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  1. Hello Buddy, Remind how we get the discount again ?
  2. And I've just pre-ordered one on my wifes card..... when she gets home from work I'll let her know my christmas present won't be under the tree this year.... :)
  3. As soon as anyone sees places taking pre orders. Can you post on here. Cheers
  4. Loving your comments buddy and really looking forward to seeing your paint job.
  5. Looking real good, but in the first pic wheelbase looks slightly off. Is that just the angle of the camera
  6. Nice work buddy, I've enjoyed reading through all the posts. I didn't realise you were taking on projects now..
  7. That scoop is proper vintage and looks perfect. Did you make it from scratch. More pics please :)
  8. It would be great if there was a member out there that could weather paint the whole project for you... "if anyone's listening" Truly amazing truck, your time and patience is outstanding and your skills with metalwork awesome... I wonder what's next. ??????????????????
  9. Thanks. I’ve built a few now. But im working on a new Baja racer. I should say the last one took 2 years. And the chassis has even begun yet. But the idea and concept is in my brain somewhere 😃 you got any pics of yours.
  10. Hello Rick im always around. Still a massive SRB nut
  11. Great comp with Tamico But the home page comments haven’t changed for ages. Im not saying we need another comp. it would be nice for it change regularly with news and tamiya updates / re-re’s
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