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  1. Some new pictures on the Jerobee blog. Thanks Jorgen
  2. Hello Jerobee fans The blog is now updated with the latest addition to my little collection. http://jerobee.blogspot.com/ The Jerobee is NIB and I bought it from Bill in the post above. Thank you Bill! Jorgen
  3. Hello Some new stuff on the Jerobee blogg! Jorgen
  4. Hello I have done some updates on the blog after running the Jerobee again. http://jerobee.blogspot.com/ Thanks Jorgen
  5. Hello Jerobee friends The idea is to start a "Jerobee Group", in order to share ideas, spare parts and others. Thanks Jorgen
  6. Hello again Sounds great, you have a PM. Thanks Jorgen Ps: Some new stuff on the Jerobee blog.
  7. Hello Atsugi, Japan, sounds like Kyosho home ground! Do you have any pictures of your Jerobee that you could email me? Thanks Jorgen
  8. Hello The Jerobee blog has been updated with some pictures/material from the early 70`s. http://jerobee.blogspot.com/ If you know of any Jerobee owners, please make them contact me. Thanks Jorgen
  9. Hello Monster Beetle Yes, it is a very nice car with good quality. It was the first production 1:12 gas and you could buy them RTR way back in 1973! Thanks Jorgen
  10. Hello Some new photos on the blog. I have now driven the Jerobee car that I have built out of parts bought on Ebay and others. Thanks Jorgen
  11. Hello Here is a little blog with some info and pictures of the Jerobee cars. http://jerobee.blogspot.com/ Thanks
  12. Hello I am interested in the vintage RC car brand Jerobee, made in the good old USA. I seek contact with other Jerobee owners, so we could share information, spares and others. Any leads to cars, spares, spare parts lists and others are appreciated. I bought my first RC car way back in 1973, and it was a Jerobee. I enclose a picture of the one I have built today, mostly by parts from Ebay. Thanks Jorgen Andersson
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