver figure, and then to finish off the chassis with electrics, motor and steering components (that I still need to buy)
  12. mtbkym01

    Kyosho Optima Mid Quick Restore

    Pretty sure Turbo Mid had Gold Shocks, whereas the Turbo Mid SE had the platinums
  13. The replacement screws I have been waiting for from an enthusiast in the USA arrived today, so after work I was able to start rebuilding the chassis. I still need to get hold of some steering links to rebuild the steering system. Heres some pics of the rebuild, remembering that this is fully original with no new parts, just a clean and tidy up. The nose plate is the first step in the manual, I’ve been waiting for these long screws as the original ones were stripped out in the heads The front suspension components are next As I’d already assemble the 6 gear transmission, the rear end went together very quickly Front and rear together Shocks and wheels on Compared to how this thing looked when I started, I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming along, I plan on getting the body painted this Easter weekend hopefully
  14. mtbkym01

    Vanquish rebuild

    01r in this, Techigold in Terra Scorcher IMHO
  15. Something else to try is to seperate the Tx and Rx. I've had issues with binding before, and if I create space between them both, they seem to bind better
  16. Not sure which motor I’m going to use yet, I have an earlier and a couple later AE Motors that I’ve accumulated over the years. The earlier is a closed end bell that I believe AE used in their early RC12 Pan cars, and the later are “Cadillac” address Reedy Motors, one a Modified, and one a NIP stock
  17. mtbkym01

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Yeah I’d seal the rims and vent the tyres, all my 1/8 tyres are vented
  18. mtbkym01

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Period correct shock tower for my “Edinger” RC10
  19. mtbkym01

    RIP Brian sad.

    Worlds edition ^^ RIP Dirtinator, when I heard the news, I went out and looked at my Worlds Edition RC10, and the picture on the box of him up on shoulders celebrating his WC. Fantastic guy, and one of the true innovators in the hobby
  20. I’ve got some period correct replacement parts coming to me that will delay the commencement of the build as per the manual, so I decided I’d get the “6 gear” transmission assembled This assembly is the diff, it looks like a slipper, but isn’t The whole assembly together has 3 gears each side of the spine plate, hence being known as the 6 gear transmission, later replaced with the “stealth” transmission which is essentially what every later rear mounted motor 2wd buggy has utilised Ready to bolt onto the chassis I’ve also assembled the front and rear upper links, utilising all of the very early round bodied ball cups that I had with the car, the steering links will be built using Dubro captured ball ends
  21. Wheels and original tyres restored. These Goodyear tyres are extremely rare and again point to this being an early edition kit And shocks rebuilt
  22. It’s not just vintage kits, look at NIB prices of some re-re’s like Fighting Buggy or AE RC10 classic for example
  23. Whitening of parts has been completed, there’s still some slight discolouration on some parts, particularly the gear case halves but as this will be a survivor built with most of its original parts where possible, I don’t think it’ll look too bad once complete The colour pretty well matches my new built classic, so I’m satisfied I didn’t “overdo” it
  24. First couple pages of my Project Thread document my build, Really enjoyable chassis that I'd never want to part with
  25. mtbkym01

    How do you clean your yellow shocks?

    Full strip down and rebuild after