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  1. Absolutely superb, those michelins are perfect. My favourite, if not the only tyre for a 2cv. I always had them on my 1:1s. I'll be ordering a set of wheels from Shapeways. Can I ask if you get all 4, or is the price for 1 only? Would love a set of tyres, maybe when the current climate calms down I can order a set. Again, great work.
  2. Wow, I'd really love to buy a set. The hub caps are beautifully executed. They look incredible! I hope they re-release they Alpine body again. If you make them for the 2cv, I'm definitely all in. I'm deeply dissatisfied with my current 2cv setup, I'm looking at scale crawler wheels, small buggies etc to see if there's anything narrow to use.
  3. This is absolutely amazing, what I've dreamed about for years. I've always wanted my models to have a more narrow scale tread, so much so that even as a kid I did loads of research pre-internet, best I could in hobbyshops, stores etc to find narrow track wheels to make my cars more realistic. I understand the need for the wider track wheels found on all modern RC cars, I just would love to drive them with a more scale appearance. The crawler boom has so many options, why not touring and rally cars? As I'm back in the hobby now I've been trying to collect a database of alternative wheels and tyres for my projects, there's so many tyres out for 1/18 and 1/16 models that could work. I started building an Alpine years ago, but gave up due to being unsatisfied with the wheel options If there's a chance you could 3D print rally wheels and tyres like below, then I'd buy a set straight away! I've always wanted to build a RWD M-chassis version with mudflaps and a larger ground clearance, full interior etc. There are some 1/18 Crawler tyres on eBay that work really well, they need to be narrower but its a start. I'll try and find the link.
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