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  1. is there any others out there that will fit and look right thanks
  2. as title says im after a few small sets of decals for my wheels on my cars, so if any one can help please reply or pm cheers
  3. thanks thats the type of info i needed!
  4. hi all, after some aliminium oil filled dampers for my ta03f, i did buy one set but it just made chssis sit on the ground no matter which way i adjusted them, which shocks will fit. had a route around on google and tl-01 pops up now and then and also mini shocks but i fort they would be to short??? any help appreciated cheers what parts would be interchangable as there isnt many for my model that i can find also anyone selling any hop up parts for this model give us a shout! cheers
  5. as title says, is water based or solvent paint safe on my shell to use? i got escort cosworth shell and wanna make replica of one ive seen, i work in bodyshop, and wanted to paint it at work, the tamiya colours wont be a colour match to what i want so wondering if solvent or water base paint would work with out cracking or recking my shell, thanks in advance
  6. ive got the TA03F which came with that shell but the front end is smashed! not by me!
  7. hi just registerd to the site, in need of info as im really new to the rc world! got new sets of wheels for my car but in need of decals/stickers for them, i.e oz racing or compomotive, does any one know where i can get these from or anyone who makes them thanks in advance
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