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  1. Well, all finished, new tyres from Tonys off ebay and wheels from Stella Models... ...too scared to run it!!
  2. Thanks for that. After rooting through the rubbish bin I managed to find the missing grille decal and that completed the set!! I've ordered some Tamiya Celica wheels from Stealla Models and some semi-slicks from Tonys Tamiya Parts off ebay.
  3. Just thought I'd post a snap of my partially refurbished Maxi... A few things I'm not happy with, I lost one of the grille decals in all the confusion and mess of application, the mirrors are the wrong colour and some of the lining-up of the lamp decals could be better. On the whole though, not a bad looking car. Some new Celica wheels and Super Slick tyres as well as some blue wheel nuts should set it off. Power comes from an Ansmann AS-20 speedo driving a Tamiya Sport motor, radio gear is Ansmann 3.1, 2.4 system.
  4. I think I've posted pic's of this before but this is the 99% finished runner I started at the beginning of the year. I've only just got the rims off ebay (another set on the way) and there's a chrome roll-cage I've got my eyes on. I saw the images of the Subaru with all the interior detail and that got me thinking about doing something similar with this (please excuse the shoddy spot-lamp positions). A set of LED lights is also on the cards.
  5. This thread has me thinking, I bought a 306 Maxi years ago, raced it at my local club, now the chassis is sat in my shed doing nowt. Now I know it has the same arms as the TL01 and the chassis extension, in 2 minds whether to restore it with the Peugeot shell or go for something smaller.
  6. soane

    Oh Dear

    Yep, found 'em, may get a couple just in case, cheers.
  7. soane

    Oh Dear

    It's the feeling inside after landing as your truck crabs away from you, can't turn it round and you know deep down somethings gone twang. Could be worse (and shows some non-drunken initiative on my part) I did take the shell off before the test run, just as well as I came off it too slow and endo'ed down the road Oh and without the shell it quite happily wheelies itself over! Which Towerpro servo would you recommend?
  8. I spent the last couple of hours building this: Not too high, nothing special, did a couple of jumps, son had a go, my last go and POP, Oh dear, I've a spare but I think I need a metal-geared servo ASAP
  9. Prescient, drop me a line, cheers. Jase
  10. Yeah I thought of that, I was there this afternoon but forgot all about it
  11. soane

    North West

    Sound, I'll keep an eye out for meets, I'll also subscribe to NWN site also. Trouble is, now the weathers turning, I tend to play golf early most Sundays , I'll sort something though.
  12. soane

    North West

    Don't want to sound a plum but will my King Blackfoot be up to snuff? Just been rebuilt with Tamiya black can and Ansmann ESC (Mtroniks/Modelsport clone?). I'd like to meet up and stretch it's legs. I've not yet embraced brushless or 2.4 technology, keeping it old skool
  13. I'm after a Macnum for my lad and was wondering if there were any Ansmann stockists in North Wales?
  14. I've made a pigs ear of painting one of my KBF wheels (they were painted before) so I'd like to know if I can use the brake fluid method of paint removal or is the plastic of the wheels too soft?
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