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  1. Loooool if i had a low loader than certainly
  2. Loool tell me about it, it just about fit on my desk
  3. So I finally got round to getting some primer and here's the offending parts tree I continue here to make the axles Fenders on Wheels on At this point, most of the chassis is complete Just to add the support legs mechanism And the rear bumper, which turned out quite well, especially the number plate Just added the final touches and here we are, chassis complete And tamiya have done a good job with the stickers, there's loads! I feel they add that last bit of detail Finally, I just had to...
  4. And just a quick question... So the container itself is made of plastic inserts with metal rails, can the metal rails simply be sprayed over with primer and then a topcoat or is there any particular way of prepping them for paint??? Thanks
  5. So here it is, finally arrived. I chose the 40ft NYK trailer as I wanted a container trailer, but thought it would be different as everyone seems to get the maersk one. I know the colours or the truck and trailer, being two shades of blue, may clash slightly but I have future plans for the Scanias paint .... Anyways here it is, and the first thing you notice is the size of the box! Pictures just don't do it justice. Thought I'd compare it to the Scania box for scale, and it makes a nice picture (idk why its upside down?) So I've started the build, only completing parts bag A which I know isn't much, but there is one parts tree that needs spraying before I can carry on, only to find I've run out of primer . Here's the progress so far...
  6. Lol cheers mate, now that would look mad!
  7. So, here we are, 4 years later... I have (finally) ordered a trailer to accompany the lonely Scania only to find it has been held up in customs, which should be resolved in the next few days (build thread imminent - watch this space). However in the mean time, I ordered some aluminium wheels from stella for the truck and to be honest I was very surprised how much difference they actually make to the overall look. They look more euro spec which suits the Scania much better. I was also very impressed at the quality of these wheels by LESU model sport, considering I had never heard of them previously. This means now that I'm running 30mm wide front tyres which are a bit of a squeeze, but do fit! Here's what I ordered The old stock front wheels vs new The old stock rear wheels vs new
  8. Ahh okay i see what you're saying! So i suppose that's the case with that brand of tyre as they have the bulge moulded into them, whereas the standard tamiya 30mm tyre shouldn't have this problem? And if the actros already comes with the 30mm tyres as standard, they surely shouldn't be a problem, unless there are any chassis changes that were made?
  9. Yeah i do think the 30mm would suit a euro better tbh. I would probably use the standard tamiya 30mm tyres as they are quite hard, so I doubt they'd bulge under load and that should hopefully avoid the rubbing
  10. Hmm yeah I've noticed that too about the roll, hopefully a wider tyre would improve that
  11. Just wanted to ask if there is much difference in handling of the trucks when replacing the standard 22mm front wheel with a 30mm one, for example is the turning circle affected, does it drive any differently? And if there's anything else I should look out for? Thanks
  12. Cheers mate , will try it and see what happens...
  13. its just that the paint is thin in some areas (i think i used too much cutting compound) so i was thinking can i just spray on top of the existing paintwork or would i prime it first and spray the top coat on top???
  14. Basically I have a R470 cab which is already sprayed but im not too happy with the finish. I was windering if i could simply prime over the existing paint and spray a new topcoat or would i have to strip all of the paint off first??? Thanks
  15. Was just thinking the other day what the next 1/14 truck would be as there hasn't been one for a while now i was thinking that they may have a go at making another Euro Truck like a Merecedes Actros 6x2, a new Volvo FH 16 or even a DAF!!! What are your thoughts???
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